Online Advising Appointment Booking 

Students may now conveniently book advising appointments online. Please visit our website to book an appointment with an advisor. Directions on how to book an appointment online are below and on our website:

1. Visit our homepage at and select the " Online Appointment Booking now Available " on the right side panel of the page

2. Scroll down to "Appointment Advising Hours" 

3. Under each day of the week's appointment advising hours, except for Friday, you will see a hyperlink for the advisor's availability on that day. 

4. Please click on one of the links to schedule an appointment, as multiple advisors may be available. Should one of the advisors not be available, please select one of the other link(s) to check to see if the remaining advisor(s) are available. 

5. Fill out the e-form on the website to reserve an advising appointment. 

6. You should receive an email confirming your appointment, and the appointment should automatically be added to your Google calendar. It will also provide you the option to add it to a Microsoft Outlook calendar. 

7. If you wish to cancel, please do so by selecting "click here to cancel" in the confirmation email. Please try to cancel 24 hours in advance. 

Office Closures in May

  • Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day
  • Friday, May 31 (ISSS will be closed every Friday during the summer)

Health Insurance Requirement for Fall 2019

Do not forget to enroll for health insurance!  Please note that health insurance is a requirement for F-1 students. Namely, F-1 students must enroll in SJSU's health insurance plan which is administered through JCB, unless students have adequate alternate insurance coverage.* 

JCB manages the financial and enrollment aspects of your health insurance, but the actual health insurance provider, wherein you select doctors, is currently Aetna. If you only enrolled in health insurance for spring 2019, you will need to re-enroll for fall 2019. If you do not enroll, there will be a registration hold placed on your student record for the following semester.

To view more detailed instructions on how to enroll for health insurance, please click on the following link:  SJSU Health Insurance Enrollment. You may also carefully follow the steps below on how to enroll for health insurance:

1. Go to the  JCB website
2. Type and select "San Jose State University" in the JCB search engine
3. Go to "select your plan year," and choose "2019-2020"
4. Go to "what type of student are you?" and select "ISSS International Student"
5. Follow JCB's instructions from here on

If a health insurance hold has been placed on your student record preventing you from enrolling in courses for summer or fall 2019, then you will need to enroll for health insurance through JCB. Once you enroll, a receipt of your enrollment will be automatically sent to us via email and we will remove the hold within 48 hours. 

* Please reach out to us via email or come in to see us should you have questions regarding alternate health insurance plans. There are strict criteria for alternate health insurance plan eligibility. 

                                          F-1 Employment Updates

Possible Start Dates for OPT (Summer Graduates)

Students may apply as early as 100 days before their program end date. It is important to remember that USCIS must RECEIVE your application by the last day of your grace period for it to be considered at all. However, ISSS does not recommend that you wait this long to submit your OPT application.  

  • OPT Start Dates for Summer 2019 Graduates (ISSS will start accepting OPT applications on May 8 for summer grads): 

           August 17 -- October 15

F-1 Employment Tutorials Available Online

CPT Application Submissions for Summer 2019

Possible CPT authorization dates for summer 2019 will range from  May 23 to August 16.  Please visit the  CPT section  of our website for more information. 







Please keep in mind that the purpose of this workshop is to provide a general overview of the OPT application packet that you will submit to USCIS.  We will not review OPT applications individually. 

This workshop serves as an alternative to walk-in or appointment advising. We strongly recommend that you sign up for one of the workshops instead of coming in for advising. 

Please  RSVP here 


Unfortunately, many F-1 and J-1 international students have been common targets for scams. Scams are fraudulent or deceptive services that try to acquire money or personal information from you illegally.

Scam 1: 

Scammers posing as representatives of USCIS will call you and claim to know much of your personal information, including your Social Security Number. They will then ask you to fill out an Ar-11 form, as well as additional forms. Scam callers have also asked for the last 4 digits of the victim's SSN, in addition to other personal information such as physical address. Please hang up the call immediately and block their number.

Scam 2:

Scammers posing as representatives of the Social Security Administration will call you and ask for personal information such as physical address and bank account information. They proceed to claim that your social security number has been compromised by a criminal organization, or that there has been fraudulent activity associated with bank accounts linked to your SSN.

Please do not acquiesce to their demands as most government agencies will not call you should they need to communicate with you!  In the event that they need to contact you, they will most likely send you written correspondence via post. Providing such information can result in severe financial loss or identity theft.   

If you feel you've been a victim of this particular  scam, that is, you provided personal information or feel that your personal information has already been compromised, then please report this to the  FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. Common  scams can include (but are not limited to):

DHS impostor scams

Social Security scams

Banking scams

IRS impostor scams

USCIS impostor scams

911 impostor scams

Investment scams

Charity scams

Pyramid schemes

Lottery and sweepstakes scams

Telephone scams

Please visit the following website: to obtain the most recent and complete list of scams. You should always be cautious and never give out your social security number, passport number, or bank account information to an unverified source or organization. Please also make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and you consistently change your passwords.

If you are unsure whether you are being targeted for a scam, you can also talk to us at any time about this very important subject and we could help.  As mentioned above, if you did provide any personal information or if you feel your personal information has already been compromised, then you should file a report with the  FBI.

                                NOW HIRING GLOBAL LEADERS!

Now Hiring Global Leaders!

Do you want to help welcome new international students to campus? Join our Global Leader team and assist ISSS with Global Spartan Welcome programs during the month of August. This is a short-term, on-campus position that will help you develop leadership and interpersonal skills. Apply via Handshake. Job Number 2647703.

                           DE-STRESS FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS

De-Stress for Academic Success

Pick up your FREE tips & tool kit May 7, 8, and 9 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on 7th Street Plaza. You'll get a handout with tips on stress management and fun activities like coloring pages and bubbles, along with some tea and snacks to help you take care of yourself during finals! Stop by our table and pick up your free kit from ISSS and CAPS.


Show off your involvement and international student pride with the new ISSS Hex Badge! You can pick one up by attending an ISSS Sponsored Event or Workshop. You can find a list of the current and upcoming events at the  ISSS Events page. 

If you are also interested in showcasing your involvement in other SJSU activities, please see the  SJSU Hex Badge Program Page for info on collecting other SJSU Hex badges!


                                                Please Register  Here


  • Spring 2019 Drop-In Career Advising hours are still Fridays, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm until Friday, May 17. 
  • Summer 2019 Drop-In Career Advising hours will begin on Wednesday, May 29 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 

                                    Ramadan 2019: May 5-June 4

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan will be commencing at sundown on May 5 and concluding on June 4 with Eid al-Fitr. The Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle, in which Ramadan will rotate by approximately 10 days every year. Ramadan represents one of the Five Pillars of Islam, as well as the actual writing of the Quran which took place during this month. 

Ramadan emphasizes the purification of the mind, body, and spirit, as well as teaching people the true meaning of tolerance, perseverance , and self-control . Muslims are expected to refrain from anything considered to be sinful such as lying or cursing, in addition to negative emotions such as anger during Ramadan.  Muslims will fast from sunrise to sunset to personify this purification, and their days will begin with a pre-dawn meal known as Suhoor, and end with a post-sunset meal called Iftar. 

Ramadan culminates with the festive Eid al-Fitr after sundown on June 3 at the end of the lunar cycle. Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast) involves much feasting and celebration. 

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F-1 Employment Tutorials

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