CRM Ascent May 2020
Converge Rocky Mountain is a movement of transformational churches. We seek to transform lives and communities by strengthening and multiplying Jesus-filled believers and congregations in the Rocky Mountain West.
Standing Firm, Lifting Others
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

The character of a church, the character of a movement is revealed during times of crisis. Over the last three months, the world has imploded under the weight of a seemingly unstoppable virus. Economies collapsed. Millions of jobs lost. Fear, discouragement and anger now sweep through our neighborhoods. All that the world depended on for security has been swept away in a matter of moments. The world is shaken, but not the people of God.
CRM churches met the challenge head on, evidencing amazing nimbleness as they activated online services, ZOOM life groups and creative, virtual children's ministry in a matter of days. Pastor Ramon Navarro, Cross Wind Church, notes that Filipinos were watching their services at midnight in the Philippines and accepting Christ as their Savior online! The Good News of Jesus Christ has the power to change lives, whether its shared live or virtually. Along with virtual services, life to life community care is also taking place.
Rock Creek Church developed a Facebook site for all those living in the church's zip code. "0027 Community Cares" provides a site for people to post needs and for people to respond who can meet those needs.  Crow Hill Bible Church did "Take Out/Take Downs," inviting attendees to overwhelm specific neighborhood eateries with take out food orders. A fun way to love and support cooks and wait staff. The Journey Church in Craig, CO posted signs of encouragement for First Responders. Pastor Len Browning reflects, "The day after placing signs at one of our clinics a nurse posted on Facebook:"I had a long night, didn't get much sleep and was not in the mood to work today. I pulled up to the clinic and saw these signs and they totally changed my attitude and made my day. So thank you who ever put them up, I think we all needed to see them but especially me and especially today."
Recently CRM pastors were asked, "What has God been teaching His Church over the last three months?" Here are some of their responses:
  • We need to have a spirit of urgency in spreading the Gospel
  • Instead of expecting the community to come to our church building, the church needs to go to the community.
  • Online technologies are a viable way of reaching people for Christ.
  • Churches can change, if the motivation is right.
  • Face to face community feeds our spirit
  • We must decentralize our organization and empower believers to lead. All of church life can't run through the Lead pastor or the week-end worship experience alone.
  • Some of us are cut out for home schooling and some of us aren't.
  • Faith communities will likely grow smaller and more numerous. We will need to train Bi-vocational pastors to fill the increasing leadership opportunities.
  • God is doing a new thing, and inviting His church to follow Him into a new ministry frontier.
What an exciting time to be partnering with God! The virus response guidelines continue to change. A second wave may hit this fall. Some believers are scared, others were ready to gather for church three months ago. The only thing we know for sure is that our God is with us. He will provide all we need.
Be strong and courageous. Our God is with us, wherever we go.
The power of together...
Collaborating On Crisis Response Resources
Through the financial investment of CRM partners, a number of webinars, ZOOM leadership lunches and other resources have been distributed throughout our movement. Finance coordinator, Chris Thiessen, has been working overtime helping churches activate their online giving or apply for a PPP loan/grant. We are learning why being a part of a movement is so important. When times of crisis hit...we are stronger and better...together. Click the link below to check out the CoVid Crisis resource library. Also check out the ZOOM Leader library.
Upcoming Events

Biennial "REACH"
Virtual Conference
with election of Bethel President, Ross Allen.

June 25, 2020

CRM Pastors and Wives Retreat
October 2020
Westin Hotel,
Beaver Creek, CO

S2 Start and Strengthen Conference
November 10-12, 2020
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
Chandler, AZ