Adult Swim

Join us for exciting events out on the town this May! Who would win in a battle between Real American Hero GI Joe and the Better, Faster Stronger bionic ex-astronaut Steve Austin? Find out at Crossover: Where Science & Comics Meet, where we examine the science and technology featured in GI Joe vs. The Six Million Dollar Man.

Be among the first to see your favorite smuggler on the big screen at the Fleet's private screening of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Join your fellow fans for a pre-party with Stormtroopers, R2D2 and more at the Fleet before making your way to Horton Plaza to see Han, Chewie and Lando in the newest addition to the Star Wars canon.

What do pirates and Harry Potter all have in common? Science! This month, the Fleet's 52 Weeks of Science program will explore Pirate Science--such as the elements of sword fighting and ship construction--as well as science behind the magic of Harry Potter. Walk the plank to Clairemont or apparate to Barrio Logan, but don't miss these awesome free workshops!

Whether it's exploring the colors of space at The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show, eating pizza and learning science inquiry approaches to galaxy art, discussing astronomical images or scanning the sky for messages from space, Fleetsters can be a bunch of space cadets this month! Discover another world at the Fleet--no NASA training required.


Join us for mimosas and snacks as we get knotty and explore knot theory while making macramé, a type of textile manipulation that uses knots instead of typical weaving or knitting. Maker Hour is a 21+ program offered by Studio X that invites you to challenge your creativity through new experiences and exploration. Don't get your knickers in a knot--join us for Maker Hour!


Join us at the Fleet on June 2 for our annual fundraising Gala. This year, we'll be busting the myths of wine and testing conventional wine knowledge. Guests will enjoy an extraordinary multi-course dinner by renowned chef Andrew Spurgin and wine pairings curated by The WineSellar and Brasserie owner Gary Parker.

All proceeds will directly support the Fleet Science Center in connecting everyone to the power of science.


Join us at the Fleet to witness the culminating event for SciTech's Tech Challenge. SciTech girls from Vista Square Elementary, Bayside STEAM Academy, El Toyon Elementary, Rancho de la Nacion, Encanto Elementary and Golden Hill K-8 will have their earthquake-proof structures judged by SciTech role models, and their structures will be on display at the Fleet. Don't quake in your boots--SciTech girls have you covered!
  The mission of the Fleet Science Center is to realize a San Diego where everyone is connected to the power of science.