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May 2018
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What's up with Lettuce
How many times can Lettuce be recalled?
We hear it time and time again - Lettuce is recalled. Are you still emptying that bag of lettuce into the bowl without washing it? Or chopping the romaine without washing it? DON'T!

ALWAYS wash your cut leafy greens! They are one of the newest potentially hazardous foods that require time & temperature controls for safety.
Lettuce Recipes
Nutritious & Flavorful Recipes
  • This recipe will be a huge hit with your guests

  • Here's another great salad that you can adjust seasonally.

Health Benefits of Lettuce
Lettuce does have health benefits
Salad Greens have been getting a bad rap lately but they can still be a beneficial part of our diet. By eating lettuce you can add both nutrients and roughage to your diets.

Lettuce plant our own
Fresh & Accessible
If you want to ensure the safest greens & herb then plant your own. Now is the time to start your own herb garden or prepare the garden for some early greens. Simple pots will work great for most greens.

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