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“The Thing Beneath the Thing”
Rev. Dave Long-Higgins
Conference Minister

Dear Friends in Christ,

            As I study the life of Jesus, I continue to be amazed at his ability to perceive the thing beneath the thing.  Sometimes that “thing” expressed itself as a longing for physical healing.  At other times it was the restoration of a relationship long broken.  Often, he was able to perceive things untold but understood by opening his loving heart to the other, drawing out possibilities for new life where no new thing seemed possible.
A Word from our
Conference Moderator
The world is so full of possibilities and sometimes the greatest deed is the result of some small action. Fleming Road UCC was recently a party to such a deed.

Last summer, a group of Nepali families who lived in the neighboring area inquired about using the building for its worship services. The church leadership allowed them to worship, rent-free, in the building on a trial basis for a six-month period. If everything was mutually beneficial, a formal agreement would be created, which would include a rental fee. During this time, members of Fleming Road UCC’s leadership team assisted this group in obtaining organizational charter, non-profit tax status and insurance.
Tom Hathaway
Conference Moderator
Change the world! 
Start with one person. 
Send a child to Templed Hills, 
The camp at the Heart of the Heartland! 
Jill Frey
Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries
A week of camp forms the world of a child. After experiencing an amazing faith community campers go into the world and create “CAMP - Community, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Prayer,” communities wherever they go. Here’s how some of our previous campers reflect on their experiences.
“I was accepted and acknowledged, and I felt more at home than I have felt in a long, long time," 
“Camp helps me find my place in God’s work and what I can do to spread his love even when camp is over and I go home," 
Click on the link below to read a story of one of our own, Amanda Setser, from First United Church of Christ in Troy, OH, who started out as a timid camper with her grandparents who blossomed into amazing counselor and educator….
Click here to purchase a gift card to give to a child to attend camp.  Our half week Mini Just camp might be a great place for a new camper to start! If you don’t have a child, look for a partnership with a neighborhood child that would benefit from camp.
Mental Health Sunday is May 15, 2022!
Members of the
Heartland Conference
Disaster Response Network
recently spent time working
on one of the Pathways
to Homeownership homes
 in Dayton, as part of the partnership with
the Disciples of Christ!
This house is being renovated for a displaced family from the 2019 Dayton tornados. The PTHO was created to help address the needs of these displaced families, help qualified families become first-time homeowners, and to stabilize tornado impacted neighborhoods. Heartland Conference Disaster Team members working with the project were: Jim Huckemeyer & Kevin Gehres (members of St. Paul’s UCC, St Marys), Ed Karges (former Templed Hills Camp manager), and Andy Lacefield (Templed Hills Camp manager). The team was greeted, and led, by volunteer site coordinator Charlie Redman, a Disciples of Christ member from Kent, Ohio. 
Still looking for a summer mission opportunity?

We have added weeks to the schedule
and need your hands in Dayton, OH!
Our collaboration in Dayton
continues to evolve. 

In response to multiple inquiries about site availability through the summer, we have decided to extend the project site through the end of July.
from Rev. John H. Pohlman
In the process of administering our local Afghan Resettlement Project in Lebanon, Ohio, we have identified several more Afghan families living in much-less-than-ideal extended stay hotel conditions in Miami (Doral), FL.

They are "under care" of one Church World Service caseworker, but still need resettlement. They were airlifted from Afghanistan in August 2021,
and have been transferred from there to Qatar, to Germany, to Ft. Lee, Va, and now to Miami. There are two families in particular that we have contact with. We have other contacts that could be established.

Family one is a husband and wife, professionals, and speak English relatively well. 

Family two is a husband and wife, with four children.

If your church had planned to receive Afghan Refugees, and have not yet received them, or are considering so, this is a good opportunity to at least learn more. Rev. John H Pohlman is willing to brief you, send materials and logistical information, and assist you with a translator and transportation arrangements.

Rev. John H Pohlman is an ordained DoC Pastor, "retired" one year ago, who served as pastor at Immanuel UCC in Bromley, Kentucky. He is now serving in this volunteer position through the Lebanon Presbyterian Church in his hometown.

Email John at for more information.
Last Chance to Register!
Registration deadline: Saturday, May 15th!
Soul Trauma is an important issue right now.

People are traumatized by many things right now. Unemployment, loneliness, abuse, addiction. 

This event, which is both online and in person, will help you untangle how knowledge of trauma will help you in your ministry or work with the public. 
Global Mission Intern
 Applications Due June 15th!
Do you have a young adult in your life who is interested in international service? Are you approaching graduation and want to witness God’s work in the world? Global Ministries’ Global Mission Intern (GMI) program invites you to serve for one to three years with one of our international partners.
Who can apply?
  • Any young adult who is a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and/or the United Church of Christ between the ages of 21-30 who has graduated or who is about to graduate from college,
  • Any young adult willing to receive the gifts of our partners as well as to share in an intentional process of service.
Spiritual Director Training Opportunity!
Are you Called to become a Compassionate Presence?  
The state of our world has many people feeling empty, hungering for meaning and spiritual nourishment in the face of overwhelming suffering. If you feel called to become a source of compassion and presence for others, we invite you to become part of our next cohort where you can explore and discern how you may answer that call. To learn more about this program, contact Amanda Cushing -

Applications are now being accepted. Deadline Extended to June 30, 2022.  
Many have asked if there is a way in addition to our prayers that we may be of aid to those who are suffering in Ukraine. The answer to that question is “yes”! The Heartland Conference S.A.R.A. partnership will serve as a conduit for aid to partners in Ukraine who are suffering as a result of the war. Daily, our partners are bringing food and water relief to displaced Ukrainians in Transcarpathia. Those wishing to make a donation via this channel may do so by clicking below. Please know that your gifts of any size make a difference in this critical time.
The work continues! We deeply appreciate your generous donations and will continue to accept funds to help support the folks in Ukraine.

To date we have received $70,033.58!

Your generous donations have helped us provide the following:

  • Food for refugees, poor families, soup kitchens, overwhelmed hospitals, and orphanages.
  • Medications and medical supplies, ie glasses, walkers
  • Medical treatment 
  • Housing
  • Bedding
  • Gas for heating and for transportation
The Strengthen the Church (STC) Offering reflects the shared commitment of people across the United Church of Christ to cooperatively build up the UCC. The Heartland Conference and the National setting equally share the gifts given by members and friends through their local congregations. 

Your generosity to Strengthen the Church (STC) provides the funds that allow The Heartland Conference to Support future leaders of the UCC through Seminary Scholarships and in the development our current Ministry Networks.

In the National setting funds raised support leadership development, new churches, youth ministry, and innovation in existing congregations.  By your generosity to this offering, you build up the Body of Christ.
Sometimes you need to ask the difficult question. Deep down inside, you may already know the answer. But it’s not until you actually take the time to assess and realistically address the situation that you decide to act on the solution. While this scenario applies to a variety of issues in life, the topic at hand is the condition of your church property.
Is your congregation considering making improvements on your building to expand ministry or increase revenue? Is it finally addressing deferred maintenance items that worsen every year? Are you ready to reduce your building’s carbon footprint and save money on utilities in the process? Can you enhance digital capabilities to maintain and grow your online community?
If any of these questions apply to you, then now is a good time to talk with the Cornerstone Fund about low-cost loan options that will directly improve your facility and potentially strengthen your congregation.

Congregations and UCC-affiliated organizations across the country have taken advantage of Cornerstone Fund offerings. Regardless of your church or organization needs, the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund may be able to assist. Visit to learn more or contact a lending specialist at 888-UCC-FUND (822-3863) or