Update from the Mayor
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Pacifica Community Members,

Although last week’s revised Health Officer Order for San Mateo County and surrounding counties has extended the Shelter in Place order through May 31, 2020, it also contains some good news! Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow states, “In light of progress achieved in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the County of San Mateo and neighboring counties, the Order allows a limited number of additional Essential Businesses and certain lower risk Outdoor Businesses to resume operating.” We are heading in the right direction and beginning to gradually re-open, but we are certainly not out of the woods yet. You can read the San Mateo County entire order here. Please continue to follow official health guidelines to prevent spread of the virus: cover your nose and mouth with cloth when conducting essential business outside the home, maintain physical distance from others, and practice good hygiene such as frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer, and keeping your hands away from your face.

Under the new Order, Pacifica facilities will remain closed through May 31, 2020; however, essential services will continue to be provided, as well as continuing the essential food service programs for seniors currently operating. The public may continue to utilize a variety of City services over phone, email, and/or online. Visit the City's Closure and Suspensions webpage for more information.

Beach parking closures remain in effect in Pacifica, as well as prohibitions on parking in many areas adjacent to beaches or popular hiking spots. Over the past couple weekends, Pacifica Police Officers have educated more than 2,000 beach visitors about the health order requirements to stay local for essential activities and have ordered more than 1,000 visitors to leave who were visiting from too far away.

The new San Mateo County Health Order, summarized in part below, has loosened previous restrictions and created some additional restrictions as follows beginning today, May 4th:
  • The radius of travel for essential exercise activities is revised from 5 miles to 10 miles;
  • The following beach accessories are prohibited: umbrellas; shade structures; tents; BBQs and grills; coolers; chairs, hammocks, and other conveyances designed to sit and or lounge;
  • All construction activities permitted under the State’s Shelter Order are allowed with strict jobs-site safety protocols in place. Beginning May 4th, the Building Division will resume normal services; however, the office will continue to be closed to customers. Permit applications and plans must be submitted electronically. Inspections can be requested via phone and may be conducted via video or in-person. In-person inspections will be cancelled if job sites are found to not be in compliance with job site safety protocols. Links to safety protocols and details about how to obtain services can be found here.
  • All real estate transactions will also now be able to resume, but with continued restrictions on open houses and limitations on in-person viewings.
  • Certain outdoor businesses can also begin operating again, and people can visit those businesses to perform work or obtain goods, services, or supplies. This includes wholesale and retail nurseries, landscapers, gardeners, and other businesses that primarily provide outdoor services as set forth in the Order. Outdoor businesses do not include restaurants, cafes or bars, regardless of whether they have outdoor seating.
  • The Order provides for the resumption of some parks and recreation services and opening of facilities, including childcare programs under certain conditions. However, significant evaluation and planning for resumption of these types of services and facilities is necessary to ensure health safety and comply with state and county requirements. The City has begun this evaluation and planning and will not be resuming these types of services or opening these types of facilities until such detailed evaluation and planning is complete, date to be determined.
  • It is important to note that the stricter of the two orders (local and State) takes precedence over the other. All local requirements for social distancing and wearing face coverings remain in effect.

Last week the Pacifica City Council approved the idea of the City contributing funding toward the SMC Strong campaign to specifically assist local businesses in Pacifica. At the May 11, 2020 City Council meeting, the Council will consider specific criteria and authorizing $50,000 in City funding as economic stimulus toward Pacifica businesses, to be administered through the SMC Strong program. Learn more about SMC Strong at smcstrong.org. Other information resources available for the business community include the San Mateo Economic Development Association (SAMCEDA) and the Pacifica Economic Development program. And remember, if you are financially able to do so, continue to support local businesses and restaurants that are open by ordering takeout food and purchasing essential products locally. If a business is closed, consider purchasing a gift card to that business for use when it will again be open. Every little bit counts.

Please sign up for the City’s weekly e-newsletter " Connect with Pacifica", and sign up for San Mateo County Alert system. Also Consider printing this letter to distribute to neighbors whom you think may not be on-line very often.

Thank you for Sheltering in Place, practicing Physical-Distancing, connecting socially from afar or virtually, and helping in this time of unprecedented health crisis. The Pacifica Community is doing a great job; according to the County’s Health site, Pacifica’s 94044 zip code has only had 37 positive cases (but understanding County Health’s caveat that cases by zip code do not represent, in any way, a true representation of the actual burden of disease in a geographic area). Together (in spirit) we will get through this trying time. We are #PacificaStrong.


Deirdre Martin
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