Executive Chat

Update on CORE – Children of Restaurant Employees – from Sheila Bennett, Executive Director

by Rebecca Patt, Senior Vice President of Development, Wray Executive Search

I understand you’ve recently clarified CORE’s communications defining the fact on who the organization provides grants to restaurant employees with children. Tell us about the population that CORE strives to serve:
CORE provides grants that equate to financial relief to foodservice and beverage service employees with children when either the parent/guardian or child faces a health crisis, injury, a death, or natural disaster. 

How many applications have you been receiving lately, and how many grants has CORE given?
This year, we have received more than 4500 applications. More than half of the early applications did not fit the CORE grant criteria, which is a big reason we tightened up the language. We currently receive an average of 260 applications a week. As of Friday, May 8, we have granted out $345,000 to help families.