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Sixth Sunday of Easter
Rector: Pierre-Henry Buisson

New Web Address! slecp.org

Weekly Epistle
Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 9, 2021
The 10 am service will be live-streamed via Facebook. You don't need a Facebook account to view the service.
Sixth Sunday of Easter

Preaching this weekend is Rev. Richard Lassiter.

Farewell Letter from Pierre-Henry

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I’m writing to you on this bright Friday morning, May 7th, this is my last day at the office. This week I spent some time sorting out what was in my office and my bookshelves. This office is now ready for its next occupant. Maybe for the first time since the church moved to 2000 Shepherds Lane, the desks, drawers, and bookshelves are empty. Only a computer is standing on a desk. This is so strange to write to you from this empty space. For almost seven years this place was my office. Really, it was mine. The place where I could pray work, think, receive people, have meetings, somehow my personal safe haven. This emptiness is a tangible sign that I’m now ready for the next step of my priesthood journey by following the Lord’s call to serve Him at Emmanuel, VA. 

It seems that I don’t have the words to express my emotions today. These years serving the Lord and serving St Luke’s have been amazing. True it was also challenging at times, but this is life is not it? All in all, despite the unavoidable bumps in the road and conflicts, it was such a good experience to be your rector. I think the best way to describe my feelings at this moment is thankfulness.

I’m thankful for the Lord who called me to send my application to be your rector. I’m thankful that I was elected your rector. I’m thankful for what I have seen happening at St Luke’s and the presence of the Spirit in the midst of us. I’m thankful for each and every one of you, you have been a blessing to me and my family. I’m thankful for all who shared their time, talents, and treasure with St Luke’s. I’m thankful for all who were part of my staff during this time. I’m thankful for those who served in leadership positions. I’m thankful for the way you accepted me and my family, and the way we tried our best to love each other despite our differences. I’m thankful that St Luke’s is always trying to reach out, love, and serve those in need around us and in the world. I’m thankful for the quality of our worship where I felt so many times the presence of the Lord among us. So thank you all!

In sharp contrast with this quiet last week at the office, last weekend was so wonderful! Thank you all who came to one of my last services as your rector. It was so good to see so many of you! Each service was great. At 10:00 am it was so good to see the church packed for the first time since March 2020! It was so good and uplifting to hear so many voices during the prayers, and of course, It was so good to have the choir back after all this time without congregational singing. Once again the choir was awesome.

Thank you for the many cards we received at all the services, and for the gifts offered to us in your name. Sophie and I are very touched by these testimonies of love. I can assure you that I will bring all of you in my heart to Virginia and I will keep you in my prayer.

These almost 7 years have been a blessing and the best thing that could have happened to me and my family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May the Lord bless and keep you always!

Let my last words be this prayer of thanksgiving from our BCP: Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for all that you have done for us. We thank you for the splendor of the whole creation, for the beauty of this world, for the wonder of life, and for the mystery of love. We thank you for the blessing of family and friends, and for the loving care which surrounds us on every side. We thank you for setting us at tasks that demand our best efforts, and for leading us to accomplishments that satisfy and delight us. We thank you also for those disappointments and failures that lead us to acknowledge our dependence on you alone. Above all, we thank you for your Son Jesus Christ; for the truth of his Word and the example of his life; for his steadfast obedience, by which he overcame temptation; for his dying, through which he conquered death; and for his rising to life again, in which we are raised to the life of your kingdom. Grant us the gift of your Spirit, that we may know Christ and make Him known; and through Him, at all times and in all places, may give thanks to you in all things. Amen. (BCP, pg. 681)

In Christ's Love,

Register Now! Sixth Sunday of Easter
Saturday, May 15, 5:30 p.m. (50 people) Click here to register
Sunday, May 16, 8:00 a.m. (120 people) Click here to register
Sunday, May 16, 10:00 a.m. (120 people) Click here to register
Sunday, May 16, 12 p.m. (50 people) Click here to register
The Wednesday Healing & Eucharist Service is now meeting in person!

Wednesdays at 10 am in the Chapel

No need to register. We ask you to please continue to wear your masks.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 22nd, this annual event held at the Prescott Courthouse Plaza. 10am - 3pm, fun for all ages. Sponsored by "United Animal Friends," St Luke's will have a booth, and will need your help in many ways.

