Volume 21 | May 5, 2020
COVID-19 Has Huge Impact on Weather Relief at Campus
With temperatures already over 100 degrees and summer just around the corner, we are requesting assistance with our ongoing ThirstAid campaign, a collaborative effort by our Campus partners to obtain bottled water for our clients. The current pandemic has required us to repurpose spaces on the Campus to allow for proper physical distancing and isolation. While these modifications are necessary to literally save lives, they have also resulted in more people spending more time outdoors while waiting for services, making hydration a more important health issue than ever for our clients. This drive will help us keep up with the increased need for bottled water to effectively serve our clients and keep them as safe and healthy as possible during this exceptionally challenging time.  
Please contribute online and help us purchase water in bulk at discounted prices:
Human Services Campus | 204 S. 12th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85007 | 602.282.0853 | www.hsc-az.org