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This Leadership Team Newsletter is published every two weeks by the Dean's Office in the College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

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The UAA College of Health advances the health and well being of people and communities
May 8,  2014

COH Faculty Receive 2014 Commencement and Chancellor's Awards at UAA


Congratulations to the following COH faculty:

  • Teaching Excellence: Tracey Burke, Associate Professor, School of Social Work.
  • Staff Excellence: Aisha Merced, Assistant to the Director, New Student Orientation (who just graduated with her MSW from Social Work and has a BS in Nursing from the School of Nursing).
  • Community Engagement and Service: Deb Periman, Associate Professor, Legal Studies Coordinator, Justice.
  • Stewardship: UAA Smoke Free Task Force (large team award for safety) - Health Sciences faculty and students have been the prime advocates for this effort.
Call for Survey Participants: ACE Mapping Project 

The trend among social services is increasingly focused on trauma informed care and practice related to the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) research. Unfortunately, the extent of this trend is not clear. The Alaska ACEs Initiative, a collaboration of nonprofit, private, tribal, and government organizations from around the state, is interested in finding and mapping this information.


Please help by taking the ACEs Mapping Survey. The survey asks questions that will allow us to track the implementation of ACEs in practice. Your input will help us compile past and present projects involving ACEs in Alaska. The survey may take up to 45 minutes to complete, depending on the depth of your information. You cannot save the survey and return later, but you can leave the screen open because you will not be timed out.

Please complete the survey by Friday, May 16th. Thank you for your participation!


Sign Up for the ACE Master Trainer Program, June 26-27 

AK Children's Trust and several partners came together to explore ways to encourage further dialogue focused on brain development, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and resiliency. The group is informally known as the AK ACE Initiative. The Alaska ACEs Initiative is proud to announce a two-day ACE Interface Master Trainer Session on June 26 & 27, 2014, facilitated by Dr. Rob Anda and Laura Porter, co-founders of ACE Interface. The goal of the Master Trainer approach is to help meet the growing statewide demand for ACEs education by creating a cadre of highly skilled, well-trained speakers. Specific communities were identified as key locations to begin and Kodiak was selected.


Our hope is to identify 2 individuals in Kodiak who have a passion for this work, are good speakers, and have desire to move these discussions further in your community. For more information, and to fill out an application, download the file AK Community Resilience Coach/Master Trainer Application.


Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee will meet Wednesdays, 1-3 PM in PSB 213. Submission deadlines for committee review are 9:00 AM Mondays, the week prior to
the committee's review.

Reviews of curricular documents follow guidelines in the
UAA Curriclum Handbook (the latest revision is June 2013). The committee identified the issue of duplication of courses across academic units. The Interprofessional Education Committee has a preliminary listing of courses which may be duplicated across academic units. This listing is not complete but is an initial attempt to identify courses where the opportunity for interprofessional education exists. Identifying existing and new courses for interprofessional education will continue during this academic year.

Unit Updates
Department of Health Sciences - - - - - - - - - - - -

Call for Posters: Summer Seminar in Health Literacy   


The Anchorage Health Literacy Collaborative is requesting poster submissions for the Summer Seminar in Health Literacy. Abstracts are due no later than June 30, 2014. Students are especially encouraged to submit. The Seminar takes place August 6th, 2014 in Anchorage, AK. Send submissions and questions to: Dr. Rhonda Johnson at or 907-786-6545. For additional information and submission instructions, download a flyer.