A sign-up sheet and flyers will be in the Gathering Hall starting this weekend. Help is needed for setting up, being present to speak and hand out information about St. Luke's, and taking down.

We welcome everyone who wants to help out: youth and adults!

If you have neighbors who have dogs please tell them about this event, and, of course, you can bring your pets.

For information, contact Carol Sweeden
email:  j.csweeden@yahoo.com or text : 830-388-0964
Help us to celebrate and honor your loved ones who are graduating this year!

Please let us know who in your family is graduating, your relationship to him/her, from what school (degree) and where it is located, and to what college/university he/she is moving onto, if applicable.

Please get us this information by Tuesday, May 18, as we will aim to include this information in our Weekly Epistle that goes out on Friday, May 21. Please email this information to epistle@slecp.org or call us 928-778-4499.
Summer Opportunities for Kids, Youth & Families

Did you know we have an Episcopal camp in our very own backyard? Yes, Chapel Rock, located in Prescott, has openings for the summer's summer camp and family camp programs.

Chapel Rock is still in need of counselors, so if you know of responsible young adults (18+) who would enjoy the fun and fulfilling ministry of summer camp (and appreciate getting a paycheck for it!), please, please encourage them to apply.
Depression: a pandemic within a pandemic
by Julie Cargill, R.N., ANP, GNP, retired
Our focus this last year has been staying healthy and avoiding Covid-19 related afflictions. There are, however, afflictions that are much less visible, although sometimes just as deadly. I am referring to mental health issues such as depression. 
The imposed isolation and loss of societal support has taken its toll on mental as well as physical health. According to a recent Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) article, nearly a quarter of people in the United States are experiencing symptoms of depression. That is several times more than the usual incidence of depression. Certain populations have been especially vulnerable: those with a lower income, smaller savings, people severely affected by job losses or family sicknesses and even deaths, victims of domestic violence, and of course those with a chronic disposition toward depression. Another population includes military members, especially those deployed during this time.
In my previous practice as a Nurse Practitioner at the VA, I found many of my patients had symptoms of depression, but hesitated to mention it for fear of being labeled “crazy”, or having poor control over their emotions. I tried to help them understand that feeling down, blue, or sad all the time wasn’t necessary because very likely we could work together to improve their quality of life. Of course, this translates into improved quality of life for their family as well! I am going to review here symptoms of depression and suggest some ways that, as lay people, we can recognize depression in our friends or family that might be suffering from depression, and provide some helpful interventions for them. 
Who Has Depression?
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the usual incidence of depression in U.S. residents over the age of 15 at 6-10%, while estimated incidence in adults over age 65 is higher: 10-20%. It increases in the presence of chronic medical conditions. Many individuals in all age groups are not treated for their depression even though treatment is available and many primary care providers are familiar with first-step and even advanced treatment resources.
How Can I recognize Depression in Myself or Others?
According to the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), an individual experiencing five or more of the following symptoms during a two-week period, when at least one of the symptoms is either (1) depressed mood or (2) loss of interest or pleasure may have clinical depression.
·      Depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day.
·      Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, activities most of the day, nearly every day.
·      Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain, or decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day.
·      A slowing down of thought and a reduction of physical movement (observable by others, not merely subjective feelings of restlessness or being slowed down).
·      Fatigue or loss of energy nearly every day.
·      Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt nearly every day.
·      Diminished ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness, nearly every day.
·      Recurrent thoughts of death, recurrent suicidal ideation without a specific plan, or a suicide attempt or a specific plan for committing suicide.
What Can I Do?
If we see this in ourselves or in someone close to us, what should we do? We seem to have a cultural aversion, as I noted above, to admitting depression in ourselves and/or acknowledging it in others. I have found that simply showing an interest in how the affected person is feeling is a great step in the right direction. People suffering from depression may welcome your interest, as it gives them an opportunity to voice their feelings, and they can experience some relief in just this “first step”. Each person has their own style of vocabulary, so you might want to consider various versions of some of the examples below to broach the subject.
“You don’t seem quite yourself lately. Are things OK with you?”  
“You seem sad. I’d like to hear about it.”
“Can I ask, are you feeling down (blue, depressed) lately? You seem like it to me.”
Ask them if they have been thinking about ending their life. If they answer affirmatively, find out if they have a realistic plan to carry out ending their life. 
If/when they do tell you what’s been happening with them, the following responses might help.
“That must be hard”
“How are you feeling about that?”
“What do you see happening next?”
As I said, you will have your own way to show concern that seems right to you. If the person does share some with you, you may think about suggesting they get help by consulting a professional. 
If they do share that they have been thinking of ending their life, and they do have a lethal plan, this would be the time to accompany them in making contact with a family member or community resource to ascertain they will be safe until help can be found. I always consider that I may only get one opportunity to help that person before it is too late.
Below are some resources available in this community.
·       St. Luke’s has clergy who can step in and offer assistance. There is a Stephen Ministry which may be able to provide valuable care. The contact for this service is Reverend Chris Christy, (928) 533-5012 or email: cchristy1231@gmail.com.
·       West Yavapai Guidance Clinic (WYGC) provides mental health intervention by professionals. Phone: (928) 583-6411. Services there are free for persons who qualify for AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicaid). This clinic will help in the process of getting enrolled in AHCCCS, and will see clients on a sliding fee basis if they can’t qualify for AHCCCS.
·       WYGC now has a Crisis Stabilization Unit in Prescott Valley where clients who are suicidal can be evaluated and stabilized over a 24-hour period and then referred to appropriate outpatient follow-up. This service can help avoid a need for hospitalization.
·       There are several clinics and providers listed under “psychiatry” when searching DEX, the online “yellow pages”.
·       If you are a veteran, our local VAMC has a fully qualified mental health department with counselors and programs. You can call (928) 445-4860 to ask questions about enrollment and eligibility. The National Veteran Suicide Crisis number is (800) 273-8255.
It is so important to realize that this person is likely feeling hopeless and worthless. You may notice that someone is self-isolating as the only symptom you can see. Noticing any indication of a problem and offering help could be the relief they need, and may preserve their quality of life or even life itself.
JAMA Netw Open. 2020;3(9):e2019686. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.19686; www.who.int; dsm.psychiatryonline.org; mayclinic.org; Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 12(S1), S197-S198.
The 8 am service and the 10 am service are both in need of Ushers.          

