May Developments
Sukkot in Spring is blooming.

We are a month into our Sukkot in Spring work and off to a great start. Professional roofers, electricians, and plumbers are completing repairs in 18 homes located in the District and Prince George's County. Volunteers are stepping in after the professionals to lend a hand with a variety of projects from drywall repair to replacing broken doors.

Sukkot in Spring continues through early June. Be a part of this special season of helping.

Read what people are saying about our work this spring.
"I'm just so thankful...

When I came home, the electrician had come, and he did a wonderful job. The light in my bedroom that's been out for three years was working. He fixed it and other things. I'm so grateful for Yachad. I don't know what I would have done." - -Ms. Crafton, Yachad Homeowner
"Yesterday's project went so well...

our students were able to take the carpet out of 3 rooms in Ms. Simo's home. We enjoyed meeting her and learning about her family and we could tell how appreciative she was of our help. I am hopeful that this partnership will continue and Mason [Hillel] will be a part of Yachad projects in years to come." 

--Jessica Serber, George Mason Hillel student
Students from Mason Hillel, Maryland Hillel, and GW Hillel joined forces to remove old carpet—doctor’s orders—for a family with young children suffering from severe asthma. Working together the students created a space where the boys can breathe easier.
C Williams house
"Thank you again for all the hard work that you and Yachad put into making Sukkot in Spring such a rewarding service project."

--John Howard, Etz Hayim House Captain

Congregations Agudas Achim and Etz Hayim partner to address inadequate flooring for a homeowner.
"I had a great time on Sunday! Such a wonderful group of people and I’m glad the family is happy with how it turned out."

--Rachel Stevens, Sixth & I volunteer

Sixth & I Volunteers brighten a home with a coat of paint now that the roof and walls have been repaired due to a tree falling on the house.
Handymensch Corner: What's new with our Handymensch ?
Sibert house
Removal of old outdoor carpet that was a health and safety hazard
Completing bathroom repairs and preparing for painting.
Drywall repair underway now that roof leak is fixed.
Many of our homeowners have kitchens that are far from adequate. Stoves are broken, refrigerators barely work, kitchen sinks leak, and cabinets are literally falling off the wall. Without a functioning kitchen, our homeowners are unable to prepare healthy family meals or properly store food.

Please give to our "kitchen aide" fund, so we can purchase stoves, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets and microwave ovens for Yachad homes. Let’s make sure that more families can put a safe, cooked meal on their kitchen table.
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