"When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing in a solution paves the way to a solution."
-David Schwartz
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2019 Zeldis Public Release Study: Environmental, Social and 
Corporate Governance Investing
Each year, Zeldis identifies an industry topic to explore and share with the research community. Our 2019 initiative is the exploration of attitudes and perceptions about values-based and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing, sometimes known as socially conscious investing. The study will also take a look at other new trends in the investment space, such as robo-advisors and investment apps.

A two-phase research study begins this month among consumers and advisors that includes:
  • A large-scale, online Quantitative study with 1,000 consumers (mix of investors and non-investors who are considering investing in the next few years), in partnership with MarketCube
  • Webcam in-depth interviews with advisors who offer values-based and/or ESG investment options to their clients
This research will investigate the current knowledge and use of values-based investing and other emerging trends as well as motivators, barriers and differences by key subgroups, including generations. Stay tuned for the results!

How Thought Leadership at Zeldis Adds Up to Savings for Clients
In our more than 25 years in the market research industry, we've been proud to share many publicly released studies on topics of broad industry interest. Our own Thought Leadership work has focused on exploring societal changes that impact the marketplace, such as the use of digital tools like apps and telemedicine in health care; the growing trend of consumers purchasing insurance policies at retailers; and the effects of the shared economy on property and casualty insurance providers.
"We feel it's our responsibility to educate ourselves, to be prepared so we can better serve our customers," Zeldis Managing Partner Doris Kaiser explains. "In the end, our thought leadership work saves our clients money! Using our insights as a base, clients don't have to invest as heavily in the Qualitative research, and can move more quickly on to the Quantitative work. We make our reports available - through the Buzz, website, webinars and at conferences - to everyone who wants to benefit."
Emerging Trend: Win-Loss Research
View Preview HERE
No company likes to lose business. But when a customer chooses to go with a competitor, doesn't everyone want to know why? At Zeldis, where we are always on the lookout for emerging trends in the marketplace, we've seen a recent increase in clients requesting proposals on Win-Loss Research. Both Qualitative and Quantitative research methods can play a role. Typically, this type of research is conducted to:

  • Obtain insights to improve the RFP response process,
  • Understand why opportunities are won or lost,
  • Explore the decision drivers for selection, and
  • Uncover potential strengths and shortcomings to leverage and improve the volume of business awarded. 
Net Promoter Scores -- Measuring Customer Loyalty to Your Brand
We're proud to report that Zeldis Research received an 85% Net Promoter Score from its current customers last year, surpassing our previous score of 77% received in 2015. Of course, we take the greatest pride in what our customers have to say about us, but there are a few things you should know about the numbers behind Net Promoter Scores:
Net promoter scores are a market research industry tool that is used by clients to understand customer loyalty. It is a standardized questionnaire that asks customers how likely they are to recommend a certain company or product to others. A benefit of using NPS is its standardization. It is always asked in the exact same way and on the same scale. This creates norms and allows companies to easily interpret their score in relation to both competitors in their industry as well as outside firms, to see how they stack up to leading brands, regardless of the industry.

Meet Our New Team Members
A hearty Zeldis welcome (and welcome back) to our newest team members Nancy Mancini  and Bob Jakubowski .
Nancy has joined Zeldis as Field Operations Manager from Princeton University where she was a Business Analyst. She previously held positions as a Controller and was an owner of her company providing financial business services to other firms. She has a B.A. from The College of New Jersey. Learn more about Nancy Mancini HERE.
And a former research director at Zeldis (2006-2008), Bob Jakubowski rejoins the Zeldis team as Senior Research Director after ten years in a similar role at GfK. Bob directs all stages of research, from study design to presentation of findings, moderates online focus groups and conducts in-depth interviews. His industry experience spans financial services, insurance, healthcare, technology, and telecommunications. Learn more about Bob Jakubowski HERE.
If you have any questions, or suggestions for articles you'd like to see in future issues of The Zeldis Buzz , please contact me by calling (609) 737-7223, x207, or by emailing doris@zeldisresearch.com .


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