The duties are easy and we have plenty of current Ushers to help teach you on a Sunday or two.                                                      

As we are continuing to open the services to more parishioners, we need to increase our Usher team. If you were once an Usher before “pandemic days” and would like to start again, please know that I have not deleted you from our listing, just had you on “inactive” for the time involved.

We would love to have you start serving again, the duties are much the same as before, with just a few changes for the Covid guidelines. We are still under the guidelines of the CDC and the Diocese. As we are able to open more, I’m sure those guidelines will decrease and completely leave once the nation is more fully vaccinated.

You can offer to serve as a full-time or part-time Usher. At present, we need both. We have a great team of volunteers and they mean a million to me!!

Please call me at 928-642-2626 or email at jnjcasacchia@centurylink.net. My name is Jan Casacchia, and both Jim and I would love to talk with you.

In Christ’s Love, Jan
Help Needed with Live-streaming of 10 am service

With the departure of Sophie Buisson, we are looking to build a small team of people who can assist with the live-streaming of the 10 am service. Ideally, we'd love a team of at least 5-6 people so that each person would only be committed once a month.

It's a simple job! You don't need any previous experience. All that is required on your end is a Facebook account and a smartphone. We will then give you a special permission on the St. Luke's Facebook account.

Please consider helping with this important ministry for our parishioners at home. If you are interested or have questions, please call 928-778-4499 or email info@slecp.org. We will help train you, too!
Calling All Quilters!

Good News! Angel Quilts is going to resume our in-person meetings again. We will meet on our regular third Thursday, May 20th, at St. Luke's. Our times will be 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and we will meet in the Gathering Hall. Mark your calendars. Anyone interested in our group is welcome, quilter or not. It will be so good to see all who can make it again and hopefully, some new people. Please, continue to wear your masks.

I look forward to seeing all of you again and pray this will be the re-beginning of our very worthwhile Ministry. Please join us.

For more info, call Linda Leal at (928) 717-1647.
Blood Drive at St. Luke's on June 24
St. Luke’s Blood Drive will be Thursday, June 24 from 10 am to 2 pm in the Gathering Hall.