Justice Center  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Legal Studies Faculty Named Influential Persons by UAA First-Year Students      

Prof. Deb Periman, JD, Prof. Jason Brandeis, JD, and Prof. Ryan Fortson, JD, PhD (Legal Studies faculty in the Justice Center) have been named influential persons by first-year students at UAA. The Division of Student Access, Advising & Transition (SAAT) within the Office of Student Affairs asked first year students who took the MAP-Works surveys during the 2013-2014 academic year to name "a faculty member who has assisted them the most in their academic success at UAA." Students named over 150 faculty members, including our Legal Studies faculty, as influential persons. For more information, visit:

UAA and Willamette University College of Law Sign 3+3 Agreement for Early Entrance to Law School  


UAA and Willamette University College of Law have signed a memorandum of understanding for a "3+3" program for UAA students. "3+3" refers to 3 years of undergraduate credits plus 3 years of law school. Under this agreement, UAA students from any major who have completed their required disciplinary credits, all of their GER credits, and a total of 90 credits overall may apply for admission to Willamette University College of Law. If accepted to the law school, students may matriculate from UAA before completing the reminder of their undergraduate degree. For more 

information, visit:


Prof. Brandeis Interviewed by KTUU TV About History of Marijuana Laws in Alaska  


Prof. Jason Brandeis, JD, Justice faculty, was recently interviewed by Steve MacDonald of KTUU TV News, for a series of news reports called "The Marijuana Debate." The series examines the upcoming marijuana initiative, Ballot Measure 2, which will be voted on in November. The initiative seeks to legalize and regulate marijuana in Alaska. "The Marijuana Debate" airs for five nights during the week of May 5. For more information, visit:  


Alaska Dispatch Interviews Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center Researcher About Violent Crime Arrests     


Khristy Parker, Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center (AJSAC) researcher, was recently interviewed by Laurel Andrews of the Alaska Dispatch about the AJSAC Fact Sheet "Arrests for Violent Crimes in Alaska, 1980-2012." The  article "Report looks at Alaska's violent crime trends from 1980 to 2012" was written by Laurel Andrews and published on April 28, 2014. For more information, visit:


Anchorage Daily News Interviews Dr. Chamard About Anchorage Police Department's New Crime-Mapping System     

Dr. Sharon Chamard, Justice faculty, was interviewed by the Anchorage Daily News about the Anchorage Police Department's newly launched crime-mapping system called RAIDS Online.
Dr. Chamard noted that the system "really puts the power of getting this information into the hands of citizens." The article"APD launches new crime-mapping system" was written by Devin Kelly and published on April 16, 2014.For more information, visit:


Prof. Knudsen Presents on Affordable Care Act to Clinical Laboratory Scientists of Alaska Conference  


Prof. Kristin Knudsen, JD, Legal Studies faculty in the Justice Center, presented to the  Clinical Laboratory Scientists of Alaska (CLSA) Conference in Anchorage on April 25. Her topic provided an overview of the Affordable Care Act and how it relates to other significant federal health insurance legislation: ERISA, HIPAA, HITECH. She also outlined some notable features of the Act, the legal theory behind the legislation, and past and present court challenges to the ACA. Prof. Knudsen teaches health law and is a frequent lecturer on this topic. For more information, visit:


Justice Major Kimberly Del Frate Displays Her Research at Symposium  


Kimberly Del Frate, Justice major and a member of the University Honors College, participated in the 2014 UAA Honors College Undergraduate Research & Discovery Symposium held April 14 - 17. Her research from her honors thesis "The Arizona Issue: Racial Profiling and Civil Rights in Immigration Law Enforcement" was displayed at the poster fair in the UAA/APU Consortium Library. For more information, visit:


Justice Major Daniel Reinhard Presents at 2014 UAA Student Showcase Conference 


Daniel Reinhard, Justice major, was one of the presenters at the 30th Annual UAA Student Showcase Conference on April 11. His topic "Crime Prevention: Mountain View Shopping Center" focused on his research that evaluated how crime and disorder in the parking lot and surrounding areas of the shopping center might be reduced by crime prevention through environmental design. For more information, visit:


Upcoming Events/Deadlines

  • May 9 - COH Research Matters Workshop
  • May 10 - UNAC workloads due to OAA; UNAC promotion and tenure notices to Dean; UAFT non-renewal notices for term 1-2 year term faculty  

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