We’re doing something a little different for our meeting Thursday May 11th. For those who are interested, I hope there are many, we have a conservation project planned. DNR, Hardman Farm, and Superintendent Will Wagner have been planting trees, shrubs, and saplings on the badly eroding river bank just downstream of Helen. They need some of the larger plantings to have wire cages placed around them to prevent deer from destroying them. Foothills has volunteered to install the cages. Please plan to meet at the parking lot on the north end of the Helen-Hardman Trail at 6:30 PM Thursday, May 11th. Behind the water treatment plant. Bring work gloves.
This is an area that will need future conservation work done also,  I’d like for Foothills to be involved with this going forward. We can do a lot of good work here in conjunction with Hardman Farms to stabilize the bank and help get trees growing to help shade the Chattahoochee River for the betterment of the fish.
See You There!