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Men's Ministries International Alaska Trip: June 21-28, 2023

Skyline Family Fellowship

Eagle River, AK

Trip Overview:

  • For those attending, you will need to buy your own plane ticket and plan to arrive by June 21st and depart no later than June 28th. Cost: Plane ticket +$200.00
  • Skyline Family Fellowship will arrange for you to be picked up, as well as provide housing with a host family, transportation, meals and snacks for the duration of your stay. 
  • In addition to coordinating several days of work projects, we want to be your tour guide for several Alaskan-style adventures and experiences. Salmon fishing, hiking and sightseeing are included.

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Show Up and Worship

What if we stopped playing into the divisive “worship war” debate?

By Paul Sunderland

Light+Life Magazine The Free Methodist bishops’ Vision Frame calls us to “show up dependent” with “an observable passion for God’s presence when our congregation gathers.”

A few years ago, Greenville Free Methodist Church changed our Sunday worship schedule from two services to one combined worship service for a summer series. Our staff knew that combining our traditional and contemporary worship services would create some unique challenges, so the staff asked me (the worship arts director) to share a series of five-minute teachings on some common polarizing views of worship. Attempting to use the power of humor in such a situation, I decided to call the series, “Awkward moments with Paul!”

Let me share some thoughts from one of those short sessions on the issue of traditional and contemporary worship, often (yet sadly) referred to as the “worship wars.” I would like to suggest that a different perspective may help us realize that we all actually need aspects of both traditional and contemporary worship.

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Durley Family Camp

1391 Woburn Road, Greenville, IL

June 2-8, 2023

Family Camp begins on Friday, June 2 (registration/check-in begins at 4pm)

It concludes with breakfast on Thursday, June 8


Speaker: Kyle Krober

Worship Leader: Marissa Horning

Children's Breakout Teacher: Laura Riddle

Teen's Breakout Teacher-Jeremy Martin

Adult Breakout Teacher-Gene Dunkley

Nursery Coordinators/Activity Directors-Rachel and Austin Burkhart

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Durley 2023 Youth Camp Schedule

June 2-7-Family Camp Week

June 10-Day Camp (Grades K-2)

June 12-16-Young Teen Camp 1 (Grades 6-9)

June 19-23-Young Teen Camp 2 (Grades 6-9)

June 26-29-Guide Camp (Grades 4-6)

July 5-7-Trailblazer Camp (Grades 2-4)

September 1-20-Senior Teen Weekend: Labor Day Retreat (Grades 9-12)

Important Information:

Churches should have received packets with detailed information.

Dealine for Youth Camp Early Bird Pricing is May 15 ($20 increase in price of all overnight camps and $5 increase for Day Camp after that date)

Scholarship bucks are available

Registrations will be processed online again this year (paper form is available in packet if needed) Register online at Durleycamp.org/camps

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Strategy Development Goal Marketing Vision Planning Business Concept

May 31, 2023

Local Church Grant Initiative Letter of Inquiry Due

To further the goals of the Free Methodist Church USA and Gateway Conference, you are invited to submit a proposal that advances the opportunity for local churches to begin new initiatives that support these goals. Specifically, the Conference desires to support initiatives that engage the local church in the life and lives of the community in which they serve.


  • A letter of inquiry (one page) must be received by the Superintendent by May 31 to begin the process. The Superintendent will ascertain if the inquiry meets the Grant criteria and vision for the conference.
  • June 5 - Grant Application is sent to selected inquiries by Conference office via e-mail. The completed Grant Application must be received in the Conference office (either via email or standard mail) by July 5. Incomplete grant requests will NOT be considered. Confirmation of receipt of proposal, as well as request status, will be sent to the address and contact on the application form.
  • SDFGC will review applications from July 5-August 5 and send recommendations to the BOA Chair and Superintendent for dispersal to the BOA for approval or denial.
  • September 1 – notification of awards will be sent
  • Dispersal of grant awards will occur in January; grant cycle will be one calendar year unless multi-year awards are made.

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May 31, 2023-Local Church Grant Initiative Letter of Inquiry Due

Durley 2023 Summer Camp Schedule

June 2-7-Family Camp Week

June 10-Day Camp (Grades K-2)

June 12-16-Young Teen Camp 1 (Grades 6-9)

June 19-23-Young Teen Camp 2 (Grades 6-9)

June 26-29-Guide Camp (Grades 4-6)

July 5-7-Trailblazer Camp (Grades 2-4)

September 1-20-Senior Teen Weekend: Labor Day Retreat (Grades 9-12)

July 14-22, 2023-Cowden Family Camp

July 24-28, 2023- FMCUSA General Conference

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Superintendent's Schedule:

May 23-Next Gen Zoom Meeting

May 30-General Conference Delegates Prayer Meeting

June 1-Gateway Conference BOA Meeting

June 3-MIssouri District Pastors Zoom Meeting

June 4-Ferges Pastoral Installation Service

June 5-Durley Family Camp

June 13-Supt.'s Zoom Meeting

July 24-28-General Conference

August 22-Joint BOA/MEGA Meeting, HIllsboro FMC

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