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May 2020

Dear Readers,  
I hope that you and your families are managing well despite the pandemic, the changes in our daily lives, and the uncertain economy. If you have any special prayer requests, please contact Calvary's office (email or phone 716 633-6800)  to add your prayer to Calvary's Prayer Chain. Contact the office if you wish to join the Prayer Chain. Note that Calvary's Clergy Discretionary Fund is available to any parishioner who is having trouble paying utility bills. If you wish to donate to the Clergy Discretionary Fund, click here

As our Sunday School year draws to an end, we look back with gratitude for many blessings and accomplishments. Thank you to our students for brightening our days with your faith, energy, and smiles. Thanks to Calvary parents for making Sunday School an important part of your busy lives and supporting our programs. Thank you to all our Sunday School teachers, Children's Chapel leaders, and Nursery staff. We appreciate your dedication, talents, kindness, and hard work! Thanks to Fr. Robert and Deacon Mona for your sermons at Children's Chapel. Thanks to all the children and youth who volunteered as readers, usher helpers, and oblation bearers at our last Sunday of the month Children's Services. Special thanks to Deacon Mona and everyone who participated in our Christmas Pageant. Thanks to all who helped at our family events such as the Family Nights, the Parent's Free Day, and the Advent Craft Celebration. Though our year was cut short and we do not know yet when the church will reopen, we are making plans for how we can continue in our mission to provide fellowship and faith development for the children, youth and families of Calvary. We are in the process of videotaping a Children's Chapel service to go along with Calvary's regular live-streamed worship service on Sundays.

Best wishes for staying healthy and safe these coming months. Congratulations to all graduates. May God bless us and keep us all until we meet again.

Emily Sityar

Life During a Pandemic

These have been trying and confusing times as we battle the COVID-19 virus. Suddenly our life has been turned upside down and we can't interact with people in our normal ways. We are surrounded by suffering and death in ways we have never imagined. One might ask "Where is God?"
As I write this reflection, I am inspired by the following meditation in the Forward Day by Day for April 21, 2020, as published by Forward Movement:  
John 14:20. On that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.
Returning to the grave in which we bury the fear of losing love, we discover that even the dirt has risen. We dig furiously with our prayers, throwing shovels full of devout and faithful words in every direction.
Only when all our words are gone, and our hearts alone can speak, do we find what we have been so desperately searching for. You are inside us. Always.
Our footsteps become yours and your footsteps are ours. We walk together into the world and when our voices speak the words you have given us, all of the definitions fall away-except one-love.
Think about it, haven't we seen God in us at every turn? Has His hand been on our shoulder? God is in us in every doctor, nurse, first responder and front-line worker, and it is palpable. The level of selflessness and love in each and every one of them is a testament to God's presence. How about those neighbors who reach out to you to see if you need anything? How about the calls from our fellow church members? How about our prayer chain? How about our donations to the Food Bank and the City Mission, not to mention our Rector's Discretionary Fund? How about our virtual church services? How about the countless chocolate chips cookies and loafs of bread we have baked for family, friends and neighbors? Can you feel the love?
Yes, God is working out His purpose through us and we are his servants! Alleluia!
-Patty Rooss

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and all who play a maternal role in a child's life.

Onward and Upward

Calvary's Sunday School classes fall into the following ranges of grades although parents may choose a different class to place their child, depending on the child's abilities or desire to stay with a sibling. Please note the class that your child will be in when Sunday School reopens. 

The Beginner Class: Pre-K, K 
Primary Class: Gr 1 - 3
Intermediate Class: 4 - 6

To our outgoing sixth graders: congratulations on completing the Intermediate Class. When the church reopens, we hope that you will continue to worship at Calvary and join us at CYM's special events. If you haven't already, please consider serving as an acolyte.

Prayer for Parents

Lord, let me remember that this is your child, loaned to me for a little while.

Let me be quick to praise, slow to blame. Let me listen; let me try to understand. Let me be wise in answering questions and doubly wise in asking questions.

Let me be patient. Let me teach, not preach. Let me be just and fair in my attitudes. Let me be loving. Let me tread softly in the life of this child. Let me allow him freedom to think, to learn, to grow.

Let me stand for the right and conquer my own prejudices, fears, and unhappy feelings. Mine is the privilege of caring, thinking, guiding, but not the privilege of dominating, belittling, possessing.

This is Your child, Lord. Bless me and all who influence him that we may encourage him to be all that You have envisioned for him. Amen

Author unknown


Children's Chapel
Carol Mayo, Lora Bunting and Emily Sityar
"Be still and know that God is here" is what we say at the beginning of Children's Chapel.  
We are trying to put together a Children's Chapel service that you can watch at home. Stay tuned! 
"Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!"
Emily Sityar
Nursery (infant - 3 years)
Kelly Blackey
Olivia Fleming, assistant
We miss seeing you in person, but
hope your family still connects online!  
Kelly Blackey - Nursery Supervisor/Coordinator
Olivia (Livi) Fleming - Nursery Assistant
Beginners Class (Pre-K & K)
Natalie Bottomley
Assistant: Andria McCarthy

Happy May!
I have missed all the children in the beginner class over the last few months! I hope I get to see all those smiling faces soon. We have missed many fun events and maybe we will get a chance to rewind. We are putting together some clips the children can watch soon.  
I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the time with their families. 
-Natalie Bottomley and Andria McCarthy
Primary Class (Grades 1-3)
Cinda Stone, Jency John & Wes Stone 

Dear Primary students,
It's a very strange time we are experiencing now. We haven't had a Sunday School class since March 8th. I never would have guessed that it was going to be our last class of this Sunday School year.

