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Amos Decker
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Isaiah Coleridge
The Hudson Valley as you've never imagined it
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Sunny Randall
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An IQ Novel
Joe Joins Mike Lupica
May 28

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Ali Reynolds
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Our May First Mystery Book of the Month
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Coco Chanel in wartime Paris

Savage Son
James Reece #3
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The May Booknews
Part 2 now as well as Part 1
First, many books scheduled for May have moved to June-September. I did my best to catch all the new dates.

May is especially rich in paperbacks, large and small format. So there is quite a long list of Picks for the large format. And loads of very good reading in them.

Here is the link to the brand new May Booknews Part 2

Here is the link to the first  May Booknews

Here is the link, at last, to our May Staff Picks

Here is the link to our May Paperback Picks

Patrick has updated our puzzle inventory as well as listed new book for May in various formats for you HERE
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Thanks to Katherine Neville for this poem by the Roman, Catullus
Ah, what is more blessed that to put cares away,
when the mind lays by its burden, and tired
with labor of far travel we have come to our own home
and rest on the couch we have longed for

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I note an Instagram Live event for May 19 at 5 PM in the updated calendar. The Pen is supplying signed copies of Sara Sligar's book.
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Kate White
Today 4:00 PM
White, Kate. Have You Seen Me? (Harper $26.99/$15.95). 

Ally Linden arrives one morning at her Manhattan office, wet and bedraggled, with a throbbing headache. Her boss approaches her and asks, "What are you doing her... You haven't worked here in years." A stunned Ally realizes she has no idea where she's been or where she lives, or what actions preceded this embarrassing moment.  Not sure whom she can trust, Ally hires a private detective who then ends up murdered. One thing's for certain: Someone will go to any lengths to prevent Ally from recovering her memory. 

Kirkus Reviews writes: "In this standalone, White provides the twists and shocks that any reader of domestic thrillers expects and savors, but she also manages to use some of our expectations to create clever dead ends. Ally's need for self-discovery has an immediacy, of course, but also a larger resonance, as she begins to realize that she hasn't always made choices that are completely authentic or independent. Perhaps recovering her memory will be the first step in a larger quest to find herself. An engaging novel that turns some clichés of recent thrillers on their heads."

Liv Constantine
Virtual Book Launch
Today 5:00 PM

Constantine, Liv. The Wife Stalker  (Harper, $27.99). 

Piper Reynard has moved to Westport after the mysterious deaths of her husband and stepdaughter on the West Coast, and actually he was dead husband No. 2. Now she has changed her name, erased her internet footprint, and opened Harmony Healing Arts on the premises of a failed recovery center. "In short order, Piper fixes her gaze on a handsome married lawyer named Leo Drakos. Leo has "always been a loyal and faithful husband," so his wife, Joanna, is taken by surprise when he responds to Piper's charms and almost immediately kicks her out of the house and cuts her off from their children. Neither her therapist nor her awful mother seems very sympathetic as Joanna's whole life goes up in smoke. 

As Piper ruthlessly maneuvers her way into the family, having hot sex with Leo on her sailboat and forcing the children to drink green smoothies, Joanna turns private investigator in order to find out who this creepy platitude-spouter really is. 

A woman who hates children was a strong element of the author's first book, the very successful The Last Mrs. Parrish
($16.99). A hit for fans of the unreliable narrator(s) as the story is told by two voices. 

Who do you believe as you twist and turn to the kind of ending that is a hallmark of this genre?  

Ivy Pochoda
Tuesday 5:30 PM
Pochoda, Ivy. These Women (Ecco $27.99). 

Here is one of many rave reviews: "Fish shack owner Dorian Williams, one of several working-class women at the center of this heartbreaking novel, has done little to fill the void in her life in the 15 years since her teenage daughter, Lecia, was murdered in 1999-the 13th and presumed final victim of a serial killer who was never caught. Then one evening, near her fish shack in South Central L.A., a woman's body is dumped exactly as Lecia was, throat slit and a plastic bag over her face. 

