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May 2023, Volume 77



National Task Group (NTG)

on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices


"Dementia Capable Care of Adults

with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia"

May 17, 18, and 19, 2023

Two-day foundational workshop with a "Train the Trainer" option Day 3.


Hamilton County Board of DD

5093 Kingsley Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio

To schedule and register see

Click here to learn more generally about what is in this training.

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Scientists may have found the 'immunity' secret to living to 100

  • As human life expectancy has increased, so has the number of people living to 100 years of age or older.

  • Researchers have found that centenarians have a unique immune cell composition and activity, giving them an immune system that helps them live longer.

  • Scientists believe these findings may be used to develop healthy aging therapeutics.

Source: MedicalNewsToday - click here for article.

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The Basics of Osteoarthritis:

Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Diagrams of healthy joints and joints with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, with parts labeled

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a form of arthritis that features the breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage of one or more joints. Cartilage is a protein substance that serves as a "cushion" between the bones of the joints. Among the over 100 different types of arthritis conditions, osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease.

OA occurs more frequently as we age. Before age 45, osteoarthritis occurs more frequently in males. After 55 years of age, it occurs more frequently in females. In the United States, all races appear equally affected.

Source: MedicineNet - click here for the full article.

Graphic is from a related MedicineNet page.

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Witness the Magic Power of Music

Elaine, seen in the following video, has been a professional musician nearly all her life, but now, at 95, and with dementia, she is more famous than ever, spreading awareness about dementia and the magic power of music. In this video, when asked to play a 3rd movement of a concerto, she replies, "I don't know it," and then proceeds to play it perfectly!

Click here to see the (Instagram) video

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Activities to Keep Your Mind Sharp: Online Card Games


Quiddler cards lying face-up

This is a card game that uses letter that you must make words out of and each letter has a value. The highest score wins.

Click here to read about the benefits - cognitive, physical, social, and more - of playing this game as we age.

See the link below for a video that shows how to play online.

How to Play Quiddler  

To play online, go to:


This card game is similar to RUMMY but uses 5 different suits and has jokers and well as rotating wild cards.

Click here for a Video on How to Play Five Crowns

King, Queen, and Jack of Spades playing cards


Camera, long film reel, and red-and-white-striped box of popcorn

9th Annual Summer CommUnity FilmFest is Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Movie entries are due by May 31, 2023 at 5 pm.

Read more about the FilmFest HERE.

Contact for further information is Lori Balogh, [email protected].


Trainings, resources and other opportunities related to DD, aging, and/or dementia offered by other organizations, including some outside of Lucas County.

Click here to read about what our disability advocate partners are doing about the crisis created by the shortage of direct care workers.

Support Available from the

Lucas County Board of DD Senior Committee


The Senior Committee offers its expertise to those who are supporting aging individuals with DD. Providers, family members, and Board of DD staff may consult about a case involving an individual with a developmental disability who is aging and/or who is experiencing dementia-related symptoms.

The Committee is available to consult regarding:

  • Behavioral and environmental issues

  • Geriatric specialists

  • Other resources in the community


The Senior Committee has developed a toolkit of ideas for activities for those who have developmental disabilities and/or are experiencing memory loss. Ideas include physical and outdoor activities, expressive arts, and activities that promote calming, distraction, and cognitive stimulation. The kit includes activity descriptions, videos, online resources, activity protocols, and tips for planning and implementing activities and finding supplies.



Tip sheets and other printed resources addressing multiple topics related to supporting someone with dementia are available free of charge at the Lucas County Board of DD Larc Lane building. Spanish versions are also available. Funding for producing and printing these was provided through the Dementia Grant.

Email the Senior Committee at [email protected] to make arrangements for a consultation or make any other inquiries about resources.

In late February 2023, a survey was sent to LCBDD Service and Support Specialists (SSAs) to collect demographics on DD/ID individuals with cognitive decline.

Results are still pending the collection of more information.

Aging Gracefully will soon become bi-monthly (it will be published every other month). Expect the next edition July 2023.

Lucas County Board of DD Information

Click Here for the LCBDD web site.

Click here for the LCBDD YouTube Channel

Stay tuned as more past, recorded Senior Committee trainings are added.



Contact the LCBDD Major Unusual Incident (MUI) Department

Mondays - Fridays, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


After Hours/Weekends/Holidays

Please call 419-380-5100

to access the On-Call Service

Helpful Resources Always Available

Click various text or logo for web sites.

Area Office on Aging of Northwest Ohio

Programs, activities, services, and referrals for seniors in all areas. Click any text or logo for web site.

Area Office on Aging logo with white O propped up between two blue A's
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Ability Center of Greater Toledo logo and banner

Disability-Friendly Toolkit

Online one-one stop shop with tools and resources for disability-friendliness and inclusiveness - benefits, facility accessibility, communication with and about people with disabilities, disability-friendly Toledo-area attractions, and more.

The toolkit is available at,

or under the Services tab on the site.

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Sun with smiley face and sunglasses and words We Thrive Together

Find a wide variety of virtual games, workouts, classes, parties, and more at

Individuals served by LCBDD can participate in We Thrive Together programs using the membership purchased by LCBDD. Click here for instructions on joining a We Thrive class or session.

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Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority -

Lucas County's Public Transportation


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