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May 2017 - Before & After

After 3 phases of renovations, the Bagby office (Charlotte) lighting project is finally complete! 
Walls came down, offices and tall cubicles removed, and we brought in state of the art, modern lighting and controls.  This month's newsletter shows off our before and after photos.

Click here for more before photos and visit our website to see the entire project portfolio.

Where ordinary troffers once hung over the service side, now you can find the sleek, thin  Peerless Vellum Suspended. In the entryway, we added  Peerless Mino PendantsBoth products are kind to the eye, offering glare-free, comfortable illumination.

Suspended sound panels were also installed to minimize noise in this very busy workstation.


More commercial troffers were replaced on our design side with custom  Selux M100 lightning bolts in honor of our company logo.

We also added a LSI Track System with spotlights, plus a Gobo Projector to highlight our textured finish wall.


Block pendants were replaced with a custom  Selux M100 lightning bolt in the center. Along the sides are  Selux M36 recessed slot lights. 

* Acuity Controls systems were added throughout to provide dimming and color-changing capabilities.


This storage room was converted into an office. The troffers were taken down, and replaced with the gorgeous Focal Point Theory

Theory's LEDs are hidden illuminating the inside and outside independently with a relaxing glow. It makes a strong statement - fitting for a principal's office.