May E-News

The Economic Impact of Parks
By Hazel England, GSWA Director of Education and Outreach

In light of the current Presidential proposals and plans for defunding certain types of nationally owned land, it is good to consider how the Great Swamp region is lucky enough to benefit from both the lands of the Morristown National Historical Park - GSWA's landlord and the location of our headquarters, and the 7,700 acre jewel that is the heart of the swamp - Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange and Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson are also close to or directly along the Passaic River, and protect lands and structures celebrating national heroes who brought economic prosperity to the region.

Data just released by the National Park Service (NPS) reflects that tourism to the Morristown National Historical Park creates $20.7 million in economic benefits, and supported 193 jobs within the local community. The park enjoyed just over a quarter of a million visitors in 2016... read more

Great Swamp Scavenger Hunt
Our annual Great Swamp Scavenger Hunt is on Saturday, May 20! We've created clues and gathered treasure for you to find throughout the Great Swamp Watershed and Passaic River Region. 

Start your day at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, where we'll give you a clue book, complete with a treasure map. Spend the day solving riddles to find tokens hidden in various parks and museums. Return to our home base  with your spoils to exchange for raffle tickets to win various prizes! 

This fun event is great for all ages. Read more and register.
What's So Special About Apple Trees?

By Jim Northrop, GSWA Volunteer
Growing up in Western New York State, I remember that our region was famous for its apple orchards. Not only did they produce delicious fruit in late summer and early fall, but in the springtime they had beautiful blossoms for several weeks. We used to go apple-picking, and it was a great family outing.

That was many years ago, but the memory of this seasonal gift continues. So, now as I drive around the New Jersey country-side and see apple trees coming to blossom, it brings back many very pleasant memories. Recently, I wanted to do a little research on the subject of apple trees. Here is what I learned... Read more
When you're out hiking in the spring, have you noticed the beautiful small white flowers that line the trails? Watch the video below to learn more about spring beauties. 

Nature Fact
Have you seen these strange anemone-shaped gelatinous growths on evergreens lately and wondered they were? It's a fungus called cedar-apple rust, and appears in this form during wet springs. This specialized disease, as its name indicates, has two host species: cedars and apples, and it effects each of them differently. Learn more about the amazing life cycle of the cedar-apple rust here. 
Great Swamp Scavenger Hunt, 5/20
We will provide you with a route to travel, questions to answer, and a list of treasures to find throughout the 55-square-mile Great Swamp Watershed and Passaic River region.
Stream Assessment Training, 5/21
Learn all of the skills necessary to conduct visual and biological stream assessments. Afterwards, you'll be ready to join our elite group of Stream Team volunteers. 

Home & Garden Tour, 6/21
Explore beautiful NJ estates, including the historic Glynallyn Castle.

Kitchell Pond Workday, 5/17
We need volunteers to help us remove invasive species around Kitchell Pond!