Sign up now! Visit www.vitalant.org (Sponsor code: StLukesEC) or calling (877) 25 VITAL
Humboldt Unified School District -- Family Resource Center needs our help!

Currently, there is an expressed need at the Center for boys’ and girls’ underwear in all sizes. The Outreach Committee will collect these items during the month of May and deliver them to the Center on behalf of the St. Luke’s congregation. Please leave donations in the wooden bin marked UNDERWEAR COLLECTION. The wooden bin is currently located in the Gathering Hall by the water fountains.
Food Donations

We have resumed our food donation program which is benefiting three of our area food banks. This has been an on-going program (separate from St. Luke's Food Pantry) where parishioners can donate non-perishable food items that will in turn be shared with the Prescott Community Cupboard, the Prescott Valley Food Bank, and the Chino Valley Food Bank.  
Your donations of non-perishable food items may be left in the wooden box in the Gathering Hall.  
Thank you for your continued support of all our food donation programs!
St. Luke's Food Pantry

Thursdays 2-4 pm: Drop-off Food Drive (south entrance)
Fridays 9 am - 12 pm: Food Pantry open to the public

Suggested Donations:
Manwich, Chef Boyardee, canned chili, canned pasta sauce, jelly, cookies, rice (small packages), pancake mix; also appreciate are low sodium, sugar free, and gluten free items

Please try not to donate items that are in glass jars or containers. Thank you!!

Nametags are available as you enter into the Gathering Area. They are in alphabetical order. If you are new to St. Luke's, or your nametag is missing, order one by clicking link below. We need your name and phone number.

For those who have recently ordered a nametag, the order hasn't come in yet, but we'll notify you when it comes in and we'll place it on the nametag kiosk.
Parish Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon

Appointments are appreciated.
For afternoon or evening appointments,
please call 928-778-4499.

For Pastoral Emergencies call 928-460-2736
Worship Ministers for May 8 & 9
Saturday, May 8
5:30 p.m. Service
Celebrant & Preacher: Rev. Richard Lassiter
Crucifer: Art Villemure
Greeters: Bill & Rita Kraus
Sunday, May 9
8:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant & Gospel Reader: Rev. Jim Schubert
Preacher: Rev. Richard Lassiter
Crucifer: Gib McIntosh
Ushers: Cynthia Moreno & Carol Sweeden
Sunday, May 9
10:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant: Fr. Jack Wolter
Preacher: Rev. Richard Lassiter
Deacon: Chris Christy
Crucifer: Larry Neece
Lector 1: Laura Reilly
Lector 2: Eileen Klein
Prayers: Arthur Reilly
Verger: Lynne Wells
Greeters: Tani Hendrickson & Marilyn Henry-DeLisle
Ushers: Larry & Eileen Griffin, Becky Hansen, Barbara Sayle
Sunday, May 2
12 noon Service
Celebrant & Gospel Reader: Rev. Bonnie Cain
 Preacher: Rev. Richard Lassiter
Greeter & Usher: Marty Lewis
Altar Guild Team: Nancy Reynolds, Barbara Baker-Rosenberg, Doris Schoeben, Tigger Gillam, Dorcas Lawn
Scripture Readings
Sunday, May 9, 2021
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Click here for readings!

Wednesday, May 12 , 2021
Ascension Day
Acts 1:1-11
Psalm 47
Ephesians 1:15-23
Luke 24:44-53
Special Dates this Week
May 9: Ted Sayle, Angel Vandegrift
May 10: Robert DeSantis, Carol Hardesty
May 11: Nancy Anderson, Christine DeVeau, William Hess, Trace Thein
May 12: Patricia Anderson, Chloe Meintjes, Dave Cain
May 13: Beth Parknowitz, Betsy Denison
May 15: Lauren Crawford
May 9: Rocky & Jennifer Pescarino Jr.
May 11: Jim & Jan Casscchia
May 13: Murry & Pam Williams
Altar Flowers Donation

...for Saturday, May 8 & Sunday, May 9, have been given to the Glory of God by:
Jan & Jim Casacchia in honor of their 30th wedding anniversary
Joan Hedger in loving memory of Gil Hedger

