Letter from the President
Hi Team,
We hope you are faring this storm out and doing your best to stay motivated. As a board, we are still virtually meeting to try and get things planned to keep us together and motivated as well.

If you are on Facebook, you will see there are creative “races” being put on by Trivium and Junction 311. Deon Louw has created a “Triad Zwift Racers” for some virtual races for the team.

We are currently planning for our “TriNow” clinic in August, see details below. We are hoping we will be able to host this event at an even bigger and better level this year. We are planning it, but know it is pending.

Read more below about open water swims, Brewfest volunteers, a yummy recipe by Chef Keith, and a great coaches tip by Coach Buxton.

For now, keep moving forward, keep training, and if there is something you need or want to see us do during these times, reach out to any board member (we do not bite, usually).

Miss seeing all your faces, stay strong and healthy!
Melissa Roberts


We have a few new members this past month!
Welcome to the team:
Barbara Saive, Reid Bolinger, and Jane Koenig !

Athlete of the Month

Julie Haviland
Say "hi" to Julie!
Julie is a "pro" at triathlon, having started in the mid 90's. She took a few years off when she had her two children, but was back soon after. When you see Julie, you will see a smile, a calm and determination.As an emergency physician, she says her training is her time alone to decompress and listen to the sounds of nature. She says her best triathlon tip would be, "when training, stay organized. Write down what n eeds to be done that week and figure out what day it can be fit in and how early you are willing to wake up."

Her favorite mantra is, " Believe that you can. Decide that you will."

Great tips Julie!
If you see Julie, be sure to congratulate her on being our AOM!

-Coach Karen Buxton
Develop a Mental Mindset for Multisport
Now that most of us are entering the meat of our racing season, we will all have any number of opportunities to manage the tensions created when the idealism of our planning and training meets the multiple realities of racing. In fact, after more than 28 years of training and countless races, it is my experience that competitions frequently do not go as planned.
So, how do you react when your feet cramp halfway through the swim and your kick turns into a pull? Or when you flat in the first 10 miles of a 56-mile bike leg? Or when your 7-minute-mile run melts to 10 in searing 90-degree heat? Do these mettle-testers become spirit-breakers or character-builders?
If you want to succeed in multisport events over time, you must learn to turn negatives into positives; or, as the saying goes, make lemonade out of lemons.
As with so many things in life, our success in endurance racing often stems from having a solid philosophy as a lens through which to view our performance. Since we cannot control the weather, the course, unexpected equipment failures or our competitors, we must focus on controlling ourselves.

To learn more about the importance of staying positive, click on the link below to read the entire article.

From Chef Keith Gardiner
Protein Cookie Dough Balls


·          2 scoops of vanilla or unflavored protein powder
·          2 tablespoons honey
·          4 tablespoon coconut flour
·          4-6 tablespoons of water
·          2 tablespoons of chopped nuts
·          2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips
·          1 teaspoon vanilla extract
·          2 teaspoons sweetener


  1. Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl apart from the water.
  2. Add a tablespoon of water at a time until you come to the desired consistency to form the dough bites.
  3. Roll into 10 pieces and store in the freezer.


No team meetings until further notice.

We have virtual events, currently happening:
Check our Facebook group page under events.
For now this is the way we will post events.

Coached FB Live session, May 13th, 7:30pm
*times and dates subject to change



At this time, Hal is hosting open water swims for paid members only.
These are on a first come basis, through facebook posts.
Check our facebook page for details.
*for now, this is the best way to manage these swims.

Volunteers are still needed for Carolina Brewsfest Half Marathon & 5K on  Saturday July 18, 2020 ! Please share our sign up link with friends, family and neighbors! 

Volunteers receive free food, t-shirts (must sign up by July 8th to receive a shirt), discount to a future race with us (we have 5ks' and more!), free admission to festival (21 and up only) and 2 FREE BEER TICKETS (21 & up only)! 

Please share link below and enjoy the day together!

Sign up below:

Northeast Duathlon - 2/22/20
N.E.S.T. - 4/25/20 canceled
Belews Lake Triathlon - canceled
Tritown Sprint Triathlon - canceled
Buckner Mission Man Sprint - 7/25/20
High Point Triathlon - 8/8/20
Tri for Hospice - 9/5/20
Nat Greene’s Revenge Triathlon - 9/20/20

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors below.
Please support them when you can.
Triad Tri Team
Greensboro, North Carolina