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This past week was National Small Business Week, and we finished the week celebrating the first anniversary at Hybrid Performance located in East Amherst. There is no question times have been challenging for all businesses over the past two years, and the struggle continues. However, last week was a reminder of the resiliency of the small business community. We have seen many success stories from small retailers opening during a pandemic, restaurants finding creative ways to keep their customers engaged, and fitness facilities using public spaces and virtual platforms to keep us healthy. That is why we cannot wait to celebrate our Small Businesses at our annual Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase, taking place Thursday, July 14th at Samuel's Grande Manor. Each year roughly fifty vendors participate in our showcase, which is open before our luncheon and remains open afterward. Over the past few years, participants in the showcase have enjoyed the opportunity to highlight their services and products while developing new business leads that have led to long-term partnerships. With over four hundred people in our community attending, it has turned into a can't miss event for small businesses! 
We look forward to sharing our 2022 Small Business Award winners with you over the next few weeks, and we can't wait for you to hear their stories. If you haven't registered for the luncheon or a showcase table, please do so by clicking the link here. Take advantage of our early bird pricing on showcase tables before June 1st.
The Chamber has diligently worked on behalf of our members to connect employers with job seekers. However, it is no secret the quest to find talent has not only been a challenge but a very competitive process. We see it firsthand as we are engaged in the process of hiring to build out our team for the future. We have been working towards connecting job seekers and employers through our partnership with Buffalo Prep. The talent pool from Alumni Prep is deep, with candidates who recognize Western New York as an amazing place to work and raise a family. This past week, the Chamber attended the Buffalo Prep Graduation Gala, and we were thrilled to cheer on the 2022 graduates and support the event Co-Chair and our board member Luis Rodriguez and his wife, Jessica, from Rodriguez Construction. It was a fantastic event, and we were happy to support it. If you have an opening at your company, please reach out to the Chamber, and we will be glad to assist in bringing you together.
We have a busy few weeks ahead starting today with our West Herr Driven to Success Series with Deputy County Executive Maria Whyte. We are thrilled...READ MORE.
Storefront Revitalization Program
Early Bird Rates for Showcase Tables - 5/31
Tip: Physical Activity Boosts Your Mental Health
We all know that physical activity is good for our bodies, it helps keep the weight off, builds muscle, keeps our hearts healthy, and adds years to our life. But did you know exercise is a scientifically proven mood booster? Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can increase energy, relieve stress, improve memory, boost mood, help you sleep better, and even helps with isolation as it can provide a social bond with others. Physical activity not only helps to relax muscles and relieve tension in the body what’s interesting is blood flow to the brain increases which allows our brains to get more oxygen and nutrients as well as release endorphins. Get moving for an overall health boost!
Work From Home Videos
Learn about the Vagus Nerve: What it controls, why it’s important and how to use our breath to activate it.
Building from Part 1 in the series, watch this video to learn how breathing, movement and stretch can activate the Vagus nerve.
Find a quiet spot and participate in a guided meditation to calm your mind & body.
The Health & Wellness Challenge is back!
Independent Health and the Buffalo Bills are once again teaming up to offer the Health & Wellness Challenge. The 15th round of the fun and popular community initiative kicked off on April 25 and runs through June 5.
Since 2014, the Health & Wellness Challenge has been incentivizing Western New Yorkers to make healthy lifestyle choices. However, this spring marks the first time the Challenge has been hosted by Wellable, an award-winning wellness technology platform. As a result, participants have even more ways to get healthy and earn points toward 26 exciting prizes.
Among the prizes that are up for grabs include signed Bills items, air fryers, juicers, fitness trackers, wireless headphones and gift cards. Plus, one lucky participant will be randomly chosen as the grand prize winner and receive four tickets to a Bills game with parking, prize packs from the Bills and Independent Health, a $1,000 Visa gift card, and more!
Earning points has never been easier
Through Wellable, participants now have the ability to automatically earn points for physical activity by syncing a variety of compatible health and wellness apps and activity trackers. In addition, they can complete daily challenges, such as drinking eight glasses of water and eating five servings of fruits and vegetables, as well as weekly special activities that will focus on nutrition, stress management, hydration, physical activity, sleep and heart health.
The number of points earned throughout the six-week Challenge will determine the number of chances each participant has in the prize drawing. To be eligible to win a prize, participants must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of New York State at the time of entry. 
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