How to donate weekly altar flowers

The 2021 Altar Flower Chart is located on a table just before the Narthex outside of the Choir Room. Pick a date, write your name in, and let the office know (info@slecp.org or 928-778-4499) if you would like a special note to accompany the notice of your donation of altar flowers in the Weekly Epistle. The suggested donation for altar flowers is $55 - if writing a check be sure to note "Altar Flowers" in the memo line. Thank you for supporting this important ministry.
Thank you for your
continued financial support!
For those who continue to worship from home, pledges and plate offerings can be kept up-to-date by online giving click here for a one-time or recurring donation. You can also place your offering in the secured locked mailbox outside our parish office.
It's not too late!
You can still submit your 2021 pledge to support St. Luke's.
Thank you so much for supporting St. Luke's!
Looking for a way to socialize with your fellow parishioners while social
Set-up a zoom meeting
Do you have a group who would like to start a Bible Study, Small Group, Book Club, Prayer group, Coffee Hour, Happy Hour, etc., etc, etc.
Get connected today...
For more information, to get instruction,
or set-up your group,
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Do you know we offer online giving?
St. Luke's offers secure online giving through Realm. You may use this for a one-time gift or a recurring gift. To make a gift click the following link.
We acknowledge...
According to Resolution #2016-3, of the 56th Diocesan Convention:
We acknowledge the living culture of the Yavapai people, the traditional custodians of the land we stand on, and pay tribute to the role they play in the life of this region.
Our Prayer List
For Those In Need We Pray:
Prayers for Healing
Jean Messick, Ileen Szelka, Susan Schubert, Tom Connors, Kari Jameson, Pat Anderson’s brother Rick, Erica Arnold’s Family, Betsy Whearley, Kathy MacCauley, Cheri & Gil Lattimer, Dave & Nancy Carmichael, Gail Lowery, Glen Johnson, Bill Johnson’s son Tim (ER DR. Stress), Bill King, Brandon & Nikki Reynolds; Carol Glover; Etta Parson; Mark Tuttle; Sara Williman; Barbara Harber; Vera Mulnix; Rich Staudt; Steven; Joan Hedger; Doug & Pat Ogburn; Jeanne Miller; Tim Salem, Ed Ausmus, Riley Faith, Christina England, Greg & Mary Bowers, Gary Delisle; Bill & Chris Christy; Larry Allen, Karen & Gary Kensing, Deborah & the Delmastro Family, Kerry McClung, Joyce Bittner, Sandy C., Robert Ohannesian; Herb McCabe; Vie Villemure; Bill Johnson; Mary Berkheiser; Deacon Chris Christy; Rick Sheridan, Becky McClelland and family; Gloria Owen-Roddy; Bill & Rita Kraus; Dominic Coppola, Rosey Garripee; Donna Dotzler and her family; Carol Hardesty; for all who are waiting to get the Covid-19 vaccination
For those in our Armed Forces: Echo, Brian, Lopez, Dante’, Florian

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: St Augustine's, Tempe

In the St. Luke’s Outreach Cycle of Prayer: Prescott Community Cupboard Food Bank, Prescott Valley Food Bank, Chino Valley Food Bank
For the Yavapai-Apache Nation
For Bishop Zak and Amagoro Junior Academy

For Our Companion Diocese of Western Mexico Resolution 2020-1, of the 60th Diocesan Convention  

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:

Friday 7 May 2021 The Diocese of Bukavu – Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo

Saturday 8 May 2021 The Diocese of Bukedi – The Church of the Province of Uganda

Sunday 9 May 2021 6th Sunday of Easter The Anglican Church of Kenya

Monday 10 May 2021 The Diocese of Bunbury – The Anglican Church of Australia (Western Australia Province)

Tuesday 11 May 2021 The Diocese of Bungoma – The Anglican Church of Kenya

Wednesday 12 May 2021 The Diocese of Bunyoro-Kitara – The Church of the Province of Uganda

Thursday 13 May 2021 Ascension Day Thy Kingdom Come The Diocese of Busan – The Anglican Church of Korea

Please send your prayer requests to: epistle@slecp.org
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Sunday 10:00 am Eucharist with Organ/Cantor in the Sanctuary
Sunday 12 noon Contemporary Worship in the Parish Hall

Weekday Service:
·        Wednesday 10 am      Healing Service in the Chapel

Please wear your mask for in-person services.
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