MAY 29, 2022 - The Ascension of the Lord

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Dear Saint Martin Community,

It is Ascension Sunday—the Risen Lord is now ascended to be with the Father in heaven. It is bittersweet day for the apostles because Jesus is no longer physically present on earth with them.

Although this feast celebrates the departure of Jesus to heaven, this feast also reminds us of Jesus’ new presence.

He has spoken of this several times with his disciples. On the “night before he died,” Jesus said, “Now I am going to the one who sent me…” And this filled the heart of the disciples with grief. But several times Jesus has spoken of a new presence, “the Advocate will come to you.” He was speaking about the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Indeed, Jesus has ascended into heaven—to intercede for us at the right hand of the Father. But Jesus continues to be “here with us” in and through the Indwelling Spirit.

What does that mean?

Saint Luke wrote both the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. The Gospel tells us of the life and ministry of Jesus, and the Acts of the Apostles tells us about the life and ministry of the early Church. Both describe to us the ascension of Jesus to heaven, but both also narrate to us the constant presence of Jesus in the life and ministry of the early Church. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the early Church preached the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

The same Spirit is given to us through the grace of Baptism. The life and ministry of the early Church is ours too. We are now the ones called to bear witness to that constant presence of Jesus in this world. Though we have not ministered alongside Jesus as his original disciples did, we have encountered Jesus, and continue to do so in the Liturgy and the Sacraments, and in the presence of those around us.

Jesus has ascended but, in and through the Indwelling Spirit, he continues to be with us. Let us reflect: Am I cognizant of Jesus’ presence in the Liturgy and the Sacrament, and those around me? Do I realize that others may encounter Jesus in you and me?

Happy Ascension Sunday!

Fr. Gener



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Family Reflection...

May 29, 2022 The Ascension of the Lord

Acts 1:1-11 • Ephesians 1:17-23 • Luke 24:44-53

“Behold, I am sending the promise of my Father upon you.” —Luke 24:49

Can you remember the first time you went to school and had to say goodbye to your parents? Or have you ever spent the night away from your family? Usually it’s scary (a little or a lot!) to be away from the people who usually take care of us, and we might feel alone. It can be a little easier if we have something with us to remind us of the people who love us. Some kids keep a picture of their parents in their backpack. Some take a favorite stuffed animal when they have to sleep somewhere away from home. Some might take a special rock or a good-luck item. It helps as a reminder that they aren’t all alone. Jesus knew his friends would feel scared and alone when it was time for him to leave them. So what did he do? He promised to send them the Holy Spirit to be with them forever! The Holy Spirit did come to them and has never left this world. The Holy Spirit is still with us today, wherever we go, whether our friends and family are with us, or we are by ourselves.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, help us to remember you are always with us, no matter where we are.

Family Reflection: What helps to comfort you when you feel scared or alone? That’s the Holy Spirit at work.

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Caring for those who Suffer from Mental Illness St. Lucy's is organizing a study group to take a deeper dive into our Bishops' Pastoral Letter - Hope and Healing. Please go to the below link to view the letter:

On behalf of the Social Justice Ministry team at St. Lucy, they would like to invite you to join this Study Group. The goal of this effort is to raise mental health awareness among ourselves and to formulate actionable mental

health plans for each individual and our Parishes.

Date and time of the virtual meeting, via Zoom, will be determined by the majority after 5/29/2022 when the registration period ends.

There will be several speakers coming to this study group including Barbara Zahner, Deacon Ed Shoener, NAMI, Dr. Chris Miller, and Santa Clara County Suicide Prevention team.

Register by 5/29/2022

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