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May 2014
For better or for worse, a child's relationship with food is heavily influenced by his or her parents' own eating behaviors and the lessons they impart to their children.

Inspired by Mother's Day, Joanne and I share some of the best nutrition lessons we learned from our respective mothers.



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

Looking the Part


Does the size, weight, and body shape of your dietitian matter? No, it doesn't, and here is why: Read More  

Five Red Flags of an Eating Disorder


Approximately 1 in 20 Massachusetts residents has a diagnosed eating disorder. Know the signs. Read More   

He Said, She Said: Lessons from Mom


Dietitians, like everybody else, were once children whose initial relationships with food were heavily influenced by their families. Here we share some of the best lessons we learned about food and nutrition from our mothers.
He Said


I often went grocery shopping with my mom, and I helped her make meals, too. Because I enjoyed baking, she let me experiment with various recipes, including many of which I made up on my own. Some turned out well, others not so well. Regardless of the results though, by involving me in the food selection and preparation process, my mom taught me to have an appreciation for food . . . Read More 


She Said


My mom is one of the most amazing women I know, and she inspires me in many different ways. One of the areas she has the most expertise in is cooking. Just looking at her kitchen, one can see all of the evidence of an experienced chef - tons of dog-eared and worn cookbooks, various cooking gadgets, and binders filled with old family recipes passed down from her mother (and her . . . Read More 


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Jonah has been giving free talks on nutrition to local clubs, groups, and companies. The attendees have learned a lot, and Jonah is having fun, too. It's a win-win!


If you are interested in having Jonah speak to your club, group, or company for free, please contact us.  
Recipe of the Month
Mustard Chicken

Courtesy of Jonah's mom, Sandy, who has been serving this family favorite for decades. 


Farm Grill, Newton  

This restaurant is a special place where many of the customers . . . Read More
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