Without sacrificing narrative drive, Pochoda (Wonder Valley) lets her story unfold organically and impressionistically, through the eyes of her distinctive female characters, who include Julianna, now a hard-partying cocktail waitress but once the child Lecia babysat the night she died; undersized Hispanic LAPD detective Essie, who knows all too well what it's like not to be taken seriously; and former hooker Feelia, left for dead back in 1999 after Lecia's murder, whose potentially critical information the police repeatedly ignore. This deep dive into the lives of women too often unseen in the shadows makes them vividly unforgettable." 

LJ adds another Star: "Pochoda stuns with this disquieting literary thriller rife with descriptive street language and violence. It is complex, intense, and enthralling. Fans of Rachel Kushner's The Mars Room will experience a similar sense of feeling both captivated and bereft." And Michael Connelly endorses it.

Jennifer Hillier with her editor Keith Kahla
Thursday 5:00 PM
Hillier, Jennifer. Little Secrets (St Martins $26.99). Jennifer lives in Canada so Signed Bookplates it is for our copies

As I said in April, Little Secrets is "a delightfully twisty psychological thriller perfect for fans of You and Gone Girl

Celebrity hairstylist Marin Machado, the heroine of this diabolically plotted psychological thriller of lust, obsession, greed, and betrayal, believes she's hit bottom during the 16 months since her four-year-old son was snatched while they were Christmas shopping at a Seattle's famed Pike Place Market-something for which she can't stop blaming herself, nor can her entrepreneur husband of almost 20 years, Derek. 

But that's before the PI Marin hired after the case went cold shares her chance but devastating discovery that Derek's having an affair with a much younger woman, Kenzie, catapulting Marin into an even darker circle of hell. Following the initial shock of the revelation, the furious Marin feels empowered, almost exhilarated. But her rage also threatens to propel this sympathetic protagonist into a rash, potentially catastrophic decision, encouraged by her best friend and onetime boyfriend, an ex-con, who has his own devious agenda. 

Hiller won the 2019 Thriller Best Novel Award for 
Jar of Hearts  ($7.99). I agree with Laura Lippman: "Trust Jennifer Hillier, a rising star in crime fiction whose work is like no one else's. That gut punch of an opener jumps to a twisty tale of trauma and grief and revenge, with extraordinary empathy for everyone involved." Also good for you who enjoyed  Lady in the Lake  and  Lock Every Door .

I look forward to discussing it with her editor Keith Kahla, whom many of you have met at The Pen. There is time to ask questions of how editors are coping with the pandemic too. And what they see about going forward.
Robin Burcell
Saturday 2:00 PM
in part a tribute to the late Clive Cussler
Cussler, Clive/Robin Burcell.    The Wrath of Poseidon (Putnam $30).
This is her last full collaboration with Clive Cussler, and Signed only by Burcell

Ten years ago, a chance meeting at the Lighthouse Café in Redondo Beach led Sam Fargo and Remi Longstreet on the adventure of a lifetime, hunting the legendary riches stolen from the Persian King Croesus in 546 B.C. But they weren't the only ones. Someone else is after the gold, and he's willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. When Sam and Remi run afoul of a criminal drug-running operation, their hopes of finding the treasure are dashed. But with Sam's ingenuity and Remi's determination, they survive their confrontation with the drug runners, and manage to send one of the key players to prison. 

Though the cache of gold is never found, life goes on. Sam and Remi marry-and years later return to Greece to find the one treasure that got away. Time becomes their enemy when the kingpin they helped send to prison over a decade ago is released--and he has two goals in mind. Find the legendary hoard of King Croesus, and kill Sam and Remi Fargo!
Our Calendar to June 6
Please keep checking as more events pop in
Kate White chats about Have You Seen Me? (Harper $26.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

Virtual Book Launch
Liv Constantine chats about The Wife Stalker (Harper $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
TUESDAY MAY 19 5:00 PM On Instagram Live
Jessica Knoll chats about The Favorite Sister
Sara Sligar chats about our April First Mystery Book of the Month Take Me Apart (FSG $27)
Signed copies of Sligar again available now

Virtual Book Launch
Ivy Pochoda chats with Patrick about These Women
(Ecco $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

