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We're coming to you a few weeks past our usual 1st-of-the-month distribution date because we wanted to see how San Francisco's Covid-19 designation would play out. Now it's official: As the Bay Area's first recipient of the Yellow Tier designation -- the least restrictive of California's four color-coded tiers -- San Francisco County has cleared the way for Shaws to open 50% of its indoor seating!

More importantly, we're now able to plan ahead for the classes and events we envisioned when our floor-to-ceiling (and beyond) renovation of the business that Douglas Shaw opened in 1931 was completed in January . . . and new owner Diana Zogaric picked up the torch to carry on the Shaws legacy. More on our grand plans in our June issue, which will be back on schedule with its release in two weeks. Meanwhile, read on and enjoy the longer days (and the Giants' National League-best record!) with our expanded hours.
ISSUE 4: MAY 2021
This Too Shall Pass
In May's Candyland blog entry, Diana Zogaric reveals the long, strange trip she and her children have undergone since reviving an iconic San Francisco confection shop in the middle of a pandemic.

Here's an excerpt:

When you choose to go into the candy biz at Age 50, you dream of delirious clients hopping from station to station, custom-filling candy bags to their unique tastes. You imagine wide-eyed children delighting in creating their own flavors in a fudge-making class. You think of misty-eyed moms wiping chocolate halos from the mouths of their sons and daughters, recalling the days when their own mothers and grandmothers kept a napkin handy for their impassioned forays into the world of double-scoop ice cream cones.

You do not envision the constant mask re-adjustments, pleading with curious children to observe social spacing nor gritting your teeth each month at the premium space at the back of your store that is generating zero income as birthday parties and those fudge-making classes hibernate for a better day.

And you certainly don’t ponder the heartbreak of denying a hug to a 7-year-old who wants nothing more than to express his unbridled gratitude after the most joyous shopping experience of his young life. 

Mahalo, Grads!
Looking for a truly unique gift for your 2021 graduate? Shaws homemade candy leis are just $18 and can be customized in any combination of your graduate's two primary school colors.
16 Ounces of Joy, 12 Months a Year

With 20 different flavors of Mitchell's Ice Cream on the big board behind our counter, there's plenty to consider when the urge for San Francisco's best ice cream strikes. If you're the indecisive type, the lip-smacking options can be agonizing. Let us help you cut through the fog.

The Pint of the Month Club will introduce a new Mitchell's flavor on the first day of each month. But don't take any of 'em for granted, because on the final day of each month, the featured flavor will make way for the next month's attraction. We're making it easy to enjoy the whole year's worth of featured flavors with a Pint of the Month membership, a $96 value -- but for you, $75. Whether you're treating your own taste buds to a monthly joyride or giving the gift that will remind the recipient of you month after tasty month, you can't go wrong.
A Sweet Spin Through History
At the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, the oddest of partners introduced a wickedly sweet confection that figured to further the careers of both: Cotton candy.

Actually, it was seven years earlier that John C. Wharton, a candy maker, and William Morrison, a dentist, invented a machine by which to heat and liquefy sugar, then rapidly cool it into strands through a centrifugal spinner. But it was in St. Louis that they prospered from it, selling 68,655 bags of cotton candy for 25 cents each over the fair's six-month run -- a windfall equivalent to $515,000 in today's money.

While the sugary treat continues to be a staple of fairs the world over 117 years later (and Shaws continued to carry it until its February 2020 closing), cotton candy has been widely overlooked by the artisan confectioners that have sprung up around the Bay Area in recent years. So when new owner Diana Zogaric found a cotton candy spinner among the relics as she began the demolition process of the 90-year-old store last year, she simply pushed it into a back room to consider its fate for another day.

Then last month, she got a call from a San Francisco woman throwing a retro birthday party for her daughter. The women admitted to conducting an alphabetical search of every confectioner in the city in search of a cotton candy machine, and by the time she got to the ones beginning with "S" she was running out of hope.

But she was in luck. Diana went rummaging around the back room to check on the state of a machine which she suspected might predate her. She and her daughter Frankie got the machine to fire right up. After a proper cleaning, it spun out cotton candy like a champ. The woman was delighted -- and Shaws has officially re-introduced the retro treat!

Stop in for a combo bag of pink and blue cotton candy -- just $4 for a sticky sweet stroll down memory lane.

And while William Morrison is long gone, 4 out of 5 dentists approve (the other 20% have already paid off their vacation homes in Lake Tahoe).
April 2021
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