Hello Quilters!
        How often have we heard “stay safe….stay home” in the past weeks??   And we are hoping you have been doing just that! And getting a little tired of it!   With new regulations in place to help ease back in to a new safe normal, we still feel it is best to cancel the May Gone quilting.  The store is open – and we are hoping you are able to start venturing out, but we still need to practice social distancing.   Keeping everyone safe and healthy is a priority for us.   So – hang in there…..we are going to have one amazing Show and Tell once we are able to gather again.   
         We are hearing from so many that they are going stir-crazy – so tired of making masks – running out of projects in their stash.   Did you ever think we would say we are tired of sewing every day?  A huge thanks to everyone that has devoted so much time to making masks – sharing your talents to provide for the safety of others.   We are seeing such renewed interest in sewing in general – translating into more and more interest in quilting as a stress-reliever.   As we found ourselves encouraged to stay home, how many dug out cookbooks, old UFO’s, cleaned those closets and reorganized and/or re-painted every corner of our homes??  Working from home has a whole new meaning for many! What unprecedented times!
         Remember that the All Iowa Shop Hop is still on – extended thru the month of July.   This should allow you to carefully and safely visit these wonderful shops – replenish and renew our stash and our spirits.        
          So – all that aside – We are trying to create the ‘new normal”, allowing you some joy by venturing out – come and shop safely.   Leanne and the staff are working hard to make new samples, new displays – some fun new fabrics and patterns – but keeping your health as our priority. Shipping and the availability of some supplies has been a bit of a challenge, but we just have to roll with it!   Who ever thought that rotary cutters would be a back-ordered item???  So – no gathering yet in May – we really miss you.