Spring has sprung and as our Autumn Tree family continues to grow we are embracing this season of rebirth and rejuvenation. In alignment with the new beginnings of springtime we are also preparing some of our own! We have purchased a plot of land in Wheat Ridge for our business. We have begun plans to build an office and it has plenty of space for all our trucks and equipment. Come check out the drone footage of our new home on our website!

Now we're happy to say...

Spring means . . . Lawn & Trees

It's that time of year again! We've started scheduling Lawn and Plant Health Care services. Our lawn supervisor Seth has already visited many of you for spring aerations, and Matt our plant healthcare specialist has kicked off with an array of treatments. Both departments are working diligently to prepare your property for the spring and summer months to come!

Introducing . . . Erick

Erick has been with us for a few months now but has left a lifetime impression. He has the most cheerful spirit that lights up the office! Erick's favorite part about working here at Autumn Tree is the work flow out on the field and his coworkers. In his free time he enjoys getting much needed rest, playing guitar and drawing! We are so happy to have him here with us and he is thrilled to help you all with your trees.

As we get further into May we will enter planting season, and our planting orders will start to flood in...Beat the crowd and get your planting estimate done today!

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Spotted Lanternfly

Although this bug might not look problematic… it surely is.

Our arborist Bill has learned of these insects at our annual pesticide conference and wants to share this information with you. "They might not be in Colorado just yet but its on the horizon, let's talk about how we can prepare."

The spotted lanternfly is a planthopper insect meaning it spreads quickly from plant to plant and other surfaces. They are extremely invasive and can cause serious damage to more then 100 tree and plant species. "We have sprays that will take care of them and we will certainly alert our clients when they get to Colorado...Were watching them closely." -Bill

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