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Reopening of Kentucky's UBP for a Limited Time
In light of the financial hardships faced by many Kentucky homeowners due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is reactivating its Unemployment Bridge Program (UBP) for a limited time, effective immediately. KHC has funding available to help approximately 1,500 homeowners with this program. 

Given the limited funding and limited time this program will be available, and the additional challenges with staff working remotely, KHC is making a few programmatic and workflow changes as follows:

UBP Program Parameters
  • The maximum assistance available will be up to $10,000 or six months of monthly mortgage assistance, paid directly to the participating servicer. The entire $10,000 may be used for reinstatement or any combination of reinstatement or monthly assistance. 
  • Borrowers in active forbearance will not qualify for UBP, they cannot get both UBP and forbearance at the same time. 
UBP Workflow Changes
  • Applicants will still work with counseling agencies to complete application packages. But counseling agencies will be uploading everything electronically instead of by mail.
  • Closings will be held electronically, via video conferencing, so the mortgages can be notarized within the guidelines temporarily allowed per order of our governor.
Servicer Workflow

Due to the temporary nature of our program, KHC is relying on our participating servicers to refer clients for this program. Servicers can do one of two things:
  1. Direct your mortgagors to and click on Get Free Help to complete initial intake. 
  2. Rather than directing your mortgagors to the Homeownership Protection Center site, have your staff click on the direct link to create a new user, entering the basic information necessary for clients to get an application package and referral to a housing counseling agency. 
PLEASE NOTE: KHC will not have a staffed call center as we did during the first round of this program. Clients need to access this assistance online. 

Servicer Contact

Shelbie Hillard will be your point of contact for KHC, she can be emailed at
DO NOT REPLY-This is an unmonitored email address. 
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