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May Newsletter


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Happy Mother's Day!

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Founder's Day/Spirit Week 2022!

Each April we celebrate the anniversary of the agency. This year April 17th marks the 14th anniversary of OEI! We were all excited to commemorate this milestone with a week-long celebration we call “Spirit Week”! 

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Monday: Pajama Day

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Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

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Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day

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Company Pride Day/Random Acts Of Kindness

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Hawaiian Day

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Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm

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Welcome to spring at the farm!

Spring has a magical property of energizing us and cheering us up with hope and new beginnings. We now are finding plenty of chances to get outside into the fresh air and sunshine to ride. 

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The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop

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Sweet desserts double as gifts on Mother's Day so call us to place your special orders today. We also have gift certificates available!

May also kicks off what's known as “peak wedding season,” which runs until October. If you or someone you know is getting ready to tie the knot call us to schedule a free consultation today!

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Starfish Greenhouse

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Spring has sprung everywhere we look here in Searsport! This is one of our favorite times of the year!

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Out and About In The Community

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A visit to Veterans Memorial Park

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Gone to the birds!

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Walking in nature

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Making a new 4-legged friend at the park!

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Bowling Buddies!

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Getting a closer look at the race cars!

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Lunch with friends is the best kind of lunch

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Riding the hay wagon to the sap house

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visiting the sap house

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Long Drive Acres Maple Farm in Wilton, ME

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Hallowell's Vaughan Woods Trailhead

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Jen and Ashlee (APM) attended a job fair in Belfast and made it on the news in Bangor! 

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John, an individual we support, was recently honored in Brunswick for his dedication to working with students with Autism. We are proud to highlight his accomplishments! His YouTube channel is, “The Big John Network”. I would encourage anyone to visit it and, if they wish, subscribe.

The Big John Network on Youtube

Welcome New Team Members

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Abdinajib Mohamed – Direct Support Professional

Arbay Shidad – Direct Support Professional

Employee Highlight

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This month we would like to highlight Sabrina Harriman. Sabrina has worked as a custodian since 2019 in The Searsport Region. Since the start of her employment at OEI, she has shown what a hard worker she is! She is the first to jump in and tackle any project and is never afraid to get her hands dirty. Sabrina is not only a hardworking, dependable team member but most importantly she shows up to work every day with a smile on her face! Thank you Sabrina for all you do! We are proud to have you as a member of the OEI Family!


Kindness Activity

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April recap:

In April, we all got outside and did our part to clean up our communities, planted trees or flowers, and learned about ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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