It's National Women's Health Week, so we want to kick things off by reminding you to take some time to put your health first; or encourage a woman in your life to do so.

We have the great pleasure of working with The Rose, which serves as a daily reminder of how important it is to schedule routine exams, reduce stress as much as possible and simply commit to living a healthier life. Last year alone, they sponsored more than 7,000 mammograms, ultimately saving the lives of hundreds of women.

We consider ourselves some of the busiest of busy bees, but we also pride our company in encouraging work/life, balance. So take some time out today to demonstrate self-care. For more information and additional resources, visit

Here at Medley, we're gearing up for a weekend filled with inspiration and empowerment through C-STEM programming, celebrating a fictional literacy advocate for kids and looking back at one of the top ten fine art festivals in the country.

Here's what's new:

20,000 People in Attendance at the Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park


From Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1, the Bayou City Art Festival was held in Memorial Park, welcoming 321 artists from around the world. As one of the top ten outdoor fine art events in the nation, this three-day celebration offered guests the chance to relax under the shade, eat fresh and local food, enjoy libations, and discover and buy art. Despite consistent weather forecasts of torrential rain in progress, organizers remained optimistic throughout the weekend.

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"i" The Guy Makes His Debut

Last month, iWrite released its new mascot "i" The Guy and his interactive journal to children attending schools in low-income communities. Students at Scroggins Elementary were the first group to receive 450 donated "i" The Guy journals and participate in the fictional character's encouraging mission to increase writing skills and a love for literacy.

The journal is aimed to create a positive association to writing in order to offset the negative attitude toward
standardized writing required in elementary school.

Children will keep these journals and have designated time to write in their journals as part of a new program initiated by the school and iWrite. More information available at

Click here to see the big reveal on Fox 26!  

Facebook News Feed Changes...Again

Are you struggling to remain visible in Facebook's news feed? Wondering how Facebook decides what to show in the news feed?

Here's why: 

#1: Facebook prioritizes content topics in the news feed based on the time a user spends on similar content

#2: Facebook plans to add diversity to news feed sources

#3: Facebook wants to connect users with the stories that matter most to them

#4: Facebook builds users' news feeds based on the friends they connect with and publishers they follow

#5: Facebook looks at the type of content in a post and whether a user likes that type of content

Click here to see the entire list courtesy of Social Media Examiner.


C-STEM : Empowering Girls and Minorities
to Dream BIG


C-STEM (Communication-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), a non-profit organization, has been in operation for 15 years and has impacted more than 200,000 students nationally and internationally. It's the nation's first integrated PreK-12th grade STEM program and Dr. Flowers has been widely recognized for her unique contributions to education and diversity. Her commitment to empowering youth (particularly minority and girls) paved the way for her to be recognized as a STEM Access Champion of Change by The White House in 2014. She firmly believes that exposing children to STEM early is the key to bolstering the STEM talent pipeline.

On Saturday, May 14, local students will have the opportunity to compete in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math at the Southeast Regional, C-STEM Competition. Taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, students will compete with visual and digital artifacts created as solutions to real-world problems associated with the theme, The Urban Nexus: Improving the Quality of Life.

Click here to read the event press release.