This issue includes news about the Parish Picnic, Vacation Bible School, Vestry & financial reports...and more

This Week

Wed. May 23, 12 PM
"Wednesday Lunch Bunch" book group at the home of Cindy Matlack

Wed May 23, 7:30 PM 
Harvest Festival meeting in
the library
The Rebecca Guild Tea, originally scheduled for
Thu., May 24, has been rescheduled to Thu., Jun. 14 at 1 PM in the Parish Hall
Holy Disruptions

The celebration of Pentecost invokes the image of flames and the kinetic energy of rushing winds. We are invited to dwell in the mystery of many languages, yet common understanding. It is an inherently chaotic, yet pivotal moment in the life of the church. Effectively, the presence of the Holy Spirit interrupts that which was expected. And, this presence continues to guide the followers of Jesus as they seek to share the good news.

While I don't anticipate flames and rushing winds, I do want for us to be on the lookout for some holy disruptions. I want us to begin asking questions about God's presence in our midst. As Trinitarian people, we proclaim our belief that God remains active through the Holy Spirit in our midst. Tuning into this action is a discipline that requires constant attention. The reward of this attention is confidence in the process of discernment -- a conversational approach -- as to how God is calling us to be in partnership.

For the last eighteen months I have been a part of a Missional Leadership Cohort, based at Luther Seminary. This past week we had our final gathering, focused on the ways in which our leadership in the church is dependent on the mission of God. Too often, we get it wrong, and assume that our churches will be successful if we only lead well enough, or convincingly enough. Paying attention to God's activity through the Holy Spirit is the real work that we have been given to do together. If we are attentive to God's Spirit, the business of the church will take care of itself.

This way of going about our business as church might feel a little different than that to which you are accustomed. I will be assembling conversation partners who will begin this holy practice of listening and discerning with one another, and in our community. I will be inviting individuals and small groups into conversation. I will continue my practices of meeting neighbors, meeting community leaders, and simply listening for the Spirit's presence in our midst.

The event of Pentecost is full of mystery, but ultimate clarity. Through the ongoing reliance on the Holy Spirit, the people of God thoughtfully shared the message of Jesus. Not because of who they were as disciples, but because of God's ongoing commitment to be present, the work of discipleship continued. Not because of who we are, but because of who God is, the work of discipleship continues.

May Financial Report
The Vestry approved the 2017 Operating Fund Budget in Feb. 2018. It was projected to have a $53.6K deficit.

Our income as of April 30, 2018 was slightly ahead of our projected budget by 9%. For the same period, our expenses were less than our budget projection by about 7%. Our Parish Administrator (Wil Harkins) has provided a summary of our 2018 Operating Fund Pledge Campaign; at this point 35% of the year has passed, and 44% of the pledges have been completed.

Read the full treasurer's report (which includes the Outreach collection figures)
 here .

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dean Scribner, Treasurer
Communication Deadlines
Please submit short announcements of a timely nature to Wil Harkins, parish administrator, by noon on Thursday prior to the Sunday that you'd like it included in the service bulletin. 
Longer articles and items that are not time sensitive should be submitted to The Guardian newsletter staff by the 1st or 15th of the month. The newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. All submissions are subject to edit and approval.
Support St. Michael's


You can make single gifts and recurring donations (pledges) through our online service  Network for Good.
Join us on Sun., Jun. 10, following the 10 AM service, for a potluck parish picnic on the lawn of the church. Fried chicken and drinks will be provided. Everyone is invited to bring a side dish or dessert to share. Also bring your picnic blankets and lawn chairs. There will be games for kids and a good time for all! Casual picnic dress is appropriate for church. 
Vacation Bible School

VBS is quickly approaching. We will be "Shipwrecked" at St. Michael's July 9-13. The registration form is here and on our website. Invite your neighbors!

Look for more info coming soon on how you can get involved! Contact: Melanie Monahan.   
Vestry Meeting Minutes, April 17 Meeting

Please be aware that the content contained in these meeting minutes was accurate at the time of transcription. Some details may have since been updated.
In attendance: Rev. Beth Magill, Mary Cushing, Dan Plafcan, Penny Jones, Molly White, Julia Carter, TJ Burnside Clapp,
Tim Matlack, Barb Adams & Michele Casciano
Dwelling in the Word
Discussion of Roxborough Book - Assignment for May meeting: read Chapter 2

Prayers for our parish family - prayers for parishioners, family, friends & neighbors
Consent Agenda: approved
  • Receive Financial Reports
  • Approve March meeting minutes
  • Sr. Warden's Report
  • Jr. Warden's Report
  • Rector's report
Read the full report here.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Casciano, Registrar

The Shrine Mont parish retreat planning committee has already begun working in earnest and early registration has b egun! For questions or more information, please seek out Tom Sheldon, Caroline Haynes, or Linda Kelleher.  Details on how to register  can be found on our parish website. Please use the  online registration form  to reserve your spot today!
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