May 3, 2016
Dear NGS Faculty:

It's finally spring here on the Cape and I have already been out on the golf course five or six times. The sad news is that curling has ended for the season, so I have to wait until the fall to curl again.  I do hope each of you has found a lifetime fitness activity that you enjoy too, because physical activity should be a part of our journey to manage stress and have some fun.  I also hope to get back into tennis as there is an active group at my condo complex.
My March Faculty letter outlined the required steps for our NGS Faculty-Self Assessments and Academic Affairs is just starting to receive these documents.  I would like to recognize two faculty members who earned our GOLD MEDAL.  Dr. Christy Leite and Dr. Steve Borchert were the first to submit their Self-Assessment forms (they actually sent them in the same day)!  And, our BSc program is also leading the percentage of returns by faculty.  Well done all, but the race is still on.
I have decided to bring back David Letterman's Top 10 List with this letter, but let's call it Eileen's Top 10 For Faculty!

  1. Faculty Training and Self-Assessment. Previous Faculty letters summarized the required NGS Faculty trainings. In summary for all Faculty teaching in any degree program:
    • If you have not completed the required training, please do so (in Faculty Resources) as we are tracking the responses and you will need to complete the training prior to a new faculty assignment.  Also, watch  the degree specific webinar in your program's folder.
    • If you have completed the training and you are currently teaching or have a future assignment to teach, complete the Faculty Self-Evaluation and Assessment Form. This form is available in Faculty Resources. Submit the completed form to Academic Affairs (AA) at NGS before the deadline of June 21, 2016

  2. Student Handbook Updated. All departments within NGS have been actively working on updating our content for students and all of you so that the most current information is available. Please be sure to review the policies so that you are aware of the steps for academic and other issues. Our AA Managers (Pippi for DBA and Maura for BSc & MS) are eager to answer any of your questions, and I have an open door policy as well.
  3. Communication with Academic Affairs.  The updated Student Handbook is such a great segue into Number 3, as we need Faculty to know and follow our NGS policies about grading and evaluation.  Of particular importance are the submission of incomplete grades, academic standing, and attendance.  Please remember to work with AA on any special situations and to communicate with Pippi, Maura, and me about any concerns. We do not want any issue to snowball and would rather be pro-active to meet the needs of our students.  Completing the Course Hand Off Forms in a timely fashion helps us track and use important data as well.
  4. Faculty Handbook Updated. We have a "new and improved" Faculty Handbook as well and welcome comments from you.  Please be sure to review this Handbook, too. It should be up in your Faculty Resource section next week
  5. Great webinars on the Go To Meeting (GTM) Website . Need a refresher? Want to brush up on your webinar skills? There are great resources (including videos and white papers) on the GTM website.
  6. Reminder about posting grades. Remember to access the course and submit percentages for each of the deliverables. Then, update the final letter grade in the Jenzabar system for student reviewing. Send the grade announcement to the Registrar at (and also cc stating the cohort name, course name, and number. List any students who have been absent, expecting an incomplete grade, or otherwise need further assistance. Final letter grades are not permitted in the email due to student privacy. These grade announcements are used at this time to request release of compensation; they are important to the process. Submit the Course Handoff form to the Orientation course in the NGS Portal for the subsequent faculty member.
  7. Connect with your Program Chairs. I continue to be impressed with all our Faculty , and Faculty Leaders, including our Program Chairs. Don't forget Program Chairs are there to assist you! Reach out to Dr. Patricia Murrin for BSc, Professor Jack Kovalcik for MS, and Dr. David Braga for DBA. They will be arranging their quarterly degree webinars soon.
  8. Juran Global Belt Webinar coming soon! We will be sending you information about an upcoming webinar on how you can obtain your belts.  Juran will be reviewing the requirements and will consider each faculty member on a case by case basis.
  9. New England Association for Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  Here at NGS we have been busy writing our Institution Report for our five year review.  It has been a collaborative effort and we will be submitting the report by the end of May. The assigned visiting team visits us in  late September. Thank you for answering our emails and requests for assistance concerning this important work.
  10. And last but not least, a special thank you to Dr. Robert Antonucci. Thank you for stepping in to serve as Interim President until we secure a new President (the search is under way). It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Antonucci, and NGS benefits from his extensive background in higher education. Feel free to reach out to Bob with any questions and ideas for NGS.
I often share recent books I have read as I continue with my 52 books in 52 weeks journey (Follow me on Goodreads)!  I alternate a work/non-fiction book with a fiction each week. The past few months I read Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World by General Stanley McChrystal. A faculty colleague recommended this book.  I read a chapter or so at night (it is not the type of book to sit down and read in long settings). The book is military focused, and includes, military leaders sharing how they worked to solve team problems. There were interesting stories about physical work space and how to work in small and large teams.  I particularly liked the "Leading like a Gardener" chapter and the recap of leadership models on Page 242: "... . The temptation to lead as a chess master, controlling each move of the organization, must give way to an approach as a gardener, enabling rather than directing.  A gardening approach to leadership is anything but passive. The leader acts as an eyes on, hands off enabler who creates and maintains an ecosystem in which the organization operates."  A second book which I reread and have used for a pedagogy class is called, "The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life."  This book will remind you of why you enjoy your teaching, as well as give you a recap of the qualities of a good teacher.  
Thank you for all you do for our NGS students. We appreciate your commitment in sharing your expertise. Please reach out to any of us if we can assist you with your work. I also love to hear about your teaching, publications, and presentations (send me an email so I can highlight our exemplary faculty!). Until next month... . take care.

Eileen C. Sullivan, Ed.D.
Interim Dean, Academic Affairs
The National Graduate School of Quality Management
186 Jones Road  |  Falmouth, MA 02540
800.838.2580 ext. 121

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