May 2020
Congratulations, Class of 2020! May is a time for graduations. While those celebrations are looking much different this year amid social distancing, we want to honor this special milestone for members, their cadets and their students who are graduating. Tag us in your organization's celebration posts on our social media platforms, tagging @CAPaerospace (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

We know that even though you have been socially distant from the youth you lead, you have been active. This month's issue highlights some of your successes with ACE Award announcements and the monthly member stories. You don't want to miss it. The phrase "virtual frog dissection" is used.

Even as some of our states are reopening, CAP asks all of its members to stay safe and continue to take proactive steps in reducing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

For organization-wide communications, visit CAP's COVID-19 Information Center, a webpage for c entralized location of essential information about COVID-19-related issues specific to Civil Air Patrol. In addition, please read Civil Air Patrol's SPECIAL BULLETINS (available on Thursdays) on COVID-19 as a source of the most up-to-date information and direction on CAP's guidance . These bulletins are archived on that information center page.

Be well, and be safe.

THIS MONTH : Member stories - Program updates
Curriculum - Important things to know
CAP's K-6 Aerospace Connections
in Education (ACE) Program
ACE End of Year Completion: ACE teachers, even though you may not have been able to complete all the ACE lessons intended this year due to school closings, don’t forget to fill out your 2019-2020 ACE Completion Form. You can find the report at the link below, left.  Fillable student and teacher certificates for the 2019-2020  ACE  Program can be found at the link below, right.
ACE Annual Awards:   The 2020 CAP National ACE Program Awards have been selected! With over 76,500 ACE students across the nation and school closings before many ACE programs could end, these winners reflect true excellence. Pictured above, IN AFA P-47 Memorial Chapter 141 Treasurer, Col. (Retired) Mark Brugh, and Indiana Wing’s River City Composite Squadron Commander, Capt. Michael Schultheis, talk with THRIVE students in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Read about THRIVE, the National ACE Collaborative Point of Light Program, and all winners at the link below. 
UAS safety institute offers free certification program
Home education resources: The AE team continues to add new online STEM resources and video lessons for Home Education HERE . This month’s featured opportunity is an Unmanned Aerial Systems Certification program. The  Unmanned Safety Institute  has a special offer to allow  secondary institutions to take advantage of the sUAS Level 1 program for FREE  this fall ($5,000 value). Find out more at the link below.
Squadron AE Achievement Award recognizes squadrons for AE mission accomplishments
Awards and recognition : Last year NHQ AE initiated the Squadron AE Achievement Award. This award identifies squadrons that successfully perform certain criteria listed in CAPR 50-1. Recipients of this award demonstrate the importance they place on accomplishing the AE mission. We hope many squadrons will strive to achieve this award and receive the certificate that accompanies it. Attachment 5 of CAPR 50-1 lists the criteria for receiving this award.
Maj. Daniel Walsh gives aerospace/STEM opportunities to Indiana school squadron
Meet Maj. Daniel Walsh, a commander of a school squadron in the Indiana Wing, John Adams High School Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron in South Bend. A retired P-3C Orion Naval flight officer, he has a passion for aviation and helping youth who otherwise might not have an opportunity to pursue STEM careers. "I work in the Aerospace Education mission area of CAP because of my previous 20-year military career in aviation," he says. "I thoroughly enjoyed flying for the U.S. Navy. As a result of my passion for aviation, I want to introduce my students and cadets to the potential career opportunities in this awesome industry through aerospace education." Walsh is an example of a member who started a career with CAP as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM). He then transitioned into becoming a senior member. Follow the link below to read his story.
"You must have a passion for what you are doing. Your students and cadets will know if you do not. There is a wealth of CAP Aerospace/STEM material that you can, in turn, use to excite your passion for aerospace education in your cadets."
-- Maj. Daniel Walsh, commander of an Indiana high school unit
Illinois AEM credits CAP materials for sparking student interest in aerospace/STEM subjects
Meet Tanya Anderson, a junior high science teacher from Lisle, Illinois. She is passionate about aerospace/STEM topics and says students respond well to that enthusiasm. Anderson, a former Civil Air Patrol Teacher of the Year, loves introducing her students to new educational experiences, such as the ready-to-fly quadcopter or robotic arm she received from the CAP STEM Kit Program. "I am hoping something we do in class sparks a curiosity that will cause them to take additional classes in high school or college that could lead to a new area of study, an additional career option or even just a hobby." Follow the link below to read her story.
Build a Wind Sock
In this lesson, students will make a model of a wind sock and observe the direction of the wind. Young learners can suspend their wind socks outside on poles to see the wind's direction. "Build a Wind Sock" is Activity 14 in CAP's booklet  Aerospace Education for the Very Young . This is the latest lesson in a video series produced by the National Headquarters AE team. Click the photo below to see the video.
Each month, this space features important highlights or answers to frequently asked questions. Here are four things you need to know now as an AEM or AEO.
2020 National AEO School has been canceled
The on-site 2020 National Aerospace Education Officers School in Pensacola, Florida, has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. There will be a virtual school offered at a later date. Read more essential information about COVID-19 related issues specific to Civil Air Patrol at the link below.
It's always a good time to thank a teacher
The first full week of May is recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week. If you missed our social media message during that week, please click the link below. THANK YOU to all AEOs, AEMs and senior members who are educators. You are always heroes, but this year, you have been superheroes who promoted aerospace education remotely but enthusiastically.
AEMs: Is it time to renew your membership?
All Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) are offered an annual FREE “in-kind renewal." The online renewal email is sent 60 days prior to the membership expiration date. A renewal banner appears at the top of the eServices sign-in page 90 days prior to expiring. (You can’t renew earlier than 90 days.) Find additional information at the link below.
AEOs: Reach out to AEMs whose memberships expire soon
AEOs, this is the perfect time to reach out to your AEMs whose memberships expire within 60 days or whose memberships have expired. For more guidance, see Recruiting and Retention of AEMs on the AEO Resources page link below.

Please note : CAP has several categories of membership, but each member can only be assigned one category of membership. Any adult uniformed member, who is an educator, may access all the resources available to an AEM.