The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is concerned that scammers may try to take advantage of confusion surrounding the unprecedented benefits of the CARES Act for so many taxpayers. There are many ways to be fooled. TIGTA reminds taxpayers that:

  • The IRS will not call, text, or e-mail taxpayers to ask for more information as a prerequisite to getting an Economic Impact Payment.
  • To check on the status of an Economic Impact Payment, taxpayers should visit and click on "Get My Payment." But only use the website Taxpayers should not click on any links in e-mails that purport to take them to the IRS website. The best practice is to manually type "" into your web browser.
  • Anyone who calls claiming to be from the IRS and offering to process an Economic Impact Payment is impersonating an IRS agent and should be reported to the IRS website at
  • Finally, taxpayers should not share an online banking username or password with anyone. The IRS does not need the online banking username and password in order to send out Economic Impact Payments.

(May 2020)
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