STRIDE May E-News!
Our Position on COVID-19:
Returning to Play -
Planning for STRIDE
As so many of us are learning ourselves, exercise and recreation are paramount to good health especially when confined. Endorphins are critical to keeping mental health stable especially for fragile populations such as those we work with.

As STRIDE begins to consider how things may look in the future for our programming when we can get back into providing active opportunities that include socialization, we are considering the way things may look.

While following all the recommended CDC requirements, our main objective will be to protect the health of our athletes, making safety not only a principle but our primary value.

With groups of 10 or more not allowed to congregate, golf and tennis have remained the only sport options available at this time, both being former programs of STRIDE, which we are defining now for continued small group operations. Once we enter phase #4 which permits open recreation, there will be many considerations for our new STRIDE operating policies.

Paramount considerations and changes will include protective gear; physical distancing; smaller groups; family members as volunteers; opening of our building; disinfecting everything including equipment after use; emergency protocols that interfere with distancing; following CDC cleaning information guidelines; county by county restrictions; PPE‘s for volunteers; Digital access points for everything going forward without paper forms; on-boarding volunteers back in a safe environment with training; adding legal language to all of our forms regarding COVID-19; and lastly, how will STRIDE afford and survive the economic changes.

The future is certainly unknown, but without planning ahead and trying to stay active with what we know we are able to do, many organizations like STRIDE will not survive. I am seeking a diverse group of committee members to help construct this planning process. If you are interested please email
Run a 5K on a flat track ; or choose your mode, distance and style..join us as we celebrate our Annual Run Walk n Roll as a virtual event, anywhere in the world! Login to STRAVA to track your friends and fitness goals with STRIDE!

STRIDE Return to Play Plan:

As states begin to reopen, we plan on phasing our organization's reopening as well. Since restrictions with golf and tennis have been lifted, we are in the works of creating safe guidelines to follow to get back to playing these 2 activities in the near future. Be on the look out for the program announcements for June!

Our camping program has a phased plan of its own. Before we allow youth campers to enjoy overnight programming at SCORE, we are opening our grounds for families to enjoy together. See the flyer below for information on how you can reserve your weekend getaway!

Please note: Once we are allowed to have campers return to SCORE, in NYS phase 4 plan, we will ask for a family member to stay overnight with their camper to ensure safety . More information will be provided as we follow proper guidance from NYC and local governments.

**Also, the STRIDE Office will reopen in June.

Due to unforeseen circumstances from COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel our 2020 iCan Bike Camp. Please check back in early 2021 for our next dates.

May is Teacher Appreciation Month!
May 4- 9th was Teacher Appreciation Week , so we chose to highlight some of our unsung heroes that have put in countless hours into teaching STRIDE Athletes, on our Facebook page.
Help us raise $$ without a cost to you. All you have to do is be a referral to help STRIDE!! No purchase necessary!! You have time to explore!! Do it NOW!!!

We have a very active "SOCIAL" life at STRIDE! Join us at Facebook, for all the latest and greatest activities and resources.

Phillips Hardware organizes
Memorial Day parade to support
STRIDE Wounded Warriors
On Saturday, May 23rd , Phillips Hardware organized a fantastic Memorial Day parade throughout the town of Altamont. Local fire departments, police, and local businesses came together to celebrate the holiday and provide proceeds to our Wounded Warrior program. We appreciate the support of the town and and the continuous efforts by Jon Phillips. ( Jon and his family in photo above)
Disabled Sports USA and Adaptive Sports USA are joining forces and merging under the new name, Move United . STRIDE was a chapter member of DSUSA and we have now made the transition as well to becoming part of the Move United family. Move United is working with partners and member organizations to develop guidelines that address the specific considerations adaptive sports programs will need to make when assessing their return to programming. There are resources available that cover general sport related considerations. These and other resources are available via the Move United Member Resource Library
GET WELL WISHES GLOBALLY to all those suffering throughout this ordeal

~ Healing wishes to Scott Henricks after shoulder surgery
~Deepest sympathy to the family of Carolyn Bayly on the loss of her mother.
Deepest sympathy to the family of Donna Mott on the loss of her mother Eileen Murphy
~ Best wishes to Sundown volunteer Stephanie Stewart in her relocation to NJ
~ Best Wishes to Sundown Volunteer Caroline McKnight on her move West
~ Thank you to volunteer Bill VonDolin for construction work at our SHARE Center.
~ Congratulations to Warrior Steve Pechecek for obtaining COVID training certifications in health and first aid for our camping program
~ Thank You DSUSA for a COVID-19 support grant for $5K
~Thank you to Assemblyman Jake Ashby for dropping off four gallons of hand sanitizer ( photo below)
Did You Know?

Did you know that STRIDE is continuing their mission virtually?

Here is a sampling of some of the things we are doing to keep all of our members physically, emotionally and mentally engaged:

  • Created fitness videos
  • Shared games and family activities online
  • Hosted Zoom dance parties and concerts
  • Hosted Zoom team program meetings
  • Virtual guitar lessons
  • Netflix watch party for Warrior families. 
  • Reinvented the S4S 5K race to be a virtual event
  • working on adapted golf and tennis plan
  • getting SCORE Camp ready for family use

We have been providing online resources for everyone to take advantage of while doing their part to social distance, with a virtual platform for everyone to use as a reference to maintain health at home called Adapt in STRIDE. Check out this link for the list of activities to not only help with your physical health, but with your mental and emotional well-being.

Did you also know that we have been doing some Zoom calls to connect our athletes? If you are interested in doing a video chat with some of your fellow STRIDE athletes, email to get the invitation to the next call.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our May contributors and following groups, clubs and individuals for their financial and in-kind support. These contributions help make STRIDE adaptive programs possible.

Andrew Alpart
Terrence Arndt
Faith Atkins
Robert Braverman
Curtis Butler
Karen Chave
Jim Colbert
Andrea Crisafulli
Patti Decowski
Robert Donovan
Mia Ertas
Crystal First
Beverly Folderman
George Galarneau
Paul Gavrity
Carol Gilpin
Alan Justin
Lawrence Maloney
Sandy Miller
Jamees & Marie Moorhead
Amy Null
Carol Otto
Linda Reiss
Krysti Rivenburg
Catherine Santoro
Kelly Sheehan
Rachel Simon
Kathryn Snyder
Sue Worthman
Jennifer Yard
Foundations & Funds

Organizational Grants
Move United Sport
In Memory of Eileen Murphy
Michael & Connie Catalinotto
Kathleen Giles
Rensselaer Honda
Lou Snyder
Sandy & Matt Ostiguy
Shaker Pointe at Carondelet

In Memory of Peg Snelson:
Chris Darby-King

In Memory of Rick Beshore:
Janet Scammel