Editor Keith Kahla chats with his author Jennifer Hillier,winner of the 2019 Best Thriller Award, about her new novel Little Secrets (St Martins $26.99)
Jennifer lives in Canada so Signed Bookplates it is for our copies

Virtual Book Launch
Robin Burcell chats about her last full collaboration with Clive Cussler in The Wrath of Poseidon (Putnam $30)
Sam & Remi Fargo #12
Books Signed only by Burcell available. Please order quickly to secure yours
MONDAY MAY 25 12:00 PM
Martin Walker chats about The Shooting at Chateau Rock (Knopf $25.95)
Bruno, Chief of Police
Walker hopes to visit from the EU in September. Meanwhile we offer a nifty postcard from the Perigord with our copies

Virtual Book Launch
Michael Connelly chats about  Fair Warning (Little Brown $29)
Jack McEvoy #3
Signed books available. Our copies come with an exclusive interview with Mike created for The Pen

David Baldacci chats about Walk the Wire
(Grand Central $29)
This is a Father's Day special so while supplies last we include a free Father's Day card already stamped for you with US postage

Laird Barron chats about Worse Angels
(Putnam $27)
Isaiah Coleridge

Mike Lupica chats with Joe Ide about his new Sunny Randall, Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match (Putnam $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

Hardboiled Crime Discussion Club meets with Patrick on Zoom. Email for details and an invitation to join if you wish.

Kristen Ashley chats with John about Dream Maker (Grand Central $7.99)

Francesca Serritella chats about her debut Ghosts of Harvard (Random $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
JA Jance chats about her new Ali Reynolds investigation Credible Threat (Gallery $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours. Books will arrive from Jance a bit delayed
David Pepper chats about his terrifying political thriller 
The Voter File (Putnam $27)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Francine Matthews chats about Death on Tuckernuck (Soho $27.95), her new Merry Folger Nantucket Mystery
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Laurie R. King chats about Riviera Gold (Bantam $28), her new Russell/Holmes mystery set in Monaco, as they search for Mrs. Hudson
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

Some New Signed Books
Deaver, Jeffery. The Goodbye Man (Putnam $28). 

Deaver's outstanding sequel to 2019's The Never Game ($9.99) takes career reward seeker Colter Shaw into wilderness in Washington State where he battles an unscrupulous fellow hunter, a corrupt sheriff's department, and the Osiris Foundation touting its ability to turn lives around into happy and productive futures.

 I had fun discussing cults with Laurie R. King in our Book Chat (view it on Facebook or our You Tube). Laurie, a doctor of religious studies, wrote a long ago book to explore cults as cults, a form of religion, and its hold. Deaver kicks this excellent thriller off with what looks like a hate crime and sends Shaw into a cult that is.... 

I can't say without a spoiler but this is Deaver, right? And nothing is what it seems. I think in fact writers like Thomas Perry or the late Donald E. Westlake would applaud Deaver for this one. And he sets up a nifty hook, again with action beginning a few hours after that of the current book ends, to propel you into the third for Shaw. Watch my interview with him for a fuller discussion. It's clear why he has been an international bestseller and winner of countless awards across the arc of his career and that of The Pen.

McMillan, Terry. It's Not All Downhill from Here (Ballantine $28). 

Loretha Curry's husband Carl whisks her away for a weekend getaway in Palm Springs, Calif., to celebrate her 68th birthday, only to die of a heart attack while they are staying at the resort. Loretha's friends rally around her as she tries to recover from the devastating loss. Loretha also contends with her own health issues after her doctor diagnoses her with diabetes. Though Loretha is filled with loneliness after Carl's death, the wit and candor of her friends lessens the blow as Loretha weathers the angst of a difficult relationship with her alcoholic daughter Jalecia and considers selling her beauty products business. News of Jalecia's attempt to book herself into a seedy shelter leads Loretha to reckon with her own life choices. 

