Camp Reopening Update:

Every year at Braeside we look forward to summer!  We love when the campground is busy with people and families that have decided to take part of their summer and spend it at camp.

That is why it is  devastating  for us to say that because of COVID-19 the summer at Braeside will not look the same as usual.  We thought we would be gearing up for an amazing year celebrating 85 years of ministry at Braeside, but instead, over the last 10 weeks we have watched the window close on summer as we know it.  

Unfortunately, with our new summer reality, and the government mandates we have had to cancel all Summer Ministry including Legacy Camp, Family Camp and overnight Jr. High, Youth and Kids Camp. IF restrictions ease, we may still be able to run Day Camps and Holy Spirit weekend.

But there is some good news. As of Friday, May 22, 2020 the camp will reopen to leaseholders to stay overnight in their facilities providing their cottage/trailer is self-sufficient.

Please remember that we remain under the Emergency Measures Act, which means that no public spaces are open and social distancing measures are still in place. The camp also remains closed to guests.

As leaseholders you may occupy your cottage/trailer, but you are not able to rent or lend out your facilities at this time.

When you enter the campgrounds, you will still see the barriers and there may be staff manning the gate. Please do not move the barriers. You will need to drive around the camp to get to your accommodations. The speed limit remains 15km/hr.

We also need your help when it comes to a few items. The Hillside laundry room is the only laundry facility open. NO ITEMS are to be left in the room. If that continues to happen, then the laundry room will be closed.

Also, no items may be left beside or around the garbage bins. If it doesn't fit in the bin, don't leave it. Right now we have a reduced staff and we need your help with these things.

Many of you have day passes for your vehicle. When you arrive again you will receive a blue parking pass. You will also need to sign a form that you have read, understand and will comply with the restrictions in place. I have attached the form if you want to print and sign it before your arrival.

Lastly, our theme this summer is “See” and the verse is  Psalm 34:8 ;  “Taste and see that the Lord is Good”.  Our plans have changed, but we are going to choose to “see” all that God is doing in His Church and His people during this pandemic.  We will also remain encouraged that He is GOOD! In spite of what is going on around us - He is our refuge!

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