Foster long-term economic benefit
for Minnesota through value-added agricultural products.
Powerful Pelleting Process Boosts Biofuel Efficiency
Mankato based Attis Innovations Research and Development Team is leading the charge in developing renewable energy from plant-based materials and agricultural byproducts. One of the processes in development is a pelleting polymer from the pre-treatment of wood prior to producing cellulosic ethanol.
AURI Publishes Shelf Life Guide Through Ag Innovation Partnership
The "Food Product Shelf Life Guide" is a free resource that provides food businesses with a baseline understanding of what shelf life is, and the underlying science and supply chain ramifications.
June 10 Webinar: A Landscape View of the MN Market for Halal and Kosher Meat
Ariel Kagan, Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s strategy and innovation specialist, shares insights from the Halal and Kosher Meat Market Assessment Project about these markets and what they may mean for your farm or work. 
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