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Dear Soul Family,
Still in the process of integration and applying all I had learned from my Costa Rica Retreat. Happy to report still feeling balanced, calmer and peaceful. Maintaining the beautiful landscape within my soul until I arrive there again. However, knowing being in the moment is the most important, therefore short trips to Seneca Park is so important to commune with nature, taking time to unplug and breathe deep! Spending time writing in my journal with more insights unfolding daily. I plan to go back to Costa Rica this summer to set up the ground work to design a retreat for the spring of 2020 and beyond, will share with my Earthlight friends once in place.

This year I am working again with the Andean Shamans to create an once in lifetime Sacred Journey to Peru, that has a special extra add on to include Amazon Rainforest, a 4-5 hour boat ride up the Ucayali River to the Shipibo Tribe Village. Please feel free to email if you have any questions and more than happy to answer your questions. Refer your friends get a $50.00 discount to use for buying authentic hand made alpaca sweaters, jewelry and other unique gifts.

Love & Light,

Beverly L Nickerson, Earthlight Promotions LLC Founder


Earthlight Promotions Presents !

Friday Nov 1- Nov 11th 2019
Extented Tour To Pucullpa Amazon Rainforest Til Friday 15th $3600
After a 5 year sabbatical Earthlight Promotions created another magical tour!

  • Arequipa The White City
  • Chivay Colca Canyon
  • Sabancaya Volcano
  • Lake Titicaca, Puno
  • Raqchi Temple of the Southern Cross
  • Korcancha Capital of Inka People
  • Sacsaywaman
  • Cusco
  • Ollantaytambo
  • Machu Picchu/Waynapicchu
  • Back To Cusco
  • Working with indigenous Andean Medicine People
  • Tour Guide with 45 years experience speaks 5 languages
  • Private Tour Bus
  • Refer a friend get special discount

Extended Tour To Amazon Rainforest Pucallpa Nov 12-15th .

  • Fly to Pucallpa
  • Boat Ride 5 Hours Down Ucayali To Shipibo Village
  • Tabacoca, Atawallpa Community
  • Experience Sacred Ceremony Lead by Indigenous Shipibo Tribe Female Medicine Women

All inclusive except flight from USA to Lima Peru.

Picturesque Slide Show Coming In Next Newsletter!
Beverly L Nickerson
Randy Goldberg

Family Constellations Workshop
Randy Goldberg
Sat April 27th   
1pm - 6pm  $75
Teal Center
Arlington VA

This work is a neo-shamanic ancestral healing method employing deep listening to the energetic field to clear blocks and patterns that are unconsciously passed down to us. We observe what organically emerges from the ‘knowing field’. This soulful work was developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany. It helps to uncover deep hidden obstacles that are stopping the flow of love and life force in your system. It is a way of 3-D mapping your internal issues. Become empowered to get the health, wealth, love, and happiness you want in your life.  
For more info please contact:
Randy 202-380-6850 or email    
Register at

Lead by Randy Goldberg LMT is a graduate of the DC Hellinger Institute, and of advanced studies in Family Constellation with Heinz Stark of Germany. He is a former Yoga monk, Craniosacral therapist, and a world renowned-astrologer (both Western and Vedic) interviewed by the Washington Post, NPR, and CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups.


Carlos The Medium

30 Minute Reading for $100

Carlos is a naturally gifted clairvoyant medium raised and located in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. He has a sensational ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and possesses sincere compassion and maturity within his own life lessons. 

In his early 20’s, Carlos had to overcome numerous chronic health issues and experienced a near death experience which ultimately changed his outlook on life. It is from these life lessons and synchronicities that drew him to his calling as a medium.

What makes Carlos special is the genuineness of his character, grounded personality, and kindness he brings to every session with Spirit. These traits coupled with his raw mediumship abilities have allowed him to serve and connect with clients from all walks of life.

During a session, Carlos will be the messenger between you and your loved ones in Spirit. He will attempt to communicate with those dearest to you to impart messages of love, healing, and closure. He also brings to the session his clairvoyance ability, in which very accurate predictions and guidance about your business, love life, relocation and more can spontaneously come through.

