Britney vs Gaga FusionFIT
Wednesday May 8th
@ 6am

Country Pilates w/Resistance Tubing
@8pm Thursday May 16th

Memorial Day Piloxing Barre @ 815am w/Megs

Sundays at 8pm
Sweat Pilates

Tuesdays at 6am
Cardio and Core
(25 minutes of Tabata with 20 minutes of standing and mat ab work)

Reasons I exercise: to model being active and healthy for my kids, and so I can eat cupcakes without guilt! 

Hometown - Natick
Tell us a little bit about yourself - I’m originally from NJ, but after having lived in MA for more than 20 years, I’ve totally bought into the belief that Boston is in fact the greatest city in the world!
How long have you been taking classes at DanceFIT? I started taking classes last April, and never expected to fall in love with the program! I’ve bought many many ten packs since, and am so glad I took that leap last year. 
Favorite thing about DanceFIT? I had not exercised in many years, and with a full-time job and 2 kids, I couldn’t figure out how to make time for working out. I love that I can exercise at home in the early mornings, without having to build in time to travel to a gym or back. (Spending any extra time traveling would get in the way of my sleep, and that was always enough of a reason not to join a gym!) Honestly, DF has made it so easy for me, and I’m so grateful for the fun variety of online classes. 
Favorite color - Red. Bright, crazy red!
Favorite workout accessory - Since I’m a virtual DanceFit addict, I guess it’s my iPad! But I also really love using my Pilates circle for stretching. 


Stay tuned for our summer special coming out on Memorial Day and join our 90 day summer challenge that begins June 1st! More details coming soon:)