With the impact of COVID-19 on restaurants, businesses, and our communities, we would like to reassure you that we are still working diligently to support the needs of the CVS Community. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees and volunteers already worked remotely.   

CVSA continues to operate business as usual regarding our mission. We are still supporting and educating CVS patients and their families as well as physicians that need information. We continue to provide the most up to date information on CVS and CVS treatments via email and in our printed newsletter. We will maintain our presence on social media to increase awareness of CVS.   

With the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes did have to be made. CVSA decided to postpone the 14th International Family and Adult CVSA Conference to 2021. Two of the medical conferences that CVSA had planned to attend were canceled. CVSA is not certain of the ability to hold a Run for the Bucket in 2020. We are currently asking volunteers that want to pass out brochures in clinics to be careful and mindful of their own safety and health.   

Even with these unexpected changes, we persist in working towards our goals. One of CVSA’s newest goals is updating the pediatric treatment guidelines. CVSA and the medical advisors agreed that with the adult treatment guidelines project being completed it is time to update the pediatric guidelines that were originally published in 2008. Another goal is educating ER physicians about CVS and making them aware of the recommendations in the adult treatment guidelines.  To meet this goal CVSA plans to attend ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) Conference in October. We are here and working to adjust to the new challenges brought about by COVID-19.
Mother's Day is just around the corner, since we are shopping online this year be sure to support CVSA when you place your orders. Don't forget to allow enough time for delivery!!
Join Blynda, along with other CVS Sufferers and Caregivers on Monday, May 11, for the monthly support call.
Thank you to all that set up fundraisers on Facebook with Facebook Donations!

Please note that due to Facebook's algorithms and privacy restrictions, CVSA is unable to determine the dates that fundraisers take place.
If your CVSA fundraiser raised more than $200 please send a screenshot to the CVSA office to receive your complimentary 1 year membership, please email  cvsa@cvsaonline.org .