Sligar, Sarah. Take Me Apart  (FSG $27)
Reviewing in the Wall Street Journal , Tom Nolan writes about a book you should not miss:

 "Kate Aitken, the ex-journalist at the forefront, seems, at age 30, a burnt-out case. Forced to leave her newspaper job in New York after filing a complaint about the sexual harassment she suffered from a colleague, she had a breakdown and then abandoned her Manhattan career for the West Coast. She's accepted the job, in a Marin County town, of archiving the papers of Miranda Brand, a legendary photographer who killed herself in 1993 at age 37. Miranda's grown son Theo has returned to the family home to prepare his mother's effects for sale. Before long, Kate is sucked into the maelstrom of Miranda's chaotic biography. ... Ms. Sligar's debut is by turns an art-world satire, an erotic romance and a descent into madness. Its gratifying conclusion proves well worth the digressive journey."

Turow, Scott. The Last Trial (Grand Central $29)

I can't do justice to all the remarkable things about this splendid book, our May Crime Collectors Book of the Month, in this short space. What I highly recommend is watching
Turow's virtual book launch with me which covers a range of topics including his first book, One L, and Presumed Innocent, the huge bestseller that introduced Sandy Stern, the 85-year-old lawyer here working his last trial and facing all that it entails, much of it a surprise to Stern (and to Turow who lets things develop as his characters will). We talk about Chicago, a Midwest ethic, writing, law school.... One of the best hours I've spent with an author. A truly magnificent novel I can't recommend highly enough. And now you can enjoy both the talk and the book too

      Bonus: After the conversation with Turow, enjoy 
Patrick's hour with Walter Mosley which, similarly, ranges over much of the authors' life and work. If you don't do Facebook you can instead view them on our own  YouTube
Wright, Lawrence. The End of October (Knopf $27.95). Our May First Mystery Book of the Month gets this rave, again by Tom Nolan: In the Booknews I also quote one from Douglas Preston in the NY Times for Wright's book

"Henry Parsons is the deputy director for infectious diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.  'Think of him like a policeman,' his wife tells their two young children. 'There are times when people have to be protected from danger, and that's what your father does.' 

The doctor is 'a disease detective'-a very-first-responder to the hot-zone frontlines, often 'going into the field, alone, in an alien environment, with minimal resources, to confirm and combat an outbreak of virulent disease. Such is the case when, on his way back to the U.S. from a conference in Geneva, Henry stops in Indonesia to inspect an outbreak of illness in an isolated refugee camp. There he confronts a grisly tableau of the dead and dying. He performs an impromptu autopsy: 'Where there had been lungs, there was a kind of spumy swamp... [The victim] drowned in her own fluids.' The disease responsible seems flu-like yet unlike any known strain. 'It could be a coronavirus,' guesses Henry. 

Henry and his colleagues scramble to determine how a vaccine can be devised and where the disease came from. Mr. Wright, best known as the author of a number of nonfiction bestsellers, has crafted a swift and all-too-convincing chronicle of science, espionage, action and speculation that moves from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia to the U.S. as it eerily evokes real-life current events. Deeply rooted in factual research, this may well prove to be the most frightening novel of the year."
Our May Large Paperback Picks...
A great list!
Baker, Jo. The Body Lies ($16)
Castillo, Linda. Shamed ($16.99)
Constantine, Liv. The Last Time I Saw You ($16.99)
Ellroy, James. This Storm ($17)
Griffiths, Elly. Stone Circle ($15.99)
Horowitz, Anthony. The Sentence Is Death ($16.99)
Jackson, Joshilyn. Never Have I Ever ($16.99)
Kerr, Philip. Metropolis ($17)
Krueger, William Kent. This Tender Land ($17)
Lagercrantz, David. The Girl Who Lived Twice ($17)
Mina, Denise. Conviction ($16.99)
Miranda, Megan. The Last House Guest ($16)
Petrie, Nick. Wild One ($16)
Robotham, Michael. Good Girl, Bad Girl ($17)
Sager, Riley. Lock Every Door ($17)
Walker, Martin. The Body in the Castle Well ($16)
Ware, Ruth. The Turn of the Key ($16.99)
Whishaw, Iona. A Match Made for Murder ($14.95)

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