May Developments
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We Celebrate Acts of Kindness
From the Executive Director:
Yachad’s mission is to engage in acts of loving kindness towards others. In the last six weeks, I have been brought to tears by acts of kindness that I have received and witnessed by others to help carry out Yachad's work. These are the people that help Yachad run and they don’t usually get a shout-out. Times have changed and praise is deserved.

I am grateful to have these good people-- my heroes-- involved with Yachad:

  • Lawanda Jones, Branch Chief, D.C. Department of Energy & Environment Energy Administration: Lawanda manages Yachad’s Weatherization and Energy Efficiency work. This past month when a family needed final work done on their house, Lawanda personally delivered protective masks for all the family members, so that they would be safe when subcontractors went to finish the work assuring that everyone would be safe and their home would be completed.

  • David Vardeman, Capital Bank, Department Head: Capital Bank has been Yachad’s bank for over 15 years. This small independent lender through David’s work provided hands-on assistance to Yachad to make sure we didn’t get lost when applying and receiving a Payroll Protection Program loan. Yachad is able to continue its operations creatively modifying our programs to best assist our clients.

  • Elinor Litwak, GRF CPAs & Advisors: Elinor is Yachad’s long-time accountant. Last month she worked at breakneck speed to see that we had all the information needed to apply for emergency public funding. She did this while managing her four children and all her other clients.

These are just some of Yachad’s heroes and their acts of loving kindness that makes this world just a little bit better and brighter for all of us. A heart-felt thank you to Lawanda, David and Elinor.

With gratitude,
Audrey Lyon
Executive Director
Volunteer Spotlight
April was National Volunteer Month and Yachad is shining a spotlight on Larry Baizer, who has been volunteering with us for 15 years. Find out about this cancer researcher-HandyMensch hero in our recent blog post.

Special thank you to ALL of our volunteers who selflessly give to make our community stronger. We couldn't do it without you.
Larry helping a Yachad homeowner
Yachad Making Sure that Staying Home is Safe and Healthy:
NEW Harm Reduction Resources for Homeowners and Renters
New educational homeowner resources--from videos to flyers-- are now on our website. Find tips and 3-Minute How-To's for YOU in the "What's New" section. Topics range from mold remedies to understanding drywall jargon. We will be adding to this section in the days and weeks ahead so that everyone can make sure that their homes are safe, especially in these times.

Have an area of expertise that you would like to share with our community? Let us know.

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