May 3, 2019
Volunteer Events in Skagit County
For more information contact Megan .
360 421-0148.
Cumberland Creek Stewardship
May 4| Sedro-Woolley
Volunteers are needed to help with ivy and butterfly bush removal at Cumberland Creek . The property was acquired primarily to protect the salmon habitat found in the swales and side channels present on the property, and as a final part of a larger restoration effort to allow the Skagit to reclaim the Cumberland peninsula. Cumberland Creek is used as habitat for salmon, coyotes, deer, elk, beaver and various birds. It also has great access to the Skagit River and a trail network!
For more information contact Rachel .
360 969-7191 x809.
Tabling at Sakata Seeds
May 16 | Burlington
2 volunteers are needed to help Viva Farms engage parents and families at Sakata Seeds Employee health Fair and promote their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture ) weekly produce box program. Volunteers must be able to:
  • Meet with Viva staff prior to the event to learn more about the CSA
  • Pick up tabling materials the morning of the event in their own working vehicle (valid driver's license required)
  • Set up an organized and visually appealing display based on staff instructions
  • Comfortably communicate CSA information to the public and encourage individuals to sign up
  • Safely return all tabling items after the event
Ongoing Volunteer Needs in Skagit County
For more information contact Sophia.
360 982-2399.
Wednesday Snack Prep
Mount Vernon
Volunteers are needed to prepare an afternoon snack for approximately 55 children and clean up kitchen afterwards. Food will already be purchased and planned out for the entire month.

Volunteers will prepare the snacks according to the daily schedule. Snacks for example will be 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and strawberries. No special skills are necessary. Children of the Valley will train you for this position. Food Handlers permit preferred but not required.

Community Action Logo
For more information contact Tracy .
360 416-7585 x1177
Warehouse Assistants & Food Delivery Drivers Needed!
The Skagit Food Distribution Center is a program of Community Action that serves as the food Hub for Skagit County Food Banks and Hot Meal programs. They need volunteers to help out in the following roles. Click the links below for more information.

For more information contact Jerry .
360 873-8022
Multiple Positions Available
Sedro-Woolley & Mount Vernon
Friendship House provides shelter and food for more than 1,500 people each year. They need volunteers to help out in the following roles. Click the links below for more information.

For more information contact Erik .
360 856-2211
Multiple Positions Available!
Helping Hands Food Bank is the largest Food Bank in Skagit County with a client base of over 16000 clients from all over the county. They distribute food 4 days a week to a average of 1000 families every week but have other food programs as well. They need volunteers to help out with the following:

For more information contact Roxanne .
206 226-7467
Financial Literacy Volunteers Needed!
Skagit County
Junior Achievement (JA) programs make school relevant and fun, which means students are more likely to be contributing, successful members of their communities. Volunteers are needed to share their real world experiences and present JA material to help students bridge the gap between what they learn in school and what they can expect in the world of work. 

If you can teach JA at these schools please contact their office: Allen Elementary, Bay View Elementary, Big Lake Elementary, Centennial Elementary School, Central Elementary, Edison Elementary, Evergreen Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Lucille Umbarger Elementary, Mary Purcell Elementary and Samish Elementary.
For more information contact Karla .
Outreach Volunteer
Skagit County
Skagit Animals in Need is focused on large animals and livestock seized in neglect and cruelty cases, or released to animal control or law enforcement by the owners.

They are looking for an organized and outgoing person who has a passion for helping horses and other livestock by raising awareness at public events. Raising awareness helps us to educate the public about our mission, provide appropriate education, raise funds and recruit volunteers and foster homes.
For more information contact Stacy .

Local Child Advocates needed!
Skagit County
Skagit County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) has an ongoing need for volunteers to represent represent to the court the best interest of children in care.

There are over 200 children in Skagit county who are abandoned or victims of abuse or neglect. They need people to be a voice for these children. Their next training is coming up and they would love to tell you more about how you can advocate for an abused or neglected child.
For more information contact Laura .
360 336-9591
Multiple Positions Available!
Mount Vernon
Skagit Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS) provides an array of services to the community. Services include: crisis intervention, emergency shelter, advocacy-based counseling, legal, medical and social services advocacy, support groups, children’s advocacy and community education and prevention. All services are confidential and free. Volunteers are needed to help out in multiple roles (click links for more information):

For more information contact Rhiannon .
360 420-3649
Multiple Positions Available!
Skagit County
Do you have strong hands and a love of meeting people? Volunteer your skills on the Skagit Habitat for Humanity donation truck!

Join Skagit Habitat for Humanity's donation driver to pick up donations and drop sold Store items off at their new homes. Help them get new merchandise that will be turned into funds so that they can build strength, stability, self-reliance, and shelter.

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The Skagit Volunteer Center is a free community-building service provided by Community Action of Skagit County. Each year we connect hundreds of volunteers to over 150+ partner organizations in our community! If you would like more information about volunteering in Skagit County or becoming a partner organization, contact the Skagit Volunteer Center at , or call at 360-588-5731. For more volunteer opportunities or to sign up please visit  
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