May 2023

Greetings to Our New Members
If you're reading a PTG member e-newsletter for the first time, welcome! If you need anything, please get in touch with your chapter president, Regional Vice President, or the PTG Home Office. Be sure to check out some of the great benefits of PTG membership. To all members, check out the list of new members in each month's Journal and see who's new in your area.
It's Coming Up Sooner Than You Think!
Check out these quick links to start planning your
2023 PTG Convention & Technical Institute experience.
Visit for updates and new items.
Special Offer for First-Time Convention Attendees
PTG members can save $300 on any 2023 registration. You must call 913-432-9975 to register at the First-Time Rate.
Save Money
Be sure to register by July 1 to get the best convention registration rate. Make your Hyatt Regency reservation by June 30 to get the discounted PTG rate. A Convention Roommate Connection community is available for those interested in sharing rooms. Check out the Convention Rideshare Connection community if you'd like to carpool.
Piano Jobs at Convention
Looking for a job? Looking to fill open or soon to be open positions? Let us help you connect during the 2023 PTG Convention and Technical Institute. We’ll have a dedicated bulletin board where job seekers and employers can post their information. There are no cost or registration requirements, but if you are interested in participating, we’d like to know. Please send a note to or
Deadlines for Bylaws Proposals, Reports and RFAs
  • The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place in Washington D.C. on July 23 and 24, 2023. This is notice that all reports and Request for Action (RFA) forms (not sent to the Bylaws Committee) will be due on June 8 to be included in the Board/Council book. A Committee Report form can be found with Committee Documents on
  • It is not required that Organizational Policy amendments be sent to the Bylaws Committee but the committee will check for conflicts with Bylaws and assist in writing amendments. Email all proposals to Patrick Draine, with a copy to no later than May 19. Please use the current RFA form with a revision date of 2022-01 which can be found in the Forms and Documents section of
  • The annual Council meeting will be held July 25. This is notice that all Delegate and Alternate names are due by June 27 in order to participate in the Council meeting. Chapter presidents will be receiving a reminder with an attached Delegate Registration Form. If you have any questions about any Board or Council-related items, please feel free to contact Barbara Cassaday at or call 913-276-5207.
  • All reports and RFAs should be submitted in WORD format for easy placement into the Board/Council book.

2023 Key Convention Dates
May 19 | Bylaws RFAs sent to Bylaws Committee. Organizational Policies RFAs may also be submitted if you would like the Bylaws Committee to assist in writing the amendment or to check for conflicts.
June 8 | Committee reports and non-Bylaws RFAs due | | Use Committee Report form and RFA form for agenda items.
June 27 | Council Delegate Forms due.
July 1 | Last day for best convention rate. |
July 23 & 24 | PTG Board of Directors Meeting
July 25 | Council Meeting and Opening Activities
July 26 – 29 | Institute Classes, Exhibit Hall, Concerts and Special Events
Membership Voting Proposal FAQ
During the upcoming Pre-Convention board meeting in 2023, the board will vote on a proposal that shifts all Board of Director and elected committee positions from Council Voting to direct member voting. Click here to learn more about the proposal.
What's in the May 2023 Journal?
  • Steinway for the New Technician
  • Iron, Steel and Pianos
  • Growing the Business, Part 2
  • And much more.
The Piano Technicians Journal is always available 24-7. Read the May issue here.
Buy/Sell. Enjoy the Rewards.
Did you know PTG has a couple of great ways for technicians to sell or donate pianos, tools, parts and other items? The Piano Marketplace community is a members-only community where you can post details and pictures of items to other PTG members. It’s free to join and post. PTG Classified Ads, both online and in the Piano Technicians Journal can be a great way to reach a large audience of PTG members and non-members at an affordable price. Online classified ads can usually be posted the same day. If you’re a plan-ahead type, you can combine a classified ad in the Journal with an online ad for one low price. Get details about advertising here or e-mail
The PTG Education Hub: A User’s Guide
The ever expanding PTG Education Hub now has a user guide. Watch this 5-minute video preview of the PTG Education Hub and be amazed at the wide variety of materials already available. Learn more about how to use the Online Journal Search, checkout the wide variety of interactive modules and videos, find the Beginner's Roadmap, mentor resources and more. Check back frequently to see what's new.
PTG Academy
Eight students completed the Grand Action Regulation in 37 Steps Class in early May at the PTG Home Office. Attendees learned how to increase action control, even movement, maximize the dynamic range and achieve the fastest speed of repetition available. The course also included a detailed demonstration and explanation of the 37 steps method of regulating a grand piano alternating with guided practice on each step. Visit the PTG Events Calendar for a list of upcoming educational events. Contact Kathy Maxwell at if you're interested in future classes or have ideas for Home Office class offerings.
Resolve to Write
Challenge yourself this year to make the Journal part of your piano-related goals. If you have never contributed to the Journal, set a goal of submitting one article this year. If you’ve contributed in the past, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and try a new type of article, or consider writing a longer series. You might even work with another member of your chapter who hasn’t submitted to the Journal before and help him or her put together an article. What kinds of things should you resolve to submit to the Journal? We are open to a wide range of content, including (but not limited to): Technical articles, Cultural articles, Practical Technician pieces, Tuner’s Life, Quizzes, and Tips, Tools & Techniques. Read Andrea Hackbarth's December 2022 Journal Editorial Perspective for more info. Articles and photos can be submitted at or to
May LeaderLetter
Chapter leaders, watch your email this month for the next issue of the PTG LeaderLetter. It features resources and information you can use to develop and support your chapter members and local activities. Not a member of the online Chapter Leaders community? Click here to join.