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First Friday Opening
May 2, 2014
 Skyler Bieberly, Transmutation, 2014, oil and spray paint on canvas, 69" x 69"


New Work by
Skyler Bieberly 
May 2 - June 28, 2014
Main Gallery

Artist Statement


My work is a direct product of my surroundings, the emotional, psychological, and physical world in which all life inhabits. Intuitive and in the moment I translate emotion and experience through the act of creating.  My work teeters between the gestural and the technical.  Much like life, the reality of the universe I create is multi-dimensional, a bridging of motifs both light and dark.    


There exists a nasty tendency in the human condition, an aggressive and instinctual selfishness, our Id, the Dominator. The desire to seek immediate satisfaction has become rampant. Why do we alienate ourselves from each other and our environment, our Earth-Mother and deny the interconnectedness of all life? Was there a time in human evolution in which the ability to dominate, kill, rape, and pillage was not only advantageous but necessary? Was there an age of back-stabbing, face eating boogymen that eventually decimated their own species into dilution, ultimately evolving into what became a human being?  Whatever the case, the Dominator gene has survived and flourished in our psyche, having been passed down through the millennia. You can see it in our collective attitudes, governments, entertainment, in endless war, and amongst other hominids. This affliction is simply that, a disease of the mind, body, and soul. To identify the Dominator in yourself is to abolish its power.  Now is the time for mankind to transcend the chains of this evolutionary psychosis. My role as an artist is to investigate consciousness and the human condition. Playing the part of shaman and social commenter I regard my creations as reliquaries of spirit, emotion and consciousness, informed by experience. My work is a cathartic ritual that I must engage in. 


Artist Bio


Skyler Bieberly is a Kansas City Art Institute, Sculpture BFA recipient from 2008. During his time at KCAI and in the years following his graduation he has increased his involvement in local galleries, group shows, public arts projects, and critiques. Bieberly has previously shown in such group shows as "WITNESS:  Perspectives On War" at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center as well as group shows at The Dolphin Gallery and The Late Show Gallery. "DOMINATOR" will be Bieberly's second solo show, his previous "The Hidden Temple" took place at The Late Show Gallery in July 2011. Over the past year Bieberly has been curating one-night-only art openings for The Guild event space while simultaneously creating his new body of work for "DOMINATOR."
















KC Connect 
An event series by
KC Studio Magazine
Curated by 
Ashley Anders


May 2 - June 28, 2014
Main Gallery
Featured Artists
Kevin Deen
Dustin Downey


KC Connect is an event series of KC Studio Magazine that provides individual artists and creative entrepreneurs an opportunity to broaden their network and showcase their creative potential. KC Connect is the tool that introduces local emerging artists to supporters of the arts in Kansas City. This program forms the bridge between the creative world and the business world. Individuals in Kansas City are seeking careers that will foster their creativity. The art community in Kansas City is a huge untapped well waiting to be discovered by companies that understand the importance of staying innovative in their competitive industry.


Five events will be held at five different galleries in the crossroads on five consecutive First Fridays. Each event features a group exhibition of five local emerging artists and/or creative entrepreneurs in Kansas City. All mediums and ideas are welcome. Companies that share the understanding and importance of Kansas City's art community will become active sponsors within this program. Opening receptions will give each event an opportunity to introduce the sponsor to the individual artists. Facilitating these conversations will enhance all parties understanding of what Kansas City's art community has to offer.


KC Studio Magazine will support this event series with a two page spread in each bi-monthly issue. Artists and sponsors will be shown as a collaborative team working toward KC Connects' efforts. Accompanying each event artists' will be given a profile page on KC Studios' Online Gallery. Artist Statements and works from group exhibitions will be documented and cataloged to continue to be for sale in the KC Studio Online Gallery.














Travis Porter
 Syncretized Patterns
May 2 - June 28, 2014
Opie Gallery

Artist Statement


Syncretized Patterns is a collection of small edition linocuts and screen prints that blend the influences of Native American weaving, Jazz music and contemporary printmaking.


