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e-newsletter | May 6, 2022
Dear Pro-Life Friend,
In the wake of the hopeful news about the U.S. Supreme Court's impending decision in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health case, I have exciting news to share on the local level:


Our new Archdiocesan Pregnancy Help Center is located right next to an abortion clinic in Fort Lauderdale-- truly a miracle and an answer to prayers. It's now the new home of the Central Broward Pregnancy Help Center, and will become the new home of the North Broward Pregnancy Help Center effective June 1st. This new strategic location will maximize the impact of our ministry to save more lives and souls.

In the past year, our 4 Archdiocesan Pregnancy Help Center locations have had:

  • nearly 9,000 visits
  • ministering to over 2,600 unique men and women,
  • saving 29 babies from abortion when their mothers changed their minds and chose life at our centers.

With the support and collaboration of the Secretariat for Parish Life, our Parish Walking with Moms teams, and our Catholic schools, Respect Life Ministry is poised and ready to be more effective than ever, walking with moms and accompanying families facing unplanned pregnancies.

We've also seen major advances in pro-life policy on the state level:

  • After being enjoined in court for years, Florida's 24 hour waiting period before an abortion has now been upheld! Combined with our Catholic Days at the Capitol victory two years ago with the passing of parental consent prior to a minor's abortion, Florida law is making historic strides in the protection of mothers and prenatal children from the devastating effects of abortion.

  • But more is needed, and we'll keep working toward full legal protection for all human life from the moment of conception until natural death with strategic legislative efforts. If you haven't already done so, please register with the Florida Catholic Advocacy Network and save the date for Catholic Days at the Capitol 2023: March 7-8, 2023.

I'm sure you've experienced the vitriolic outcry from our brothers and sisters who sadly support abortion. I want to remind you that many of these men and women are wounded by abortion and are in need of prayers and healing. I know it can seem like a tough time to be a pro-life Christian, but I want to encourage you to continue extending the mercy and love of Christ, standing up for the truth, and letting everyone know about the hope, support, accompaniment, and healing that the Church offers to everyone.

In anticipation of the way that news about abortion can be triggering for those who have experienced this trauma, we're launching a new component of our Project Rachel post-abortion healing ministry to meet the needs of our brothers and sister wounded by abortion. Just last month we held trainings for priests, deacons, laity, and mental health professionals in English and Spanish to introduce post-abortion healing and give an overview of the newly adopted Entering Canaan Ministry: a comprehensive continuum of Days of Prayer and Healing, Monthly Group Gatherings, and Weekend Retreats to accompany our brothers and sisters on their journey of healing.

So keep up the prayers: for our Supreme Court justices, for an end to abortion, for conversion of hearts, healing for the wounded, and real help and accompaniment for our brothers and sisters most in need of His mercy. My hope is that this prayer leads you to action-- that you are ready to get involved. Won't you help us?

Here are four great ways that YOU to make a difference:

  1. Apply to Volunteer with Respect Life Ministry
  2. Become a Sidewalk Advocate for Life
  3. Participate in your parish Respect Life Ministry
  4. Support Respect Life by being a monthly donor

We also have PAID POSITIONS open, so spread the word and pray that the Lord sends the laborers and financial resources we need to continue growing our programs and expanding our ministry.

During this month dedicated to Mary, may our Blessed Mother be a model and intercessor for all mothers, spiritual and physical, birth and adoptive, with children here with them or gone to the Lord, bereaved or joyful, struggling or flourishing, in every season of life, as they entrust their vocation and children to the mercy of God and we work to celebrate, serve, and support them.

Happy Mother's Day!
For Life,

Rebecca Brady, MSW
Director, Respect Life Ministry
Secretariat for Parish Life, Archdiocese of Miami
PS- Check out and share the resources and news below.

PARISH REPRESENTATIVES: Please forward this email to your parish secretary to have them include the announcements in your parish bulletin.
Pregnancy Help Centers
New Location Opening May 11th
Together with our other locations (South Broward Pregnancy Help Center/ Headquarters in Hollywood, and our South Dade Pregnancy Help Center) this new Pregnancy Help Center in Fort Lauderdale will offer life-affirming alternatives to abortion in a high-access area for abortion-vulnerable clients in need of resources.

All of our Archdiocesan Pregnancy Help Centers provide free and confidential services including peer counseling, pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound exams, information and referrals, material assistance, educational classes and mentoring through the child's 2nd year of life, effectively empowering parents to choose life and welcome the gift of a child into the world with the loving support and accompaniment they need to flourish.

Our new Pregnancy Help Center is Fort Lauderdale is the new home of the former Central Broward Pregnancy Help Center location on 15th Street, and will become the new home of the North Broward Pregnancy Help Center location in Margate effective June 1.

Please join us in thanksgiving for the gift of this new strategic location and the ministry opportunity it presents to save more mothers and their children from abortion.

Get Involved
We're Hiring!
There's never been a more exciting time to put your gifts and talents at the service of life by working in the pro-life movement at this historic moment! We're looking for qualified, mission-oriented, dedicated individuals to be part of our Respect Life Ministry team as full-time Program Coordinator or part-time Ultrasound Technician.

  • Learn more: visit the Archdiocese of Miami's website to see available positions and job descriptions.

Pray for Dobbs
Please continue to pray and fast for our US Supreme Court Justices as we await their decision in the Dobbs case this summer, and visit for more information and resources.

In the News
Archbishop Speaks Out
The Archbishop responded to the national news regarding the leaked Supreme Court document in an OpEd for the Miami Herald entitled: If the Supreme Court reverses on abortion, it will be righting grievous wrongs.

The Church is here for you
For those who have experienced the trauma of abortion: we are here for you. As Pope John Paul II said, “The Church is aware of the many factors which may have influenced your decision, and she does not doubt that in many cases it was a painful and even shattering decision.” 

Click HERE to read more from Rebecca Brady's post on the Archdiocese of Miami's Let's Talk blog.

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