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In-Person Book Clubs
Fiction Book Club for Adults
By Madeline Miller
Circe, daughter of Helios, god of the sun and mighty titan, possesses the power of witchcraft. Threatened by Circe's unusualness, Zeus banishes her to a deserted island, where she hones her skills and crosses paths with the greatest heroes and villains of myth. But despite her power, she a mere woman--what could she possibly do against the terrifying and powerful Olympians?
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: May 20, at 2 pm & 4 pm
A Dark Book Club for Adults
Dr. Death (Season 1)
a podcast by Wondery
In the 13-episode first season of Dr. Death, explore the story of Dallas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, who promised he was the best and could give you the perfect spinal surgery. But what happens when there are complications--and the system isn't set up to protect the patients?

This podcast is reported and hosted by Laura Beil. Learn more here.
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: June 3, at 2 pm
Online Book Clubs
The Stranded
By Sarah Daniels
For forty years, the Arcadia, once a luxury cruise ship, has been floating off the coast of what's left of America. Its residents are prohibited from leaving the ship, which has turned into a wild city at war with itself. Esther, a loyal citizen, has been training to become a medic, one of the only ways to leave the ship behind. Nik, a son of rebellion, desperately wants to liberate the ship. One thing is certain: the end of Arcadia is coming. But will it end in freedom or death?
By Kirstin Chen
Ava Wong's life seems perfect. She's a lawyer, her husband is a surgeon, and they have a young son and beautiful home. But in truth, Ava feels as though her life is crumbling around her. Enter Winnie, Ava's college roommate that dropped out suddenly years ago, and who now runs a counterfeiting scheme for luxury handbag. She needs someone with a U.S. passport--she needs her old friend, Ava. But then Winnie disappears again, leaving Ava to face the consequences...
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