Carlos is an ordained minister in Divine Metaphysics and is a
“Certified Medium” with the United Metaphysical Churches, headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. He is currently a minister serving at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, Virginia. 

30 Minute Reading for $100
Contact Carlos:



Rev. Isabelle G. Stark invite's you to join her at
Sat. May 4th

Date: New Moon in Taurus on MAY 4, Saturday
Time: 6:30 PM.
Address: Silver Spring, MD. 
Energy exchange :  $35.00 Credit Cards accepted.

 Must RSVP by May 2 nd to get exact address. You may contact me on my facebook page Mystic Red Tent of Silver Spring, MD or Email

Our sisterhood starts TOGETHER as a advised that there will be a 15 min waiting period.   At 6:45 pm, the doors will be closed and you will not be able to come in.  

I am Isabelle, the Mystic Red Tent Facilitator of Silver Spring, MD….. I want to invite you to our next red tent gathering and celebrate Grandmother Moon in the Bull sign of Taurus. Taurus loves comfort, security, abundance, sensuality and luxury.

May is the month of the Hawaiian Lei (which is May 1)… we are going to bring the sensuality of flowers into our persona by making LEIS and we are going to honor the Hawaiian Goddess Laka. She is the goddess of hula and Lei flowers.
So, before I move into more details, I want to clarify few things:

What is the Mystic Red Tent?
The red tent is a warm and cozy place where women get together every new moon to honor women’s cycles and phases (Maiden, Mother and the Crone), share our life stories, vulnerabilities and support your ups and downs challenges.
For me, it is a treasure box of discovery and magic!

What are you going to bring?
A joyful attitude, open heart and mind.
Carnations, Roses or Orchids.
 If you are going to get Carnations or Roses make sure you that they are big and get at least 2-3 packages. You may use different colors. The Leis are usually 12” to 18” long. We do not have to make them that long. I will have lei needles and twine.

What are you going to wear?
Comfortable clothes, skirt or a dress if you have them. Wear colors spring and/or soft colors.
Who to bring?
Your sensual self and friends, cousins or sisters!! We love to have them.   Together, we contribute to make our group stronger.
Amigas latinas….Bienvenidas!!! Hablamos Español.
What at the Mystic Red Tent we are going to do?
Reconnect with our sisters and strengthen the bonds as women healers and leaders of the world. Talk about our US, our wombs, our changes, our growth, our menstruation and our menopause. 
 We will do our fabulous Womb meditation/healing, share sacred tea time, sing, dance and rejoice with the energy of the Goddess.
Lei Making and move our hips like a Hula Goddess.
I hope to see you all!!
Happy Woman of the Womb.
Rev. Isabelle G. Stark

Check out our Facebook Page Click Link Below: RSVP
Or Email

"The support and camaraderie I experience in the Red Tent from the other Goddesses is sacred and powerful. I feel that I am truly heard and seen amongst the other women there." Beverly L Nickerson

Come experience two days of :
Making Peace and Moving Past Grief
Lead by Jennye Johnson
May 26-27 8:30am - 5:00pm
   Location:          BRIDGE BETWEEN THE WORLDS
                            2395 PADDOCK WOOD ROAD
                              KESWICK, VIRGINIA 22947

Your investment of $444.00 for this life changing information and activities, includes breakfast and lunch in a safe , nurturing environment.

Contact: Jennye Johnson via email : or call/text@ 828-243-4690 

Check out website:

This 2-day interactive experiential workshop offered by Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Vibrational Healing Facilitator, Jennye Johnson, offers solutions in finding peace with the grief associated with losses no matter what the cause. If you have experienced loss of a death, divorce, acknowledged or unacknowledged relationship endings, broken heart, pet loss, change in health or financial status, or loss of trust or safety, this workshop is for you.

Through community healing rituals such as an Indigenous Grieving Ceremony, creative art, sacred movement, and nature activities you will be offered how to identify past losses, discover what is incomplete and how to release that which continues to block you from living an authentic, peaceful life.

Although no timeline exists that every grieved person experiences some symptoms are common such as feeling tired and emotionally drained, pretending to be happy, isolating, or eating/ sleeping changes.
Time by itself will not heal heartache. It is not time that is the catalyst in healing, but what you incorporate and do in time that helps.

Check out the location below

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