We have had lots of fun learning about Bible stories and how to be a better Christian when we were in class.  Remember, way back in September when we heard the story of the Good Shepherd? The storybook I read was about he lamb that was lost. His shepherd left all the other lambs, just to find the lost lamb and bring it back safe and sound. Jesus is our Good Shepherd, He will always look after you no matter what!

We listened to the story about Ping and the Emperor. We were learning about being honest on that Sunday. In the story Ping, told the truth even though he was so disappointed in the seed he was trying to grow.  All the other children were not honest. Because Ping was honest and truthful, he was rewarded. It always pays to tell the truth, even when it is very difficult.

We learned about John the Baptist, he was the one who Baptized Jesus! There was the story about Faith as small as a mustard seed. We sang songs about letting your light shine. So many lessons in our short year! You are growing up to be kind and caring, letting your light shine, shine, shine!

We hope you continue to be kind, caring and show your love by staying home and waiting until it's safe to be with friends so we all can stay healthy. 

I don't want to forget about our third grade students moving to the intermediate class. I am so sorry we won't be able to celebrate together and say so long. I  know Miss Jency, Mr Wes and I will miss you! Alex, Emma, Ben, Cooper and Liam you have been wonderful additions to our class discussions and it won't be the same without you asking me every week before circle time was over "What is the craft today?" You guys couldn't wait to get to the tables to be creative!

Take care Primary class. Have a safe and fun summer, we will see you back around the campfire in September!

Miss Jency, Mr. Wes and Miss Cinda
Intermediate (Grades 4-6)
Patty Rooss & Kelly Mogavero

We continue our "WNY Pause" - staying home so that we don't contribute to the spread of the Corona Virus. We look forward to the day when we can resume live Church Services and Sunday School. We are hoping to have a fun celebration when we do return.
In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy and help out your parents if you can. Maybe you can help with entertaining your siblings! We want you to know that we really, really miss you and hope we will be together soon.
-Mrs. Kelly and Miss Patty  

Sunday School Handouts for May
Here are links to parent handouts from the Living the Good News  Sunday School curriculum. The curriculum is lectionary-based, so that lessons correspond to a particular Sunday's readings. The handouts provide some background and reflections on that Sunday's readings, as well as suggestions for family discussions and activities. 
May  3  Fourth Sunday of Easter   
May 24  Seventh Sunday of Easter   
May 31   Pentecost   

Fun Things  
Families Can Do Together
In the Kitchen 
 Edible slime is a great activity for kids of all ages, especially as a sensory activity for younger kids who are still inclined to put everything in their mouths!  
Birthday Cake Slime is another fun one.   
 Birthday Cake Edible Play Dough smells just like birthday cake! This edible play dough recipe is easy and only requires three ingredients from the kitchen.
Thanks to Sue Schroeder for providing the links to these recipes. 
*    *    *    *    * 
 Scavenger Hunt
Can you find the following ten objects? Take a picture of them and send them to Calvary. We will post your pictures on the CYM FaceBook page.
  1. Painted rocks 
  2. Flag
  3. Birds nest
  4. Rainbow (in the sky or in a picture)
  5. Something funny
  6. Balloons
  7. Something yummy
  8. Flower
  9. Fire hydrant
  10. Measuring tool
 *    *    *    *    *  
Good Deeds Bingo
Can everyone in the family perform a Bingo line of good deeds? Download this board or create your own. 

Congratulations to our seniors graduating from high school!
  1. Madeline Fleming, 
  2. Olivia Guadagna
  3. Christine Kieres
  4. Sawyer Kaiser
  5. Bailey Kowalczewski
  6. Eve Zaleski 

United Thank Offering
Please continue to put whatever amount you can spare into your United Thank Offering box. UTO encourages people to notice the good things that happen each day and give thanks to God for those blessings by putting a daily offering into the UTO Blue Box. UTO is entrusted to receive the offerings and to distribute the 100% of what is collected to support innovative mission and ministry throughout The Episcopal Church and Provinces of the Anglican Communion. At this time, we have no definite date for our UTO Ingathering. 

The Blue Box Prayer
Almighty God, I give you praise
for blessing me in many ways.
Create in me a grateful heart
and with this gift a blessing
start. Amen.

Bottle & Can  Redemption Drive 
The CYM Bottle Drive has been suspended until church services resume. Please stay home and stay safe!
From the Diocese


They are like trees planted by streams of water,
bearing fruit in due season, with leaves that do not wither;
everything they do shall prosper.
[Psalm 1:3]
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