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Bryan Orander, President, Charitable Advisors
A s the community re-opens, what is on your agenda?
This is a difficult time for many nonprofits as demand for services explodes, fund-raising events are postponed, and extreme cleaning/safety precautions have become the new normal. Many nonprofit leaders are just working to get through each day. I hear almost daily that these are the toughest times that leaders have ever faced.

We’ve been working to identify additional avenues for you to get information about re-opening and addressing the myriad of issues and decisions that are coming your way each day. Several are featured below.

We recognize that most nonprofit leaders are focused on supporting and equipping their teams to be successful through these tough times. For some organizations, this has meant heartbreaking layoffs and for others it has meant redesigning program models and assisting employees who are now isolated from co-workers to establish new rhythms and routines.

As restrictions ease, organizations will be making decisions about moving operations and programming ahead. Perhaps you are expanding an area of service, or you need to pivot delivery of services as summer programs move on-line. Is there a position that has gone unfilled, but now you need a creative new leader to sustain the work?

For the past couple months, hiring processes moved on-line to respect social distancing. While we have found that most aspects of the hiring process can be conducted by phone and video call, for many roles it is still difficult to imagine hiring someone you have not met in person. An in-person meeting or interview provides better insight into body language and dynamics that may not translate through the computer screen.

As you look forward, if you need staff to begin in June or early July, you will want to begin recruiting now so you can move to final, in-person interviews in June. Here are some ways we can help: 

Place a Job ad – The Not-for-profit eNews and job board are still the “go to” for central Indiana nonprofit job seekers.

Resume Administration/Screening – If you are spinning too many plates right now and hiring is one of them, the Charitable Advisors team can help by reviewing resumes and doing screening interviews to help narrow the pool.  This is affordably priced by the time allotted and separate from our recruiting/search services. 

Bryan Orander, President                    

We want to recognize board leaders
For most board members, board leadership roles come with a commitment and investment of time and resources to support a cause they care about. However, for the individual who steps up to serve as board president or chair, the role comes with the assumption of overall responsibility for the nonprofit and guiding the organization’s path forward.  

As we continue to share news of board leaders who have taken the helm, we encourage you to recognize and thank these individual for tackling the role, because as a community member you recognize the value of his or her investment to help keep the sector strong.  

If you want to announce your organization’s new board leader, please send name, position and a head shot HERE.

We are open to other ways we can support and recognize board leaders. Send us your thoughts or tell us a story about a board leader who has made a difference in your organization. Share your ideas with Don Gulbrandsen , director of consulting or Bryan Orander , president.
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Owner,   Firefly Boutique 
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Executive director, Pike County Economic Development

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