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Worship for 
Sunday, May 31
Confirmation Sunday

9:00 am Drive In
Worship Service

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Friday, May 29, 2020
Beloved of God,

The Holy Spirit is moving!!! This Sunday is Pentecost and the birthday of the church! It is my favorite Holy Day of the year because it draws our attention to where and how the Holy Spirit is moving in and through the church now.  That is also why we're spending the whole Season after Pentecost reading and studying the Book of Acts - because the Holy Spirit is still moving and we want to be part of that work in the world.

I also love the diversity and equity in the Pentecost story. People from all over the world are in the streets of Jerusalem for the Festival of Pentecost, a harvest festival. Then, moved by the Holy Spirit the disciples pour into the streets and begin to tell the good news of Jesus is every language. No one is left out of the good news of Christ. People from every country hear God's love and the miracle of God's life over death. Then, when Peter addresses everyone, he quotes the prophet Joel who proclaims that all people - no matter their age, their sex, or their socio-economic status - all have the Holy Spirit. All are loved. All are valued in God's community. And all deserve to be treated as children of God. With that message, 3,000 people were baptized that day. 

That is a witness this world desperately needs from Christians. That is the good news we can and must live in every decision we make, every statement we speak, every email and text and Facebook post and TikTok video we send. 

Peace to you, Pastor Sarah 

This Sunday we celebrate the Confirmation of nine young people! 

Please follow these guidelines for worship: 
  1. Worship will take place at the outdoor worship space. 
  2. Confirmands, and their household, will sit on the grass physically distanced from other families. 
  3. Godparents may sit outside their cars on the edge of the parking lot and grass, also physically distanced by household. 
  4. Everyone else, please park facing the outdoor worship space and stay in your cars. 
  5. You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask, if you are outside of your car. 
  6. Worship will be broadcast on AM1100 and through the speakers. 
  7. Please bring bread and wine or juice for communion. 
Readings for Sunday

The readings for Sunday, May 31st are:
  • First Reading: Psalm 104:24-34
  • Second Reading: Acts 2:1-21
  • Gospel: John 20:19-23  
If you, or your family, is interested in reading for our Drive In Worship, or providing music for worship, please email Melissa (office admin).

Our 2020 Confirmands are: 
Carlie Beaudette
Isabell Esget
Lindsey Galatowitsch
Sydney Hubrich
Eva Lundblad
Parker Moszer
Mackenzie Nenn
Harper Timmons
Katie Zak

Please join us in celebrating them this Sunday. 

We are excited to announce a new way to listen to Pastor Sarah's sermons!  Call 651.371.5421 and the current week's sermon will be available to you! 
We want to hear from you! 

Please take this three-minute  Communications Survey
Our office administrator, Melissa, and Pastor Sarah are temporarily working from home.  

You can leave a message at 651-462-5212, and we will get back to you or call Pastor Sarah at 517-902-3977.  You can email us at or

Please take this time to take care of you and your family, and know we are always here for you. 

During this time of Covid 19, your Church Council has continued to meet virtually via monthly Zoom meetings. The council meets the third Tuesday of the month; this month there was a lot of discussion around how to safely begin to reopen our church. 

Have a question? You can now ask a question directly on the website -- ask the Pastor, ask the Executive Council or ask the Entire Council. 

Click here to ask a question!

If you would like to learn more about our council meeting, click here to read the May's council minutes.
Recognizing our Graduates
Sunday, June 7, 2020 

Congratulations Seniors! We want to honor your achiev ement at the worship service on Sunday, June 7. 
We want to make sure we celebrate you!! LAST CHANCE to  email us, please do so by JUNE 3rd! 
  • a photo of yourself
  • where you are graduating from
  • what are your plans for next year
  • Share Prayers and God Sightings here or by email
Click on  SPLC Zoom Room to join by internet
Or connect via phone by dialing 312 626 6799 
Meeting ID: 528 018 344
Password: 5212

We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring nurses in our congregation! They have some words of advice for us: 

If you, or your loved one suffers from a stroke, there are many resources available for support.

In addition, it can be helpful to join a stroke support group. Try to stay positive and keep to your regular routines and traditions as much as possible. Stay busy with other activities other than physical or occupational therapy. Some ideas include regular exercise, visiting with friends, doing puzzles or games, and/or volunteering.

Call your doctor if you have severe or unusual reactions to your medications, or have new symptoms or symptoms that get worse.

Remember to pray for these nurses and all those on the front lines fighting the corona virus. 

We are looking for volunteers to clean our church as we transition back to "drive in" worship.  If you are able to help, please sign up here.  We would like to limit it to one family unit at a time, and please wear a mask and gloves. 
Additional Church Service Opportunities will resume when we resume church services. 

Due to the pandemic, our VBS for this year has been cancelled to follow our state guidelines.  

Please stay tuned for updates about next year! 

Flat Jesus:  We want to see the adventures of Flat Jesus in your home!  Click here  to download Flat Jesus. 

Check our Flat Jesus' adventures  here.
Flat Jesus is having banana muffins for breakfast! 
Questions: Contact Council 
Treasurer, Chris Timmons at

As of 05/28/2020
Over / (under) Budgeted $
Year-to-Date Totals
$   67,456.15
$  2,639.50  
Sunday, May 31 - Confirmation Sunday
9:00 am      Drive In Worship
Sunday, June 7 - Recognition  of Seniors 
9:00 am      Drive In Worship