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Smart Meters, Dumb Idea
"Free" Pubic WIFI - The New NSA Surveillance Tactic
Other EMF Nightmares
Radiation Nation
A Very Interesting Lawsuit Victory with Wide Spread Ramifications
"Corpornment" The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Money Matters
Dealing with Corruption
To Protect and Serve
Blue Skies 4 Ever (in our memories)
Food Glorious Food!
Water Woes
Chemical Cocktail
The Chrystal Ball
"Things That Make You Go Hmmm..."
Animal Planet
Absolutely HILARIOUS!!  :)))

Smart Meters, Dumb Idea

Excellent new vid from Tasmania...


"Around the world, ordinary citizens and their elected officials are speaking out against wireless smart meters and the wireless smart grid."
Truth to Power

A World First Clinical Study Into the Harmful Effects of Smart Meters

Brunswick Woman Trish Pirrie Says Powercor Smart Meter Contributes to Her Electrohypersensitivity Illness

Protesters Decry Quebec Smart Meters

"Free" Pubic WIFI - The New NSA Surveillance Tactic

Don't be fooled, "Free WIFI" is now code for "Free Surveillance". 
New York City's Plans to Turn Pay Phones Into WIFI Hot Spots
"Free" public WIFI is being rolled out in many cities and is yet another layer of surveillance to be used by police, NSA or anyone else.

Request from Anonymous New Yorker to please help take action... 
"A twitter storm is in order.  Storms of only 25 ppl cause gov. agencies to take notice and reply. The turning of payphones into Wi-Fi hotspots scheme must be vigorously protested.  Twitter is the way to do it.

New App Allows You to Stalk Anyone Who Uses Instagram or 4 Square and Where They Are Physically Located!

Hero or Zero?...
GPS-ing the Kids

Death Rays

An Absolutely INCREDIBLE Collection of EMF Studies and Other Materials

Brain Implant Could Restore Memories In Wounded Soldiers and Alzheimers Sufferers - But it it Ethical?

Navy document published in 1999...
Signals Intelligence

Industry Bias Exposed in SCENIHRs Scientific Assessment

New Studies Show Health risks From Wireless Tech

Prof. Olle Johansson, Full Interview, Barcelona Spain

This whole site is great but scroll to the bottom of the page for a newly added personal account of EHS by Steve Weller


A Very Interesting Legal Victory with Wide Spread Ramifications

I believe the below may directly relate to our lawsuit against the utilities for health effects from smart meters/smart grid...

"In a statement released after the verdict, the company expressed disappointment, saying, in part, that it's in compliance with Texas air quality rules.

But that's another reason this case is getting attention: it doesn't necessarily matter whether the company is in compliance. The Parrs filed what's called a nuisance claim, the same kind of suit that's sometimes brought against unruly neighbors even if they haven't been charged with a crime.

The Parrs had to show not that the company was breaking the law (though they say it was), but that it was behaving unreasonably as a neighbor."...

What a Million Dollar Lawsuit Could Mean for Fracking and It's Opponents

Radiation Nation

This stems from uranium mined by the famous Kerr-McGee Energy Co. subsidiary of Andarko...
Andarko Petroleum to Pay 5.5 Billion to Settle Pollution Case, Justice Dept. Says

"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations an Government

"...he does not believe that the 'felon' label is the right word for someone whose act of conscience has revitalized democratic oversight of the intelligence community and is leading to historic reforms."
Snowden Retains "Espionage Act" Attorney

Money Matters

Harvard Students Blockade Principle's Office - "Divest Harvard from Fossil Fules!"

The Heavy Hand of the IRS Seizes Innocent Americans Assets

Does the Trail of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?

Dealing with Corruption

Firing Squad or Hanging? AG Candidate Wants Death Penalty for Corrupt

Did Michigan Just Trigger "Constitutional Convention"? Bid Gains Momentum

To Protect and Serve

Cops Pull Gun on 5th Graders

Oakland Will Pay 4.5 Million to Injured Occupy Activist, Scott Olsen

Blue Skies 4 Ever (In Our Memory)

Its a Bird, Its A Plane, Its Weather A Modification Program Via Dueling Electromagnetic Beams Creating Instant Storms!  Why the %#&@ they are doing this is unclear, but yes, "they" are doing it.  Who is "they"?  "They" is our tax dollars...
Confirmed, Scaler Weather Modification - Dual Beams Cause Instant Storms

Electronic Cigarettes Can be Dangerous Even if you Don't Smoke Them

Food Glorious Food!

Water Woes

Fantastic, Outstanding In Depth News Report with Whistle Blower...
Is there Atrazine in Your Drinking Water?

Toxins in Australia Make Rock Oysters Infertile

"Things that Make You Go Hmmm..."

Milwaukee Sinks as Ebbing Ground Water Undermines Its Foundations

Victory for Millions as High Court Rules Against Cross-Sate Pollution

Aussies to Dig at the heart Borneo as Coal Projects Threaten Nature

Animal Planet

Clickable African Animal Map of Poaching

Poor Waste Management in UAE Turns Animal Death Trap

This is HILARIOUS!!!  :))

Posing As US Officials, Yes Men Announce Renewable Energy Revolution at Homeland Security Congress

More from These Comedic Geniuses
Yes Men Hoax On BBC Reminds World of Dow Chemical Refusal to Take Responsibility for Bhopal Disaster

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, Prof Olle Johansson, Deborah Taveris, Laddie Lawdings, Susan Yurychuck, Allan Busby, Charlene Paulucci, Amy O'Hair, Dot, Steve Weller, Patricia Burke, Jeromy Johnson, John Wenger, Cindy Ragusa

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