May 2017 
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Welcome to the new Downshift Newsletter. This will be our monthly communications to the membership and other interested parties.  Please remember the Downshift and are the official communications of KYR and any social media posts are completely unofficial. 

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Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors!
If you or your organization are interested in Sponsoring our club or buying advertising space on our trailer please reach out to or find an Officer at a meeting.  We have plenty of space available on our trailer!
2017 Official Schedule!

The KYSCCA schedule for 2017 is officially official.

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Cob Web Shaker – April 2nd at KFEC

Points Event #1 – April 30th at KFEC

KYR Drivers School North – June 24th at KFEC

Points Event #2 – June 25th at KFEC

SCCA Starting Line School – July 1st at NCM

Points Event #3 – July 2nd at NCM

Points Event #4 – July 9th at KFEC

Points Event #5 – July 30th at NCM

KYR Drivers School South – August 12th at NCM

Points Event #6 – August 13th at NCM

Points Event #7 – September 3rd at NCM

Tire Rack Street Survival School – October 7th at KFEC

Points Event #8 – October 8th at KFEC

2017 Season is upon us!
The season is getting into full swing with Points Event #1 less than a week away.
Cobweb Shaker Event Recap
Stephen Lee, Event Chair

We started our 2017 season with our cobweb shaker event at KFEC on April 2nd. Competitors tired of the winter break came out of the woodworks for a massive turn out of 131 drivers! That's the largest turn we've seen in a long time and I hope that starts a trend for the 2017 season. 

The newest class for the KYSCCA,the PRO class, started out the day. The PRO class is a PAX based class where only the first 3 runs count. This class is designed to help people going to national events, where you only get 3 runs each day, get into the mindset of putting down a fast lap in only 3 runs. Chris Evans took the first win in PRO ahead of Eric Brown and Nathan Steinke. 

There were several great class battles throughout the day. Nathan Coulter took the win DS by a margin of 0.142. Mike Jansen was victorious in HS over the orange Fiesta of Tim Scholar by just 0.437. STO had 10 drivers with Jim Moore taking the win with a half second lead. STR was our largest class of the day with 15 drivers. Jacob Zimmerlee edged out Dave Munsterman to take the top spot by 0.427
CAM-C was a thrilling battle where Brian Shelly knocked out Mitchell Schulz buy the slim margin of just 0.031!

With a smooth, flowing course we were able to give 6 runs for the day, and still packed up around  5pm. Thanks everyone for a great event and I hope to another huge turnout for Points Event #1!

SCCA Events Page
Due to several scheduling conflicts you can see that we have a pretty big break in May and June with no events.  That doesn't mean there isn't racing near by though.  You can now visit the SCCA National page and search for all events being hosted near you.  We have regions within a few hours drive in Lexington, Cincinnati, Nashville, and Indiana.  Visit and log in with your SCCA Profile. 
  Reminder of Sound Limits
Sound Limits:  
Given the the sound requirements of NCM and our desire to maintain the best possible relationship with track management the club has elected to enforce a lower sound limit.  The new rules will reduce the maximum allowable dB reading by 2dB.  Under the new rules you will be warned at 95 dB and asked to make a change to your car before you can run again at 98 dB.  If you refuse to make a change, or make a change and still break 98 dB your runs will be DSQ.  This allows us a small buffer room between the track imposed sound limits that will force the entire event to shut down and jeopardize future events at the site.  At our KFEC events we will running and recording sound for informational purposes only.  People who go over 95 dB and 98 dB will be notified so they are aware of their situation before attending an event at NCM.  
Interested in Helping Out?
The Club is always looking for help before events to unload the trailer, help set up tables, assist in registration, course set up, etc.  If you would like to help out and find a niche you enjoy doing feel free to show up early and lend a hand.  All of our chiefs are looking for assistant chiefs.  The trailer and early helpers are typically on site by 7am.  
    Upcoming Meeting Schedule
April 26th, 2017 - Board Meeting at Shawn's House
May 4th, 2017 - Membership Meeting has been canceled due to Derby/Oaks
May 31st, 2017 - Board Meeting, Location TBD
June 1st, 2017 - Membership Meeting, Location TBD
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