Artist Bio


Travis (tArvis) Porter moved to Kansas City in 2003 to attend the Kansas City Art Institute School of Design. Since graduating in 2005 Travis has worked as a designer for Champion apparel and Barkley's Collective Studio. When tArvis is not in the office he is pursuing printmaking with his hand-me-down vandercook proof press and screen printing.
















KCAI Undergrads Underground

T� ak San

a solo exhibition by
Krystal Jolicoeur
May 2 - May 31, 2014
Lower Level Gallery

T� ak San, or Soil and Blood, introduces Kansas City to the work of mixed-media artist, Krystal Jolicoeur. While living in a remote Australian aboriginal desert community, she observed the collective treatment of death by the residents. Individuals did not simply pass, they experienced a transformative process. Those left behind were reminded of the true value of their life through the act of mourning, which left them rejuvenated. Observing others' external style of mourning made it easier for Jolicoeur to address the losses she had previously handled internally. The patterns left in the red soil from the "sorry" ceremonies, had a lasting impact upon the artist, attracting her to the irrefutable connection to the human condition embedded in soil. Soil gives life, nurtures, and erases existence. The land supplements human needs and determines their lifestyle, all people are bound by blood to its constraints and freedoms. In Jolicoeur's solo exhibition at the Leedy-Voulkos Underground Gallery, she presents a series of earthen sculptures and installations that correlate with the inevitable nature of death.


Krystal Jolicoeur is a Haitian-American artist who resides in Kansas City, Missouri. Krystal was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship in 2013, to travel internationally, where she studied in Tasmania and later volunteered in a remote Australian aboriginal community. Jolicoeur will graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute in May 2014 with a BFA from the fiber program, and is a mixed media artist whose work deals with culture and the human condition.  













One Thread at a Time
Hand-woven Textiles by
Debbie Barrett-Jones
April 4 - May 31, 2014
Back Gallery

Artist Statement 


Weaving is an art that emphasizes process. One Thread at a Time represents the tension between control and happenstance during the process. From the start of a project - drawing out the plans, drafting the pattern, dyeing yarn using a color-mixing and percentage-gradation process - Barrett-Jones' woven panels reveal not only the communication that passes between one color thread intersecting another, but shows the range of control in both the complete and deconstructed. Barrett-Jones' ultimate goal is to let the viewer see not just the complete, clean finished project but give the viewer a glimpse of the pre-weaving process, much of which can be painstakingly tedious. However, this attention to detail is equally essential to the actual work on the loom.


Artist Bio


Debbie Barrett Jones is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute Fiber program and has run her weaving business, Billy Sue Textiles, since 2008. She has also exhibited her work widely and completed commissions in the Kansas City area for Children's Mercy Hospital, Community Christian Church, and more.

















Newest Addition to the Shop
Browning Co.
Handmade Soy Candles and Wax Melts




The Leedy-Voulkos Art Center Shop is excited to announce the addition of Browning Co. to its roster of Artists.  Browning Co. is the brainchild of husband and wife duo: Paul and Sarah Ann Browning. Not long after they met, the couple discovered they had both studied printmaking and shared a fondness for deliberate products designed and crafted with care by local artisans. Together they pursued their dream of working on their own products with that same level of commitment and passion.


Browning Co. prides itself on its craft. Production is handled in their Kansas City studio and closely monitored from inception to completion. Materials are sourced from responsible, sustainable producers and each item is handmade with determination and loving attention to detail. Browning Co. products are minimal, reasonable, and sophisticated. The brand strives to provide customers with the best possible product while leaving the smallest possible footprint.  In truth, Browning Co. is the passion project of two makers with strong standards, lofty goals, and a simple maxim: everything counts.


The shop will initially carry a selection of Browning Co. soy candles and wax melts, featuring fragrances such as Lavender Vetiver, Rosemary Mint, Campsite, Citrus Basil, Coriander Vanilla and Patchouli Rose.  Stop by the shop this First Friday and smell for yourself!