Off the Chain Capital to Host
Webinar 4 pm EST Tuesday, May 26th

Turbulent Times: Why Add
Bitcoin to Your Portfolio Now


Bitcoin is back in the news after a massive bull run this year. Even Paul Tudor Jones is adding it to his portfolio. If you have ever wondered if bitcoin makes sense for you, this webinar will help you find the answer.

IPO Edge , in partnership with Off the Chain Capital, LLC , a digital currency blockchain asset investment manager and The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association , a Florida trade association for financial professionals & investors, will host a Webinar on Tuesday, May 26 at 4pm EST

The Webinar will feature Brian Estes, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner at Off the Chain Capital, LLC, which employs a value-based approach to cryptocurrency inspired by the works of Graham and Dodd.

Bitcoin has come into the spotlight recently as central banks around the world adopt zero interest rate policies and investors including Paul Tudor Jones have taken significant positions in the cryptocurrency. Whether as a substitute for fiat currencies such as the U.S dollar or a hedge against inflation, bitcoin has drawn Wall Street’s attention as investors navigate the latest financial crisis.

Mr. Estes will discuss:

Why does bitcoin have value?

What is the bitcoin halving and why is it important?

Today’s global debt crisis and how it will benefit bitcoin

Why add bitcoin to a diversified investment portfolio

Models used to determine bitcoin’s value